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Binoculars test: the best binoculars from cheap to high class

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Author: Karin Bornett

Binoculars should not be missing when traveling! Or do you want to miss the catch on the fishing boat? Not enjoying the flight of prey by bees, butterflies and the like? Really miss the elephant family on the way to the river? So not me! That's why I have this one Binoculars test made:

So that you don't miss a single detail on your trips and trips in the future, I have tested four binoculars in different price categories for you. The good news first: You don't have to spend a fortune on good binoculars! 🙂


Note: I have tested all of the binoculars presented here myself. I only recommend products that completely convince me.



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Binoculars test: The most important things at a glance


Which binoculars are the best?

In my binoculars test, the models have NikonPROSTAFF 3S 8 × 42 and ESCHENBACH OPTIKBinoculars arena D + 8 × 42 done particularly well. You can find all details about the test winners here in the article.

How much do I have to pay for good binoculars?

You get good to very good quality for the leisure sector around 150 euros. The upper limit is up to several thousand euros!

What does the indication 8 mean for 8 × 42?

The first digit give the enlargement at. With the usual magnification of 8x, for example, you see eight times larger than with the naked eye.

What does the number 42 at 8 × 42 stand for?

The second value names the Lens aperture in millimeters (lens diameter). The larger the diameter, the more light can penetrate through the binoculars. This makes the picture brighter and clearer even in low light.

My comparison: In order to be able to better compare the binoculars I tested with one another, I opted for lenses with a size of 8 × 42. You can find out below why this size is ideal, especially for beginners and in the hobby area.



The best binoculars in comparison


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