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1 DOWNLOAD PDF - TRAVELER ONLINE. Joinery Sepp Enzinger, 5322 Hof near Salzburg, Tel. 06229/2482, SamanÃ. Villa Serenannnn. e.g. am ... LATIN AMERICA OUT OF PASSION! EXTRAORDINARY TRAVELS FROM THE SPECIALIST. ID: T911 round trip from Nice result in the 110th year What do the British suffragettes, the New York Stock Exchange, the Kaufhaus des Westens, the detergent Persil, Gustav Klimt, Oscar Straus and Paula Wessely have in common with Europäische Reiseversicherung? That's right, the year The year in which the Generali Group was founded for the round trip from a full price on selected flights including 1 piece of baggage up to 23 kg and 1 piece of hand baggage, service, miles and air traffic tax. TRAVEL AGENCY, (0.12e / min), Amadeus, Cets, Galileo, Saber, Toma, Worldspan, We'll get you under the palm of your hand. doris oberfrank-list Austrian Post AG, WZ 02Z W, Manstein ZeitschriftenverlagsgesmbH, Brunner Feldstr. 45, 2380 Perchtoldsdorf, Returns to PO Box 100, 1350 Vienna. Unit price: 2.00 edition, April 27, 2017, no weekly currently independent KALAMATA 79 CRETE 232 Glamping at the Uyuni salt lake in Bolivia. Private tour with overnight stay in a deluxe Airstream trailer including guide and cook. Fruity, fresh and exotic, pure Caribbean is available from page 8 CARIBBEAN 5 from 2.11

2 ** 14 days balcony cabin * The tour price includes a wide range of culinary delights and branded drinks in premium quality throughout the day in most bars and restaurants as well as access to the SPA & Sport area, child care, entertainment and tips. ** Flex price (limited contingent) p. P. with double occupancy of a balcony cabin from / to Barbados. Arrival / departure bookable depending on availability. TUI Cruises GmbH Anckelmannsplatz Hamburg Germany Europäische Reiseversicherung AG represents a milestone in their history for the people mentioned. Thanks to a broad portfolio, the 110th year for Austria's largest travel insurer is again a successful one, despite the difficult market environment. Continued on page 4 Current 5 Cybercrime 7 Switzerland Sweepstakes Editorial Interview T he was probably only a question of time, if one is inclined to say the news that burglars gained access to apartments via hacked Airbnb profiles. Admittedly, I am not a fan of Airbedandbreakfast, that online marketplace for privately rented accommodations that promise an authentic holiday experience in the most beautiful places and in almost all places in the world, inexpensively and flexibly. And argue with the sham that you literally feel at home because where you live for the time of your vacation, otherwise people like you and me live throughout the year as you do in your own four walls . With everything that goes with it, a lovingly framed souvenir picture on the bookshelf, flat screen TV, dishwasher and so many wicked things in the cupboard. You might not find all of this in conventional hotels and privately run guesthouses except for the flat screen, but not in some Airbnb either. Because these were cleared away by burglars Ratz Fatz. I was away, explains a victim to the BBC, when I received a text message from my alleged Airbnb tenant. He's not in my apartment because his Airbnb account has been hacked. I didn't know who I had rented my apartment to. When I came back it was all gone. Actually in the mood and very naive to trust an online provider and rent your four walls for a few euros to people you don't know, i.e. in complete anonymity. And you don't know who is making itself comfortable with whom in your own home. Drug transshipment point, location for filthy productions, the spectrum for everything that is not allowed is huge and Airbnb offers almost perfect terrain for this. And, as is well known, folly does not protect against punishment! In traditional accommodations of all categories, all of this is probably not so easy to see, from destructive excesses and orgies of well-known rock stars. Because the hoteliers and landlords are subject to strict requirements, laws and controls, because safety is a natural obligation here at all levels and you don't buy a pig in a poke in a noble luxury house or in a small bed & breakfast and are therefore always on the safe side of holiday life . Editor-in-chief 2

3 14 Petra Cruz Specials 8 8 Caribbean / Latin America BIZmix 15 AirPlus 16 n.b.s. Happy 19 Hertz Histo Cup 18 Imprint 10 The traveler wishes a Happy Birthday! Lotte Spanninger Johann Reichl Comfort Travel Ruefa Regional, West Sylvia Zengerer Karl-Heinz Kainz Christian Pramberger Jedek Reisen Ruefa, Ried R.E.S. Touristik Robert Bunzl Europäische Reiseversicherung Edition current Flughafen Wien FTI Österreicher for 3rd runway winter 2017/18 already bookable tpc0361 The result of a GfK Austria opinion poll carried out between April 11 and 13, 2017

4 makes it clear: Austria's population is FOR the 3rd runway, 75% of those surveyed consider the ban unnecessary, only 15% oppose it on the grounds that fewer people will fly in the future. 69% believe that the ban will not lead to fewer flights, but only to a shift in traffic and jobs to neighboring airports, only 22% see the opposite. 59% expect additional jobs through the realization of the 3rd runway, a clear majority of 57% give the creation of new jobs priority over the pollution of the climate and 56% fear negative effects on the economy and jobs in Austria due to the prohibition of the 3rd runway. The third runway project at Vienna Airport is therefore clearly supported by the population, and they also know why and what this case is about. 83% of the respondents stated that they were informed about the court decision as well as about the following public discussion. It is also astonishing that the opinions in the three federal states (Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland) are very uniform and the answers in Vienna do not differ significantly from those in Lower Austria or Burgenland. Output The evaluation according to party preferences shows that the declared voters of the ÖVP and SPÖ most clearly opted for the 3rd runway. But the FPÖ voters are also very positive about the project, the number of opponents is only slightly higher than that of the governing parties. The results of the declared green voters are very surprising. Anyone who would expect a overwhelming rejection of the project will be disappointed. When it comes to numerous questions, supporters and opponents face each other almost equally, with only slight advantages for the opponents. According to the survey results, the Green voters are very divided on the question of the 3rd runway, which is in clear contrast to the exclusively negative public statements of the leadership of the Greens. The results of the opinion poll are extremely encouraging for the Management Board of Flughafen Wien AG. The enormous approval of the population means both support and an order to pursue the 3rd runway project with vigor. The enormous efforts in the mediation process, in which the concerns of the neighbors were largely taken into account, as well as the many specific initiatives to make airport operations more environmentally friendly, also contributed to this high level of approval. Clear party preferences Around eleven weeks before the new season catalogs appear, most of the package hotels from the FTI winter program 2017/18 are activated in the booking systems. The partner agencies can now offer hotels in the Canary Islands, Morocco, Egypt, Oman, the United Arab Emirates and other destinations. On the long-haul route, accommodations can already be booked, especially in the USA and Australia. In total, there are more than 1,000 houses available from the upcoming season program. Further hotels and destinations will gradually be incorporated into the travel agencies' booking systems. Book highly sought-after top hotels in popular destinations in good time. We offer our customers this option by activating the winter offers early. In order to secure the hotel of your choice at attractive prices, for example in Morocco or on the highly sought-after Canary Islands, explains Fabian Jahl, Team Manager Mediterranean at FTI Touristik Austria. Your specialist for travel agency equipment, Tischlerei Sepp Enzinger, 5322 Hof near Salzburg, Tel. 06229/2482, 3

5 Continued from page 1 Europäische Reiseversicherung Reza Sarkari Nice result in the 110th year Mag. Wolfgang Lackner and Mag. Andreas Sturmlechner, board member That Europäische Reiseversicherung AG, founded in 1907 by Max von Engel, is one of the world's leading insurance groups under the umbrella of the Generali Group , is represented in more than 60 countries and generates a premium volume of more than 70 billion euros annually, is an employer of over employees worldwide, can refer to a 55 million strong customer base and the Generali Group as a whole was one of the most sustainable companies in the world in 2017 counts (according to Corporate Knights), are impressive numbers that also describe the company's path to success very well. For the sake of order, a look at the history book: The British militant suffragettes pioneered the right to vote for women, on the New York Stock Exchange the Dow Jones index slipped into the basement after share sales and illiquid banks and caused panic The KaDeWe opens in Berlin-Schöneberg and Henkel launches the Persil detergent. Gustav Klimt portrays Adele Bloch-Bauer, the picture Adele-Bloch-Bauer I is as world-famous as the operetta Ein Walzertraum composed by Oscar Straus and Paula Wessely, who was born in 1907 and later became the Grand Dame of the Burgtheater. So there was a lot going on in the world in 1907, just like 110 years later, in terms of world politics it has not really become quieter since then. This also reflects the balance sheet for the past financial year of Europäische Reiseversicherung, which was characterized by low demand for international travel, in particular air travel to main travel destinations influenced by crisis developments. The terrorist attacks in Europe as well as numerous critical 4 events led to widespread uncertainty and a reduced desire to travel. At the same time, however, it is precisely those events that increase risk awareness and the tendency to take out travel insurance to protect yourself accordingly, reports Mag. Wolfgang Lackner, CEO of Europäische Reiseversicherung AG. So it is hardly surprising that the premium income of EUR 59.14 million is 5.6% below the previous year. In addition to the already mentioned crisis-related development in the main Outgoing segment, this decline is mainly due to the almost complete failure of Turkey as a travel destination, as well as a reduced rate and therefore lower premium payments from the Slovakian business. In contrast, the incoming segment (hotel industry) shows significant growth thanks to another good year for tourism in Austria. In 2016, overnight stays exceeded the 140 million mark for the first time, which corresponds to an increase of 5.2% to 41.45 million guests. In the business travel segment, which continues to suffer from the weak economy in Europe, respectable growth was also achieved through the acquisition of new customers. The Europäische can also point to an increase in direct deals with online bookings. In addition, there was a steadily increasing importance of annual travel insurance, which recorded double-digit growth. Improved claims development At 29.76 million euros, the sum of expenses for insurance claims was 8.9% lower than in 2015, which was significantly lower in particular

6 expenses for major loss events. The gross loss ratio (share of expenses in premium income) fell from 52.5% in 2015 to 50.6%. Consistent cost management and reduced closing costs resulted in 5.6 percent lower administration and business raising costs. At 41.8%, the cost and commission ratio was on a par with the previous year. Overall, the underwriting result rose by 11.1% to EUR 2.58 million. The financial result improved while maintaining the strict lower of cost or market principle due to higher current and other financial income from fixed-income securities and investment funds as well as special effects to EUR 2.48 million. Overall, the result from ordinary business activities (EGT) amounts to EUR 5.04 million. At 5.59 million euros, the annual surplus almost reached the previous year's record result, the balance sheet profit was 5.65 million euros. The company's own funds were again strengthened and increased to EUR 27.80 million. Good daughters & foreign agencies The balance sheet of the subsidiaries of Europäische Reiseversicherung is also positive. Care Consult Versicherungsmakler Ges.m.b.H., which specializes in event and tourism insurance. perfectly complements the offer of the Europäische and TTC Training Center Unternehmensberatung GmbH, with its broad seminar program, is successful as a leading training institute for the tourism sector and has long been an integral part of the tourist training program. In Slovenia, where Europäische Reiseversicherung operates in cooperation with the local Generali company and has also been active in direct business since 2010, 2016 was characterized by difficult market conditions in the outgoing business, similar to Austria. Likewise in South Tyrol, where it was nevertheless possible to achieve good growth through cooperation with new partners. There are also good news from Hungary and the Czech Republic, where Europäische is involved in leading travel insurance specialists. Optimistic for 2017 After the challenging situation again in 2016 with weaker demand for travel, we expect a catch-up effect in 2017 and solid growth again. The first three months of the year confirm this assumption. The decisive factor, however, is that the critical events and terrorist threats do not increase again. The slight recovery in macroeconomic development could thus further support the stronger holiday demand and, together with increased risk awareness, lead to more insurance bookings. As it has done for 110 years, Europäische Reiseversicherung will continue to focus its efforts and activities on the needs of its customers and sales partners. We will consistently develop innovations in products and services in line with these needs. Wolfgang Lackner is optimistic that we are looking forward to 2017 and the following years, despite increased regulatory challenges. bc Read more about 110 years of European travel insurance on the occasion of the ÖRV congress in the next issue. Current issue Cybercrime Alexandra Eizinger Dangers from the net DI Doris Wendler

7 If you want to run a travel agency without a computer today, you might as well try to drive a car without wheels - it won't work. Digitization has completely turned our working and economic world upside down, but it also brings a number of new dangers. Entrepreneurs are confronted with a multitude of dangers: Events such as fire, machine failure, break-in or theft can cost money or bring operations to a standstill. Additional risks have arisen in recent years. In addition to crashing software and defective hardware, it is the dangers from the Internet that worries many business people. But how should you protect yourself against phishing, hacking or ransom attacks? Insurable In the context of commercial insurance, you have so far been partially covered, for example in the event of broken computers or legal matters related to data theft, but your own cyber insurances are only gradually coming onto the market. You just have to keep in mind what we are digitizing today, explains Dr. Sven Erichsen. The German lawyer has been a real estate agent with heart and soul for more than 20 years. Erichsen has been a specialist in cyber risks in Essen since 2014 and there are more and more of them: We are shifting risks from the physical to the virtual world. Every company has to ask itself what the consequences are. The dangers can be divided into three groups. On the one hand, systems can not work or operating errors can occur. That means failure, recovery and an associated business interruption. Another risk is data breaches through hacking or phishing attacks. That means contacting the affected customers or paying fines. After all, attacks from the network can also be property crimes: blackmailers smuggle in encryption Trojans and extort ransom money so that they can re-activate the systems. Software that has gone wild is also a problem with which many have already had their experience: This causes high, unplanned costs and downtimes of up to three weeks, according to the expert. However, this risk is absolutely insurable. Solution-oriented In the meantime, several international insurers have specialized in the subject. In Austria, Wiener Städtische Versicherung only launched such a product in January and is currently the only domestic provider. The policy covers damage caused by malware, blackmail, data theft or manipulation and denial-of-service attacks.According to WKO, the perception of danger in one-person companies and small and medium-sized enterprises still corresponds - not the real dangers, says Doris Wendler, City Executive Director, one reason why the topic is only slowly moving. Another point is that a stricter legal situation in the form of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation will not be available until 2018. This suggests that companies are only just beginning to deal with IT security issues more intensively than before, and that not only the need, but also the demand is increasing. The Städtische works together with an international IT service provider who also has a branch in Austria: The IT experts are always up to date on global developments in cybercrime. At the same time, we can guarantee customers that specialists are available around the clock take care of their problems, says Wendler. We do not outsource our customer service abroad, regardless of whether it is on the phone or by remote maintenance on the computer. Because in an emergency it is extremely important to have on-site support and a contact person. This also applies to communication: on request, the customer can include the services of PR professionals who, if the worst comes to the worst, take care of professional and comprehensive crisis communication. These assistance services in particular are an integral part and a weighty argument in favor of cyber insurance. What use is money for my broken PC? It is much more important to get the systems up and running again quickly in order to

8 Erichsen also emphasizes avoiding consequential damage. The Städtische therefore offers its customers a 24/7 service that also offers professional support in cases of extortion: with the aim of not paying a ransom. Need to catch up A KPMG study showed that 92% of the companies surveyed are aware of the risk of cybercrime, almost half have already been affected and 30% have suffered damage from a cyber attack. Even so, very few companies in Austria are insured, explains Wendler. The interest on the part of companies is very high in view of the real threat and this will also be reflected in the insurance density in the future. We assume that in a few years' time cybercrime insurance will be just as natural as fire insurance. In principle, the various industries face the same risks. What varies is the impact. Therefore, a needs analysis and tailor-made coverage are essential. Questions such as: Which areas of the company can be manipulated by cyber attacks? What are the possible consequences? Can operations be paralyzed (in the long term)? Can the entrepreneur face liability claims through an attack? What protective measures exist to avoid or mitigate the effects of IT security breaches? Is there an emergency plan ?, take center stage. In any case, Erichsen expects that all domestic insurers will gradually develop products. Nevertheless: In this country there is a lack of experience because there are (yet) no cases of damage. There are a lot of question marks. As a customer, it is particularly important to pay attention to the terms of the contract. The wording is the crux of the matter and sometimes opaque for laypeople. Therefore: As with all commercial insurance, you should definitely consult a specialized broker before taking out. Claudia Stückler 5 Medical emergency in Thailand: online Bangkok remains a street food metropolis Always protected on the move with the European The P. couple travels to Thailand, the journey begins in a beautiful beach hotel in Phuket. There Mr. P. complained of pain in his left leg for several days. As these become stronger and stronger, he has himself examined at the Bangkok Hospital in Phuket. The Tourism Authority of Thailand announced that street stalls will be controlled more, but not disappear from the cityscape. Four Seasons: Luxury hotel in Tunisia Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and the Mabrouk Group are opening the Four Seasons Hotel Tunis at the end of 2017. Vienna: Overnight stays in March In Vienna, for the first time after a series of record months, an overnight stay decrease of 5.8% was recorded. Algarve: New flight connections thanks to an increasing number of direct connections, including With Eurowings, it will be easier to fly to the Algarve this summer. Qatar Airways: Triple Daily to Bali Qatar Airways has announced that it will start operating a third daily connection to Denpasar in Bali from May 7, 2017. TAP Portugal: Flexible stopover programs The Portuguese airline enables reservations

9 of tickets for 48 hours and offers attractive stopover programs. BENTOUR REISEN: start of the winter program The tour operator has already activated more than 1,000 hotels in more than 50 holiday destinations for the 2017/2018 winter season. Thomas Cook: 17 new adults-only hotels In the catalogs of the Thomas Cook organizers, there are around 100 adult hotels to choose from in the short and medium-haul range. AIDA: Oktoberfest fun with DJ Ötzi Just in time for the start of the world's most famous and largest folk festival, AIDA Cruises is getting the Oktoberfest fever among other things. with DJ Ötzi on board. Silversea: New Galapagos Routes Silversea brings guests to the unique landscapes of Ecuador on two new travel routes. Star Clippers: Bali Specials On selected dates, 350 euros per person (excluding children, 3rd person, single cabin) will be deducted when traveling to Bali. 6 The X-ray and MRI findings show a purulent muscle inflammation including an intramuscular abscess. The attending physician recommends surgical rehabilitation. Ms. P. then contacted the Europäische Reiseversicherung via the emergency number, gave the facts and conveyed the medical report. The European emergency doctors contact the doctor in Phuket, discuss the results of the examination and then give the go-ahead for the planned procedure. This goes well, bacterial inflammation and leg swelling go down and Mr P. can leave the hospital after four days but still has to take antibiotics. When he came to the hospital three days later for a follow-up examination, the leg was massively swollen and hard again. An immediate MRI shows a now significantly larger abscess and there is a risk that the inflammation will spread to the bone tissue. Mr. P. has to be operated on again immediately, the abscess is removed and the wound treated. The next day, on the advice of the emergency physicians, he is taken by ambulance jet to a specialty hospital in Bangkok. Another MRT examination shows that the inflammation has now also spread to the bones, which in the worst case can result in amputation. Despite the excellent quality of medical care in Bangkok, the emergency doctors decide to bring Mr. P. back to Austria accompanied by a doctor, where he will be transferred to the hospital in Innsbruck for further care and further treatment. Mr. P. has recovered completely and is grateful for the professional emergency help. The costs of around euros were paid by the European. The health insurance company reimbursed around euros. Traveltainment With Pixell Travel Suite in Google Hotel Ads, tour operators who want to present bookable hotel offers in Google's result lists, Traveltainment paves the way in Google Hotel Ads. The centerpiece is the Pixell Travel Suite, which equips online advertising campaigns with current offers. Tour operators provide a list of the hotels to be advertised here. Google regularly queries them via its programming interface (API) and transfers the updated offers to the database. If travelers search for destinations using the search engine, Google will include the operator offers in the list of results. If you click on it, you will reach the Traveltainment IBE directly via deep link on the websites of the advertising organizers. About Pixell Travel

10 Suite, the campaigns can be precisely controlled, explains Bernhard Steffens, CEO of Traveltainment. The organizers determine when and under what conditions which offers are passed on. The processing takes place fully automatically. This ensures that online campaigns not only reach the right target group, but also present the desired offers at a price that can currently be booked. Pilot customer JT Touristik produces its trips with Traveltainment Dynamic Packaging and offers hotel specials for more than hotels and around 150 destinations. Some of this is available in the Google Hotel Ads via the Pixell Travel Suite. With the new connection, we have our finger on the pulse, have a completely new sales opportunity and reach new target groups. And also increase our brand presence significantly, says Jasmin Taylor, Managing Director of JT Touristik. Current issue Allianz Global Assistance Mobility trends queried Recently, Allianz Global Assistance (AGA) carried out a survey on current mobility trends. E-cars and car sharing aroused great interest among Austrians, and young people in particular are more open to these new trends. Electric car: the will is there The survey delivers good news when it comes to environmental awareness. According to Austria's managing director Dr. Christoph Heißenberger could see the breakthrough in e-mobility in the next five years. More than 77% of all Austrians can imagine switching to electric cars in the foreseeable future, and many are even ready to switch immediately (35.6%). In addition to the e-car, the e-bike is also considered to have a promising future, but only a few can warm up to e-scooters (8.5%) or e-mopeds (4.7%). Personal experiences with e-mobility are, of course, modest: only 3.6% of those surveyed actually used an electric car. New mobility: using instead of owning The so-called sharing community is booming worldwide and a completely new attitude towards the question of ownership or use is developing, especially in the younger generation. Instead of owning a car (electric or not) alone, you share it with other people, which saves money and is good for the environment. Although only 4.8% of the population actually used car sharing offers in this country, 47% showed a general interest in car sharing, as the Allianz Global Assistance survey shows. AboTickets for air travel are open to 43.8% of Austrians. In this case, a flat fee would be paid for a certain period or a certain number of flights instead of single flight tickets. Skepticism is it becoming too futuristic? Less enthusiasm is triggered by futuristic travel trends, such as virtual trips via drones or helmet cameras, which enable travel experiences to be transmitted in real time. These are only conceivable for just under a quarter of the respondents, extreme tourism with overnight stays in slums or war zones only for 13%. Renting your own car that was left at home while you are traveling is also an option

11 out of ten Austrians are skeptical of this. nv Switzerland Competition Gornergrat Bahn Meet the Matterhorn! Advertisement If you want to get to know the Matterhorn from its most beautiful side, you will quickly realize that there is no getting around the Gornergrat. With its sunny viewing platform at m, the Gornergrat is one of the top excursion destinations in Zermatt. Surrounded by 29 four-thousand-meter peaks, the largest Swiss mountain and the third longest glacier in the Alps, it offers a mountain panorama that couldn't be more overwhelming. Glacier Express The slowest express train in the world With the famous Swiss mountain railway from St. Moritz / Davos to Zermatt, from Piz Bernina to the Matterhorn or vice versa. An eight-hour train journey over 291 bridges, through 91 tunnels, over the m high Oberalp Pass. A panoramic trip through the high Alps in the heart of Switzerland, a unique, relaxing and spectacular way to explore the Swiss Alps. The Glacier Express has been running a wonderful route between the sights of Graubünden, the sunny Valais with its glacier world and the inspiring southern regions since 1930. A comfortable train through a piece of pure nature with rustic mountain forests, quiet alpine meadows, rushing mountain streams, through traditional mountain valleys with centuries-old culture. Glistening mountains in summer, snow-covered fairytale landscape in winter, magic flowers in spring, rich colors in autumn. The Glacier Express, one of the world's most famous train journeys, is an experience in every season! Glacier Express stands for: Spectacular train journey through a breathtaking and unique mountain landscape Connection of the world-famous mountain destinations St. Moritz / Davos and Zermatt Panorama coaches 1st and 2nd class with large windows Information system via headphones and travel guide in printed form in six languages ​​each (German , English, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese), two music channels, on-board magazine, souvenir shop Catering: Fresh cuisine with service at your seat, world-famous unique sloping glass Bookings under If you might just want to be there from October 5 to 8, 2017, then read carefully the next four issues of the traveler and then answer three questions about the trip, send the answers to by and with a little luck you might be part of the party. Competition The three questions about the competition will be published in issue on. 7 Special News Touristboard Dom. Rep. K A R I B I K Samaná a small island makes it big A paradise for nature lovers and individualists lies on the northeast coast of the Dominican Republic: the Samaná peninsula offers just under

12 1,000 m² pretty much everything that makes Caribbean dreams come true: dream beaches lined with coconut palms, secluded bays, fishing villages, green mountains and waterfalls. In addition, the natural jewel is a popular destination for environmentally conscious guests. Many attractions for adventurers A very special spectacle awaits visitors in the Bay of Samaná from January to March, where every year up to humpback whales come to mate and give birth to their young in the 518 km2 reserve. During this time, you can watch the impressive animals wooing them on boat tours or from land. The most spectacular waterfall in the cathedral. Rep. Is also located on Samaná: El Limón is more than 50 meters high and falls into a natural pool of water in which visitors can bathe. On horseback, a ride through the wonderful landscape with lush vegetation is an impressive experience. On a jeep safari tour you can explore the interior of the country, where tropical fruits grow and coffee is grown. Brand new on offer are the Zip Line Tours, where after a stroll through the blooming landscape ten zip lines from 78 to 400 meters in length, which are connected via 20 platforms, invite you to try them out. The visitor floats Touristboard Dom. Rep. For nature lovers, a visit to the Los Haitises National Park is a good idea, a contiguous, scenic area of ​​160 km² with mangrove forests, estuaries and limestone caves with paintings by the Taino Indians. The cathedral is one of the most popular travel destinations. Rep. Belongs to Las Terrenas, originally a fishing village and today a place that combines the combination of gastronomy, hotel variety, 8 On full charter to the dream island Ab, REWE Austria Touristik with its brands ITS BILLA-Reisen and JAHN REISEN, together with all other tour operator brands DER Touristik, its customers every Saturday with Condor from Frankfurt to the Pearl of the Caribbean, there are feeder flights from Vienna, Graz, Linz and Salzburg. Thanks to the direct connection, the Boeing to El Catay Airport shortens the transfer time by around three hours each way, which means six hours more holiday fun. The connection has been bookable with Jahn Reisen Austria since and with ITS Billa Reisen since for the coming winter season. Samaná has a lot of potential for REWE Austria Touristik, the demand is constantly increasing and the hotel portfolio ranges from traditional 3 * hotels to luxurious 5 * resorts. ga Touristboard Dom. Rep. Paradise for romantics and nature lovers. Famous El Limón waterfall literally over coconut groves, green valleys and has a great view of the island of Cayo Levantado and the Bay of Samaná. Diving, catamaran trips and the Puerto Bahía marina complete the adventure program. The shipwreck museum, which opened in 2010, is also impressive, where objects can be viewed that were salvaged from ships that were stranded a long time ago. shopping opportunities and 28 kilometers of pristine beaches combined. An insider tip for

13 romantic is Cayo Levantado, the island full of palm trees has become a synonym for relaxation and top Dominican gastronomy. Samaná's beaches are some of the quietest and most secluded in the cathedral. Rep., So also Portillo or Playa Bonita. At Playa Cosón, surfing and kite surfing fans will find optimal conditions with strong winds and high waves, while children like to play in the clear water at Las Ballenas Beach. At Playa Morón you can see old cannons from the pirate era and at Las Galeras Beach you can buy fresh fish, drink coconut milk and visit the seawater aquarium. Playa Rincón was even named the second best beach in the world by Condé Nast Traveler. Located in a small, quiet bay, it offers white sand, coconut palms and almond trees, part of the beach is barely developed and is hidden, on the other side the cliffs slope gently towards Cano Frío.Cayo Levantado for romantics REWE Austria Touristik Endless beaches COOEE at Grand Paradise Samana Winter edition NEW! FULL CHARTER TO AZS Discovered by Columbus, loved by vacationers. Palm-lined dream beaches, azure blue sea and friendly locals guarantee holidays full of Caribbean ease. Starting on Saturday, we will bring our mutual customers from the Austrian departure airports Vienna, Graz, Linz and Salzburg via Frankfurt directly with a Condor Boeing to the pearl of the Caribbean Samaná (AZS). What makes Samaná special DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Nature: Endless dream beaches full of coconut palms, lush tropical vegetation, secluded bays and offshore islands as well as green mountain slopes with waterfalls form an ideal holiday setting for your guests. Samaná natural spectacle: from January to March, humpback whales are drawn to the sheltered bay to mate. Culture: rural villages and fishermen's huts. Entertainment: Very diverse range of tourist attractions. Customers save around 3 hours of transfer time each way. Villa Serena n n n n e.g. on from Vienna 1 week in a double room, breakfast per person from 1.271, - from

14 1,288, - Las Terrenas Grand Bahia Principe El Portillo n n n n m e.g. on from Vienna 1 week in a double room, all inclusive per person current prices. Subject to prior sale, misprints and price changes. As of April Tour operator: JAHN REISEN, a brand of REWE Austria Touristik GmbH, 1070 Vienna. K A R I B I K Dominica A treasure of the Caribbean The diversity of the small island is enviable mountains, 365 rivers, jungles, volcanoes, thermal springs, plus beautiful beaches and a lot of Caribbean feeling. The 750 km² island got its name from the Genoese Columbus, who sailed by here on a Sunday in 1493. Later the French and the English fought for influence. There were no natural resources, Dominica was too mountainous for sugar cane plantations, so the only thing left was the strategic victory of the English. Today only people live in this inexhaustible natural paradise. Which has beautiful beaches, but is very conscious of nature and adventure and the associated sustainable eco and active tourism. And how do you get to this island? Conveniently with Air France via Paris to Guadeloupe. Instead of an onward flight to Dominica, we recommend a ferry trip, the only 2.5 hour sightseeing tour on which Guadeloupe's capital Pointe-a-Pitre, past MarieGalante to the French Iles de Saintes, and the bizarre coasts of Dominica can be experienced. Kubuli and Reggae The introduction to the Caribbean couldn't be more perfect Saturday is a big market day! So into the world of exotic fragrances and fruits. Market in Roseau means loud trading in fruit and vegetables, but also the sounds of reggae. The small capital can be explored comfortably on foot, from typical English colonial buildings to brightly painted wooden houses and shops to the evergreen botanical garden and the venerable Fort Young, everything can be found here. And the Saturday Night Fever can be celebrated very relaxed in the bars and alleys with the friendly locals with a few kubuli (local beer) and good music. Several times a year Dominica invites you to renowned music festivals, then the whole island sinks to the rhythm of the music. Morne Trois Pitons National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is definitely in demand. But every meter is worth it here. From the lava gorge Titou Gorge including bathing over rainforest and fern landscapes, a spectacular path leads through the lunar landscape of the Valley of Desolation with its fumaroles to the famous Boiling Lake. Hot sulphurous water bubbles in a crater lake, above which clouds of steam create a truly eerie atmosphere. A visit to the rustic spas of Wotton Waven fits perfectly after the seven-hour mountain tour. The warm water of the thermal pools surrounded by overgrown jungle relaxes the stressed muscles. Champagne pools and whale watching After so much adventure and sweat, the next day the sea and its famous underwater world beckon. Dominca is a Caribbean hot spot for experienced divers. Snorkelers can experience a little foretaste in the underwater world of the Champagne Pools. Coral worlds, schools of fish and the bubbles of the thermal water gushing out of the sea floor look like champagne pearls under water in the sunshine. Just a few kilometers further, in Soufrière, there is the rare opportunity to take a step from the natural thermal pool into the Caribbean Sea. And Scotts Head at the southern end of the island probably offers a unique Caribbean backdrop. The

15 bay, the turquoise sea, the fort on the hill and easy living in the village at the Rumbar. This is also where the Waitukubuli National Trail begins, which leads in 14 varied hiking segments to the Cabrits National Park in the north of the island. The afternoon is dedicated to the sea giants, we start from the Castle Comfort Lodge for whale watching. Dolphins, tropical rain and rainbow scenes and finally the longed-for whale in front of the bow of the catamaran! Waterfalls and honeymooners Hike to a different five star waterfall every day for a whole week, take photos, swim, enjoy the tropical sun and recharge your batteries? Possible without any problems on Dominica! Middleham Falls are considered the most powerful, Trafalgar Falls the most beautiful and the Emerald Pools the most romantic. Speaking of romance: relax from the pool on Mero Beach and experience endless walks on the beach at the Tamarind Tree Hotel. A few curvy kilometers further north is hidden in a picturesque Boiling Lake and wellness is extremely fitness on the hiking tour in the 10 Scotts Head with an idyllic backdrop Edition Special A tub in the Champagne Pool The Church of Soufrière On the way to Boiling Lake Bay the Secret Bay Resort . Stylishly built bungalows on stilts and perfectly integrated into the landscape, the hotel enjoys the reputation of being one of the finest honeymoon hotels in the Caribbean. Of course with butler service. Eastcoastfeeling and Carib Territory Farewell in Portsmouth. The east coast is wilder, lonelier and even greener. Near the town of Marigot we live in the chic Pagua Bay House, in front of the cabana we have the whole wild bay as a private beach. After a beach hike, it's time to shoulder your backpack again, because we follow Section 6 of the Waitukubuli Trail: The hectare area is the last retreat for the indigenous Caribbean population in the Lesser Antilles.It was made available by King Victoria, and the Kalinago people have been living in since then Self-management of fishing, agriculture, basketry, small handicrafts and increasingly tourism. With all the troubles of an indigenous minority, the chief elected Charles Williams tells us sensitively. The Carib Cultural Village gives a first impression of Kalinago life then and now. Coming from the village themselves and back from the big world, the owner couple have fulfilled a lifelong dream with this Eco Lodge. Tasteful wooden bungalows, architecturally perfectly integrated into the landscape, a natural pool in the rocky bay and herbs, spices and vegetables come from your own garden. Sustainable tourism in practice is an important employer for the villagers. Around the dreamy little town of Portsmouth we find picture book Caribbean

16 beautiful beaches and turquoise waters. Together with Valerie Francis, the Canadian has lived here for 20 years, we ride along the beach through the bay, past the historic Fort Shirley into the enchanting Cabrits National Park. Then enjoy typical tasty Creole cuisine in The Champs Restaurant high above the bay. What is missing is a little chilling on the beach, preferably with rum punch in the evening. Sunsets are phenomenal here, a color spectacle unparalleled for photographers. Here at the latest you fall for the Caribbean Dominica and the lightness of being. Sabine Puchinger Johnny Depp and Mr. Birdy Information Sepp Puchinger (6) At the latest on the Indian River in the north of Dominica you will be overtaken by the curse of the Caribbean. Jack Sparrow found his dream backdrop at the mangrove and jungle rivers, which is wonderful to understand today on a rowing boat tour. Many islanders still dream of being an extra. Bertrand Baptiste has not yet achieved world fame, but everyone on the island knows him as Mr. Birdy. Working for the national park for many years, he is the island's chief nithologist. It is fascinating to trudge on the Syndicate Nature Trail with the man, to keep an eye out for the parrot species Sisserou and Jaco that only live here, to get to know the often neglected world of insects and lizards and to stare in awe of mighty jungle giants on the trail again and again. Mr. Birdy sees everything, knows everything, shows everything. With the great advantage that there are no poisonous animals to fear! Pagua Bay House with sea view Issue specialist: tropical consult: Tel: / Arrival: Ferry to Dominica: Tourist Board: Hotel tips: Fort Young Hotel, Roseau; www.; Secret Bay, Portsmouth: The Champs, Portsmouth: Pagua Bay House: TamarindTreeHotel: Activities: Diving: Whale watching: Horseback riding: Trekking:; Indian River: Waitubukuli NationalTrail: Travel time: October to June / July, but also possible all year round Money: Caribbean dollar, major credit cards 11 Organizer potpourri Jahn Reisen Austria has Samana on the peninsula in the Dominican Republic (see also page 8) discovered for yourself. The 5 * Hotel Luxury Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado Don Pablo Collection has a private beach and is ideal for couples. A 24-hour room service and concierge service, four bars, a beach restaurant, a main buffet restaurant and four à la carte restaurants, a spacious pool area as well as the Bahia Spa and various sports activities such as paddle surfing and catamaran sailing leave nothing to be desired Wishes open. Price example: One week in a double room / all inclusive and flight from / to Vienna, e.g. B. on, costs Euro p. P. Immerse yourself in the turquoise and white Caribbean with the travel offers from the two catalogs Neckermann Reisen Karibik & Latin America and Thomas Cook Signature Karibik,

17 Latin America: There is a total of 308 hotels and 63 tours in the cathedral to choose from. Rep., In Cuba, Jamaica, in Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Brazil or in the Lesser Antilles. Price example: Dominican Republic, Playa Bavaro, 4.5 * Iberostar Punta Cana: One week in a double room / all inclusive z. B. on from Vienna costs including flight, transfers Euro p. P. (feeder flights from Vienna, Linz, Salzburg, Graz and Innsbruck via Frankfurt to Punta Cana or Santa Domingo with Condor). At TUI, the three top destinations are Dominican Republic, Cuba and Mexico. The newly renovated club hotel RIU Bambu in der Dom is ideal for families. Rep., Which offers free access to the new, closest water park. Guests at the Royalton Punta Cana Resort can use the Splash Aquapark on Bavaro Beach free of charge. The adults-only house SENSIMAR Bavaro opened 12 last summer and is located directly on the beach in Punta Cana. In Cuba, all the highlights can be explored in the course of the self-drive tour Cuba Privada: From Havana it goes via Vinales to Cienfuegos, on to Trinidad and from there back to Havana. Accommodation in private accommodation brings you closer to Cuban culture. In Mexico, a new RIU hotel will open at the end of 2017 on the Costa Mujeres near Cancún and the SENSIMAR Seaside Suites and Spa awaits guests aged 18 and over. Incidentally, the Tulum temple complex and Playa del Carmen are only about 25 minutes away from the hotel. alltours will be offering Curaçao for the summer of 2017. Around 20 hotels for various target groups with a number of direct flights from Düsseldorf and Amsterdam can be booked. New to the Mexico program is the island of Cozumel, located in front of Playa del Carmen, while on the cathedral. Rep. The offer was further expanded. Alltours has strengthened its cooperation with the VIVA Wyndham hotel group and started cooperation with the Sunscape hotel chain. Also new to alltours are some round-DERTOUR Austria trips to Cuba, for example a cruise with all-inclusive offer around the island, with a detour to Jamaica and a two-day stop in Havana, can be booked. On the round trip Jewels of South America: Columbia & Ecuador from Meier s Weltreisen discover a maximum of 16 participants in eleven days two South American countries. The small tour group starts in the Colombian capital Bogotá with a city tour, visits the underground salt cathedral of Zipaquirá and learns everything about the cultivation and production of coffee at a hacienda. Cartagena, Ecuador and Quito are also travel destinations. Price example: The eleven-day flat-rate flight from / to Frankfurt to Bogotá / from Quito, costs in a double room, with various meals, transfers, excursions and entrance fees according to the program, domestic South American flights (unaccompanied), German-speaking local tour guide, from euros p. P. (feeder flights from / to Austria on request). JT Touristik has expanded its range of Iberostar hotels to a total of more than 60 hotels. There are now seven hotels to choose from in Mexico and nine in Cuba. Price example: One week at the Iberostar Cancún is based on AI, transfers, seven nights and a flight from / to Hamburg in August from € p. P. in double room. nv JT Touristik Nicaragua Tourist Board What everyone dreams of Edition Special