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Plain lemon salmon from the oven

Spring in winter. A capricious weather that I really enjoy. The last few days you could literally take a deep breath, soak up the sun and forget the bad "C" word. It almost felt like nothing ... As soon as the sun comes out in late winter or early spring, I like to roam our little garden and am happy about every flower bud that I discover.

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A new beginning of nature. Every year again. This year I connected with many hopeful thoughts that "normal life" will soon come back. What remains at the moment are the little everyday joys, such as the joy of nature. And how can it be any different for me, including the joy of eating. Maybe that's the reason why I hold a lemon in my hands more often than usual. The culinary epitome of sun and a good mood. For me anyway. That's why the lemon is once again the main actress in my recipe Lemon Salmon from the Oven that couldn't be easier. All the ingredients for it are also available in organic quality. Because when I prepare fish, I also like to use organic.


For my lemon salmon from the oven, it's best to use the skinless salmon. Either the skin has already been removed, mostly with frozen products, or you cut it off yourself. To do this, you take the longest and thinnest knife you have and cut the fillet, lying on a board, very close to the skin. If you have a filleting knife (it's flexible), it's best to use this.


I decided to use the oven to prepare the lemon salmon. It doesn't get any more uncomplicated than the oven, especially in these home office and home schooling times, when you feel like you have to manage even more in parallel than usual. Now it is almost the same with the preparation of salmon as with the meat fillet. There are different cooking levels or, in other words, preferences and expectations.


With 20 minutes at 180 degrees top / bottom heat (160 ° convection) you always drive well for my taste. The salmon fillet is still juicy and not too dry. Nevertheless, in the end it is of course a matter of taste, as always. There is no right or wrong if you don't strive for a gourmet star. If you have a roasting thermometer, you could also use the cooking levels as a guide. At 50-55 ° C the cooking state of the salmon is medium and the fish meat is still very juicy. When the thermometer shows around 60 ° C, the salmon is done. Far beyond that, very well. Perhaps too dry for one or the other. No matter what your preferences are, the lemon salmon from the oven always tastes delicious after sun and summer 🙂.

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Lemon salmon from the oven

A quick and easy oven dish. Simply prepared with just a few ingredients, the salmon fillet tastes like summer and sun.
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  • Open the oven 180 ° top / bottom heat (160 ° convection) and preheat a suitable Baking dish with something olive oil grease.
  • The Salmon fillets Pat dry, season with salt and place in the Baking dish lay. TIP: I would let frozen salmon defrost gently in the refrigerator beforehand.
  • Half lemon you wash them off with hot water, dry them and cut them in approx. 3 mm thick slices, Halve the slices again. The 5th Sprigs of thyme wash and dry. The 2-3 Garlic cloves DO NOT peel, just press a little with the ball of your hand / spatula (this will develop the aroma) ALTERNATIVELY quarter a small, fresh, whole tuber = for garlic fans like me.
  • The halved Lemon wedges, the Sprigs of thyme and the garlic to the Salmon fillets to distribute.
  • 60 mlolive oil (about 5 tbsp), 3 tbspLemon juice and 1 tbsphoney mix and vigorously withsalt andpepper season, season again to taste.
  • The dressing about the Salmon fillets pour and for approx. 20 minutes in the preheated oven on the middle rail ferment. TIP: You can also use a roasting thermometer to check how the salmon is cooked. At 50-55 ° C the cooking state of the salmon is medium, inside it still has one very juicy texture outside a tender, lightly browned meat. At a core temperature of 60 ° C and above, the salmon is done. Hotter than 60 ° C can mean that it is already too dry. But of course that's all a matter of taste.
  • Rice or just a delicious baguette that you can dip into the sauce tastes great with it. I wish you a good appetite.


Have you tried the recipe once? How do you find it? I am always happy to receive praise, friendly criticism or your tips and experiences. Please feel free to keep in touch using the comment function below. I would be very happy about that.
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