Life is disappointing

Life, a disappointment

Once puberty has sown its hormonal turmoil, life becomes complicated. It starts with no longer just playing pack, but "girls the boys". A little later, teenage loves emerge, with middlemen handing over pages of letters. How reassuring was the look into the future: one day, when we grow up, we will meet the person with whom we will be with until the end of our days. Of course, the lovers will recognize each other at first glance. Of course, the complicated courtship behavior of teenage days will be a thing of the past. And of course we don't have to wait any longer than until we are 20 years old for the dream man - we thought.

Letting children grow up in a house and not being able to guarantee them that they will later have at least half a million euros in their account is actually grossly negligent. The little ones then take it for granted to be able to spread their belongings over 300 square meters and several floors forever and arrive only with great difficulty in the reality to be rented.

How on earth did our parents manage to build a house in the center of Munich when we were in our early 30s, while we just finished our studies at 29 and the building society loan contract had to be used for a professional "bridging phase"?

Most of our generation can get used to the idea of ​​not owning a home for the next twenty years either. Unless you have nothing against a semi-detached house on the outskirts of Bottrop.

At 14 you usually have relatively little sex. But you are sure that you will have a lot of it later. And of course not this flower number. It should be a little more exciting: spontaneous sex on the kitchen table or on the beach, in the car, in the bathtub, in the elevator - there are no limits to your imagination. Reality does. To find two in the driver's seat of a golf course is only possible for hobby contortionists. A hot night of love on the beach quickly turns out to be an itchy full-body peeling, and the kitchen table usually results in a moderate fracture of the coccyx. So better back to bed. And here at the latest at the beginning of professional life, or in the course of a relationship lasting several years, the disillusionment sets in that on the horizontal plane it is by no means passion, but mostly sleep that rules. At some point you hear yourself say the sentence: "You, don't be angry, but I'm really too tired." Then we pull the covers over our heads, feel a little ashamed and dream of a more exciting life.

It was obvious that our parents wanted to embarrass us in front of our friends when they picked us up from parties at twelve. And it was perfectly clear that the really exciting things were just beginning to Happen midnight.

But even if we raged every weekend back then, we knew: the time will come when we ourselves decide when and in what condition we would go home. And it was already certain that it wouldn't be before seven in the morning four times a week.

How could we have come up with the idea that a Friday covered with woolen blankets would have its charms by the end of 20? And there we sit on our sofa, drink half a glass of red wine and wonder why the hell the TV program is so bad on the weekend of all times.

Older men were once the ticket to the adult world. They drove a car, had smoked a joint before, and from working for an insurance company they knew about the essentials of life. A graying doctor with deep blue eyes could turn an adolescent into a bundle of nerves. Yes, we wanted a man with experience and we shuddered at the thought of gentlemen who actually know what women want. But the experience that an old man is first and foremost an old man was all the more sobering. Nobody had told us that even the elderly always only think of one thing: of themselves.

The math was simple: the older a person gets, the more money they have. That's why we only got a ten-mark note from the parents, when the grandparents already reached for the twenties. In addition, the big brother got a lot more pocket money.

Even when it became clear that wealth is related to education and ambition, we were not discouraged. Of course, one day we would occupy a prominent position in society that would bring us respect, media interest and a whole lot of money. We just had to wait and see, the opportunity would come.

At some point, however, in a very quiet hour, most of them realize that they were not born to be higher. It is not we but others who decide the world-changing things. But the big money is still to come. Or?

When we used to argue with our parents and didn't want to stop whining, at some point the homicide argument followed: "When you grow up, you can decide for yourself and make your own mistakes." That sounded like a glorious, fairer future.

Unfortunately, nobody told us at the time that making a decision yourself doesn't automatically mean knowing how to make a decision. What career Which bathroom tiles? Which pension plan? Which partner? Organic or Dutch vegetables?

In our mid-twenties at the latest, we would like to have someone by our side who says: "I know exactly what is good for you." People who actually say such a thing are either idiots or pimps. So we have to make our own mistakes all by ourselves.