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The best motivational books 2021

The word motivation describes all motives that give us the necessary drive to act and to strive for our personal goals.

But often we lose our motivation on the way to the goal or cannot maintain it. It pays to stay motivated and to achieve goals on your own initiative.

Numerous bestsellers track the topic and many authors present their success stories and reveal how they manage to keep their motivation going.

We introduce you to the 14 best motivational books.

The Big Five for Life: What Really Matters in Life

With this book by John Strelecky one thing becomes clear to the readers: "Working to make money is a thing of the past."

By chance, a dissatisfied employee meets a charismatic entrepreneur who unexpectedly becomes his life mentor.

From him he learns the secrets of his personal success and learns that every person has to know his destiny and his "Big Five for Life".

The “Big Five for Life” are the personal goals that you want to achieve in the course of your life.

These ideas help to realize one's own wishes and to wake up every day with the feeling of wanting to get further on the way through life, in order to have completed a museum peppered with colorful pictures of one's personal successes in the end.

Clearly a book of inspiration - without any ifs or buts!

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The year I started playing the bagpipes

In this motivational book, Tanja Köhler describes her own life experience and how she managed to get it going again in mid-life.

Although the author has already achieved a lot, she felt a deep longing for something new and recognized recurring patterns that stopped each other.

Instead of postponing the things she wanted to do, she decided to learn to play the bagpipes.

This impulse awakened new impulses in the successful consultant and taught her to keep asking herself the right questions in order to move forward and no longer be held back by annoying stumbling blocks.

In an entertaining and charming call for change and more courage in life, she writes very closely to the readers about her personal steps to more motivation and happiness in life.

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Magic Monday - 52 reasons to get up in the morning

The author, Lars Amend has thousands of fans waiting for his motivating posts every Monday.

He started when he was in a deep crisis of meaning and met Paulo Coelho, who showed him a new will to live by showing him that he himself had to send love into the world so that this positive energy could send back.

No sooner said than done, Lars Amend began his mission on Facebook to send positive energy into the virtual world and his way of dealing with happiness, love, time and life in general changed.

In “Magic Monday”, the reader receives the quintessence of motivation and succeeds in sending key messages in short sentences that spark a wake-up call in the listener and reader.

Affirmations and chakras encourage you to break old thought patterns and with a lot of strength and the feeling of wanting to do something new, to get up in the morning and take the day into your own hands.

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The Laws of Winners: Success and a Full Life

Success and a fulfilled life - goals that we all know.

But often we lose our motivation right at the beginning or on the home stretch and are satisfied with less than what we are capable of.

Our visions then feel like annoying obligations and from the word "can" we increasingly use the word "must".

30 easy-to-learn strategies make up Bodo Schäfer's book and show with theory and a practical part how the reader can implement his wishes and dreams and positively change his behavior and view of the environment in just a few weeks.

The book helps the reader to deal better with criticism and stress and to convert his dissatisfaction into energy and motivation and thereby receive more recognition and money.

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The Robbins Power Principle: Free the inner strength

Ten inner forces can change a whole life and provide motivation and strength.

With this bestseller, Anthony Robbins cast a spell over countless readers and helped them lead a better life.

He has ten strategies that change people and help them to be happy and to better achieve their personal goals in life:
Love and human warmth, respect and gratitude, curiosity, fascination and passion, determination / perseverance, flexibility, self-confidence, happiness, vitality and common sense.

Whoever recognizes these inner forces and who succeeds in releasing them will experience more power and be absorbed in a new attitude towards life by themselves.

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Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Children About Money

Robert Kiyosaki talks about his childhood with two fathers in his book about finance.

One was rich and independent and the other was poor and dependent.

The dependency on a job and a salary are the main theme of his bestseller and show how one can generate more income in order to become independent and lead a significantly better life with more assets.

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Create the best version of yourself

To be slim, fit, strong and healthy and, by the way, full of positive energy and dreams of life - that is what almost everyone wishes for.

Author Ralf Bohlmann helps to “design the best version of yourself” in his book of the same name.

The certified coach and trainer shows how to become your ideal in seven steps and how to consistently pursue your goals in life.

A change in diet, better sleeping habits, relaxation methods and stress management are presented and, with the help of analysis tools, the best way to find a change.

The book shows step-by-step how you can become a better version of yourself.

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Do not worry - live!

Dale Carnegie addresses a topic that affects everyone in life: the fears and worries that hold us back in life and prevent us from developing our possibilities.

They hold us back from just being content and starting each day with confidence and confidence.

Dale Carnegie establishes principles that enable us to worry less and to achieve a positive outlook on life, one that is more relaxed about criticism and that helps us become more concerned with the good things in life.

A book that is more up-to-date than ever and motivates you to shape your life positively and to take it in hand.

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The one thing

In his book, Gary Keller asks an important question that affects almost all of us: "How does everyday life get more structured?"

We receive a lot of emails and calls every day, and participation in social media is also taking up more and more time.

In this bestseller, the author gives the answer on how to become more productive without being at the mercy of all those time wasters. You will also find a lot of tips on time management there.

His tips and to-do lists in this effective self-management guide help you to focus on your own ideas and goals and to feel more motivated in your daily activities.

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Self-motivation: How to stay productive over the long term

In this book, Reinhold Stritzelberger describes what everyone can do for themselves to maintain their motivation.

Enjoying getting up and going to work every day, looking forward to having dinner with colleagues and doing some sport in the evening - that's what we all want.

In this book, the author reveals how this is possible and how every day becomes a good day.

By changing the mindset and drawing new strength from it, we remain committed and leave our comfort zone in the direction of effective action, which is the tried and tested path to more self-motivation.

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Miracle Morning: The hour that changes everything

Hal Elrod challenges his readers by arguing that the most effective time of the day is before eight o'clock in the morning and shows in his self-help program what you have to do to feel more happiness, satisfaction and success.

Getting up early is a gift and anything that spreads positive energy is allowed.

The head is free and you can visualize your thoughts, write books, meditate or just do yoga. The main thing is to get active and greet the day with positive energy and time for yourself.

Tips for affirmations and visualizations are also included and ensure that you look forward to the day with creativity and zest for action.

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Do what you love!

In their book, Anja Förster and Peter Kreuz show how to live the life you want.

The rule of thumb is: Have the courage to be yourself and not the cheap version of another person and immediately after this determination, you start with tips on how the reader should be!

The authors challenge their readership to passion and discomfort in order to do things with devotion and get out of their comfort zone.

Equally, the extraordinary is also part of it and to be aware that you are unique and valuable with all your peculiarities.

A gorgeous book that challenges the reader to be demanding and enjoy doing the beautiful things in life and thus bringing more quality into being!

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Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs has always believed in the simple and meticulously pursued his visions.

The biography of one of the greatest visionaries of our time and Apple founder Steve Jobs is about uncompromising and perseverance, about a person who has always believed in his dreams and has achieved his goals.

A genius who has shaped humanity with a brand and an innovation!

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Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a genius.

Not only did he stir up the automotive industry with Tesla, he also revolutionized online payment.

With his company SpaceX, he is also the only one in the world capable of retrieving a spaceship and its payload space from space.

For many, he is considered the Da Vinci of the 21st century and the maker of our time.

How visions became realities and projects changed the world, is written in this book and encourages every reader to believe in his ideas and to pursue them.

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