How good is Georgia in the US

US state of Georgia : Eight people shot dead in three massage parlors in the Atlanta area

Eight people were shot dead in a short space of time on Tuesday in three different massage parlors in the southern US state of Georgia. A good three hours after the incidents in and around the capital Atlanta, the police arrested a 21-year-old who is suspected of having been involved in the incidents, as US media reported, citing the police.

Four people died that afternoon (local time) in Cherokee County, around 50 kilometers north of Atlanta, in an Asian massage parlor. Four other people were shot dead in two Atlanta spas just an hour later. A motif has not yet been announced.

The Atlanta police said that the man who was taken into custody was "very likely" responsible for all three incidents, as the broadcaster CNN reported. Videos would prove that. Work is still in progress to confirm that all three cases are related, NBC News reported. At first it was said that there was no evidence that the incidents were related.

The four people killed in Atlanta were women who appeared to have Asian roots, NBC News and CNN reported. There was initially no information about the four Cherokee County victims.

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On Tuesday afternoon (local time), Cherokee County police found two people shot dead and three injured in an Asian massage parlor ("Young's Asian Massage"), CNN and NBC News reported, citing police. Two injured died in the hospital.

Less than an hour later, the police were called to a crime scene about 50 kilometers away in Atlanta because of a robbery - and discovered three people shot dead in a spa. Not far away, across the street, another dead person was found in an aromatherapy spa, said Atlanta police chief Rodney Bryant. (dpa)

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