Men women can wear perfumes

The perfume has become a daily accessory that completes your look. While the clothes and style of clothing are only visually expressed through your personality, the perfume is used to attract another sensation. It is a means of communication and flirtation and reveals a variety of your characteristics. The perfume can be attributed if the person who wears it is extravagant and likes to experiment or is more likely to fall for the classic and simple things in life.

Often you are attracted to fragrances that express properties that you secretly want to possess. This is the reason why you attract the scents of the opposite sex. In this article we are going to introduce you to some perfumes for men that women also like to wear. Find out which they are:

Perfume No. 1: "Ultraviolet" by Paco Rabanne

"UltraViolet" by Paco Rabanne is an undeniable favorite for women who like to use perfumes for men. The perfume has many rich wood notes that capture the feminine part so quickly that many of the ladies choose it purposefully who do not enslave the separation of the scents. The reason for the ladies' love for this masculine fragrance is the delicate aroma of sensual musk, like the particularly preferred sweet vanilla. This seductively strong mixture awakens all the senses with sensuality and energy.

Perfume No. 2: "Escape" by Calvin Klein

"Escape" by Calvin Klein presents a refreshing and spicy mixture of fragrances that covers the complex character of the real man and his busy everyday life. This is what makes the fragrance so popular with women too. This woody perfume has an impact on the female audience and makes them flip in your direction! And the name fits perfectly with its fragrant composition - with the first breath you can remove it from your current location and take you on a refreshing walk through the forest meadows, away from it all.

Perfume No. 3: "Lalique Encere Noir" by Lalique

"Lalique Encre Noir" is a mysterious and hypnotic fragrance for men that women will also fall in love with! The perfume offers extremely sensual and seductive notes that are also beautifully designed. “Encre Noir” deserves admiration. Feel the scent and you will fall into captivity with its aromatic notes of cypress, vetiver and cypress! It is definitely one of the most popular perfumes for men that women love to wear!

Test No. 4: "Habit Rouge" by Guerlain

"Habit Rouge" by Guerlain is a classic fragrance for men that has been proclaimed and bought since it was founded in 2003. The perfume is very warm, harmonious and sensual. There is a sense of calm and equilibrium. "Habit Rouge" by Guerlain has its sophistication due to the fresh rose, intense jasmine and aromatic cinnamon used. This is because that grabs the women and leads them to use that perfume too.

Perfume No. 5: “Pleasures for Men” by Estée Lauder

"Pleasures for Men" by Estée Lauder is a fresh and clean masculine fragrance that makes it an undisputed favorite among women too! It fits perfectly for business life and is particularly suitable for special occasions. With this perfume you emphasize your class in a very delicate way! The vial is clear and consists of transparent glass and a silver cap that gives the perfume its classic finish.

These were our best suggestions for men who love to wear women. In recent years, the so-called third type of perfume, namely unisex fragrances, has appeared on the market. This group is intended for people who cannot exactly define whether they love more masculine fragrances or those for women. The unisex perfumes are the perfect balance between the two fragrance creations.

Your perfume should be liked by the others around you because this is the only way to get someone's attention instantly! The aroma gives your appearance a complete look and should always be selected with great care.