Did you feel bad when you fired someone?

10 sure signs you're about to be fired

Most of us know that feeling. The panic fear of losing a job, which not only determines everyday working life, but also thoughts far away from the job.

Often times this fear is completely unfounded. But if you don't walk blindly through life, you can see the fate of many employees on both sides. All the more understandable to project this onto your own professional life.

You are already expecting an upcoming termination. Then you at least have the advantage that you can react in good time. It hits all those whose resignation seems to come out of the blue, much harder.

We will show you how to recognize an impending termination in good time and which warning signals you should pay particular attention to.

1. Straining & Boreout

The perfidious thing about the procedure is that you will not be fired directly, but rather driven step by step to do it yourself.

Too many tasks and responsibilities can quickly push you to your limits. However, faster than you think you can get into the situation in which you long for this state. A pretty clear sign of an impending job loss is the creeping withdrawal of projects, tasks and responsibility.

With the artificially induced boredom, your superior wants to prove to you abundantly that you have become superfluous.

Ideally, at least from the manager's point of view, you will flee voluntarily. Drifting into the boreout through so-called training borders on bullying and should be clarified in a direct conversation.

Here it is important to approach the matter objectively and initially rather cautiously. Maybe it is simply due to a bad order situation.

However, if the dry spell does not pass, you should reorient yourself as a precaution. Because regardless of whether it is artificially created or due to poor operating conditions, nobody wants to have the feeling every day that they are not needed.

2. Withdrawal of confidence & micromanagement

Either you made a mistake or we are specifically looking for reasons that could justify your termination.

The withdrawal of responsibility and independent work does not always have to be due to weaknesses in skills. Sometimes your boss looks specifically for ways to get rid of you with a lawful resignation.

Since even the smallest misconduct can be enough, you should avoid this gauntlet as quickly as possible and have the job search on the back of your mind at the first sign.

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3. Isolation

Too many unnecessary meetings can quickly get rid of your nerves. Or maybe that's what you want right now. A warning signal is the suddenly ending, previously seemingly endless flood of invitations.

The initial euphoria quickly turns into amazement and from there it seamlessly changes into a state of self-doubt. In this case, you should rightly think about it sooner rather than later. Because even if you were previously invited to partially irrelevant meetings, this at least reflected a certain weighting of your position.

You are no longer asked? If colleagues and superiors regularly ask for your opinion, this shows appreciation and trust. If this suddenly subsides, you could quickly find yourself quite isolated in the company.

4. Mode of Defense & Justification

At the same time, that means nothing more and nothing less than that you have to justify your position. In this case, the chances are good that this is under discussion for a route rationalization.

But watch out It is often a standard procedure to check the meaningfulness of a position at regular intervals. So before you get paranoid, wait and see if the process builds up. If this is the case, your position could have become redundant through no fault of your own and your boss is now looking for a justification to delete it.

As soon as you feel that you have to justify yourself beyond the normal range for your daily work, you better keep your eyes open for new alternatives.

5. Warning

Now everyone will respond out of reflex that a warning is always a reaction to wrongdoing. That’s the way it’s meant to be.

However, you should also take into account that the warning letter is often a formal requirement for a subsequent termination. So if you suddenly receive a warning for little things that no one would have been interested in 2 months ago, this should be taken as a warning signal.

6. Clear announcement

Take countermeasures in the form of increased performance or start the application marathon directly. If you can allow yourself time, both together has only in the rarest of cases harmed and saved from the unpleasant awakening.

7. Stasi 2.0

This not only includes a really exaggerated control of your work, but also in particular the demand for the state of affairs.

Frequent emails asking for progress reports, project reports and justifications that border on chicane could have a purpose.

If you dig too deep for mistakes, you may want to collect everything that could be held up to you in the near future.

8. Feedback discussions are increasing

Feedback, both positive and negative, is always good for personal development and self-assessment. Negative feedback does not always have to be viewed as personal criticism, but can also bring opportunities to promote yourself to the next level.

It is only important that you do not kid yourself in these cases and look for the mistakes in yourself. In any case, too frequent negative feedback should be seen as a warning to reconsider your own attitude.

If the criticism is often unjustified, the position could also be on the hit list.

9. Delegation to colleagues

Deleting your own position can be a gradual process that is all the more difficult to recognize as such. The first doubts quickly reach those who go into themselves.

Why is another colleague entrusted with my tasks? Do you no longer trust me?

This could be a reason. Another reason could be that your job will disappear in the future and that the department will be able to cope without you.

Different situation: A promotion is imminent and your supervisor is preparing new assignments.

10th trainee level?

It is a sure sign that you cannot contribute anything to the success of the company at the moment. If any trainee could take over your job, it is time to talk to them.

However, you should proceed in a strategically wise manner here. Instead of a complaint, the motivated and serious statement that you would like to do more and can do more leads to your goal more safely.

Pay attention to the reaction of your supervisor, because it often speaks volumes and provides information about what to expect in the future.

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