Which country has the cutest women

April Fool's Day: Do the most beautiful women in the world live in Hirschhorn?

As an April joke, the Olsbrücken place-name signs were pasted over with these self-designed posters.
Source: pp west palatinate

Hirschhorn / Olsbrücken (Kaiserslautern district). An April joke triggered a police operation late on Wednesday evening.

Witnesses reported around 10:15 p.m. that two men were tampering with the Hirschhorn sign and apparently wanted to steal it.

A patrol went out and was able to spot the "culprits" at the entrance to Olsbrücken. As it turned out, the two of them had nothing bad in their minds. They asserted that they were only trying to make a joke - they had not stolen any signs, but rather put up additional ones.

The two men, aged 61 and 69, actually had posters that they had designed themselves, which looked like place-name signs. They had pasted over the actual place-name signs with these posters, so that it could now be read everywhere: "Olsbrücken - The most beautiful women in the world live here".

"How the Olsbrücker Frauen-Welt reacted is not known ..." said the police. (cri)

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