Brings the seventh season of Fortnite back to life

"Fortnite" Season 6 started a while ago. Is there already a start date for Season 7?

"Fortnite" Season 6 * has a lot of new content to offer again. Players eagerly explore what changes the game world has to offer. But many are already wondering when Season 7 will start. Epic Games provides a hint on the official website.

"Fortnite" Season 7 is expected to start in June

On the Epic website it says that the current "Fortnite" Battle Pass for Season 6 on the 7th. June 2021 expires. So we can assume that the current season will end at this point. Unless developers choose to extend it, will Season 7 is expected directly afterwards on 8. June 2021. It is unclear whether the current season will end with a live event.

Normally the "Fortnite" season lasts about ten weeks - With the start of Season 6 on March 16, this time it would be twelve weeks until the change. Last year there were several delays, so that, for example, season 2 of chapter 2 even extends over the whole 17 weeks extended. Season 4 also lasted 14 weeks.

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"Fortnite" Season 6: This is what the "primeval" season offers

Suitable for "Primeval times“-theme the entire game world is designed according to primeval times. In the middle of the map, the huge tower catches the eye, the "The Spire" is called. Two more new locations have also been integrated: Boney Burbs and Colossal Crops. At the edge of the game world there are also so-called "Guard towers“Guarded by mysterious forces.

Season 6 also offers various innovations in terms of weapons. Players can use animal and technical parts make your own weapons, including the prehistoric rifle, the revolver or flame and mechanical bows.

Last but not least, they stay too Animals in the wild to mention, which are also new. While chickens are safe, gamblers need to be wary of wolves. In addition, more animals will "hatch" during the season. (Ök) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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