What are the disadvantages of a dishwasher

Dishwasher or hand washing? The pros and cons

It might sound creepy, but did you know that the kitchen is more susceptible to bacteria and germs than any other room, including the bathroom? That is why the question "Dishwasher or hand wash?" Arises. In this article we want to show the advantages and disadvantages.

Sponges and tea towels are perfect breeding grounds for germs

Dangerous germs can settle perfectly in your kitchen towels and sponges [1]. They prefer to stay in warm and humid environments because there are perfect conditions for germs.

Tea towels can also be a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, for example when you use them to clean dishes, your hands or work surfaces. So you should think twice about whether you still want to use this tea towel.

High temperatures kill germs

Can your hands withstand temperatures in excess of 60 ° C?

Fortunately, as the water in the dishwasher is often very hot, it kills all germs and bacteria. This way your cutlery stays hygienically clean and the dishes can be used without hesitation. However, it is different to wash by hand. Due to the low temperatures, bacteria can stick to the dishes and survive.

When you have a baby or toddler, it is even more important to sanitize your dishes. Especially when it comes to baby bottles. The bottle is disinfected from 60 ° C. The bottle is ready to use again after just a short dishwasher cycle.

What Makes Dishwashers So Effective?

In short, the hotter water, the more efficient detergents and the right amount of water (around 10.5 L per load) are more beneficial than hand washing, as this disinfects and cleans better. With normal washing up, the focus is on the movement that you make while cleaning. Likewise, you can only withstand the water on your hands up to a certain temperature, which means that germs are not removed properly. The right detergent is just as important; it should cleanse powerfully but be gentle on the skin. A dishwasher is better at cleaning dishes that have solid fat on them. The high temperature in the dishwasher dissolves the fat, it turns into oil.

Dishwasher cleaning products, as well as the finish products with the Powerball, often have different functions and a large selection of agents that contribute to the cleaning process and are often not used when washing by hand.

From the design of the dishwasher to the fact that the machine is sprayed with water, modern dishwashers usually always have functions that do the scrubbing for you by hand. With the finish products you can simply sort everything in and then relax. In this way, we can answer the questions “dishwasher or hand washing?” Relatively easily in most cases.