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  • "The politicians didn't have the balls" : The woman who explains the pandemic to us

    MaiLab is the most successful science YouTube channel in Germany. Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim on crisis communication, twisting facts and the residual risk. More from Felix Denk, Esther Kogelboom

  • Update risk of corona infections : Police forbid large lateral thinker demos on the weekend in Berlin

    The critics of the Corona measures did not adhere to the mask requirement and distance during past protests. Many infections are feared.more

  • Stress in the pandemic : What employees should know when working a lot of overtime

    Despite the pandemic, almost 1.7 billion hours of overtime were worked last year. Why this is so and what is legally valid for employees. More from Marie Rövekamp

  • Greens boss had forgotten the message : Baerbock retrospectively reports additional income from party work

    Green Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock has reported extra payments to the Bundestag administration. They are between 17,500 and 37,000 euros. More

  • Name, address, occupation, telephone number : Neo-Nazis spy on hundreds of Berliners

    Right-wing extremists in Neukölln have collected data from political opponents on a large scale over the past five years. These should come from public sources. More from Robert Ide

  • "Objects we don't know what they are" : Ex-President Obama suspects UFO sightings of the USA

    Former US President Barack Obama has made hints that are causing a stir. He spoke about imagery that puzzles the US military. By Thomas Sabinmehr

  • Helicopter alarm in the north of Berlin : Residents fear aircraft noise from new landing site

    The plans for the “Rescue Center Northeast” are the subject of the Pankow newsletter. Also on Thursdays: News from Steglitz-Zehlendorf and Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg By Boris Buchholz, Christian Hönicke, Nele Jenschmehr