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Since it was founded in 2003, no other company has stood for electric cars as much as Tesla. The Americans managed to trigger a real hype and have since built up a fan base that can otherwise only be found at companies like Apple.Teslafans love their brand and especially appreciate the pioneering spirit of the company's founder and CEO Elon Musk, who, in addition to the car brand, even owns his own space company with SpaceX. Even if the Tesla Roadster, which was first presented in 2006, was booked as a flop for the time being, with its range of up to 500 kilometers it showed that electric cars can also be used for long journeys. At over 100,000 euros, the price was too expensive, 2250 pieces were only sold at the time. But that's all in the past. With its reasonable range and the almost complete absence of buttons in the interior, Tesla has become a cult over the years. The portfolio now includes seven models. Four are currently available, three of them in Europe. The other three still have development status. AUTO BILD gives an overview of the Tesla product range.
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Tesla Model S

The Model S was Tesla's first volume model and is still the figurehead of the brand to this day.

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In 2009, Tesla introduced the S model and gained access to the masses. The four-door sedan was first delivered in 2012 and has been the world's best-selling electric car on several occasions.The two trunk compartments at the front (Frunk) and at the rear are characteristic of the almost five-meter-long sedan. In 2016 there was a facelift in which the front got a new apron and LED headlights, and the battery capacity was increased. Tesla is currently offering the Model S in Europe in three variants with all-wheel drive. Model S "Maximum Range Plus" and Model S "Performance" use a 100 kWh battery and one motor each on the front and rear axles. The range-optimized version manages up to 652 km according to WLTP and currently starts at 76,990 euros. With the Performance Model S, the range shrinks to 639 km according to WLTP. Tesla is currently charging 93,990 euros for this. The absolute top model is the new Model S Plaid. Three electric motors work here, one at the front and two at the rear. Together, an output of just under 1100 hp should be achieved, and the range should be over 800 km thanks to new batteries. However, Tesla is also paying for that. The basic Porsche Taycan hunter starts at 139,990 euros.

Tesla Model 3

Model 3 should bring affordable e-mobility. The demand was high, but so were the delivery times at the beginning.

© Tesla

The Tesla Model 3 should be one thing above all: affordable. Elon Musk had called for just over 30,000 dollars for his e-car in 2016, but this price could not be kept in Europe. The mid-range sedan has also been available in Germany since 2019.With around 450,000 units delivered worldwide, the Model 3 also secured the title of "Best-Selling E-Car or World" in March 2020. The Model 3 is available in Germany with rear-wheel drive from currently 42,900 euros. The "Standard Plus" model has a range of around 430 km according to WLTP. However, Tesla also offers the Model 3 with all-wheel drive in two versions. Both model variants have a larger battery and thus more range. As a "long range", the Model 3 can travel up to 580 km according to WLTP. The top model "Long Range Performance" drives a little less at 567 km, but has more power. The entry into the all-wheel drive world costs at least 52,000 euros with the Model 3, the performance version wants to see 58,000 euros on the counter.

Tesla Model X

The DeLorean DMC-12 from the 1980s was the inspiration for the wing doors of the Model X.

© Plant

Of course, even Tesla cannot defend itself against the booming SUV segment and therefore launched the Model X in 2015. It offers space for up to seven people and is characterized above all by its two-part gull-wing doors. Fun fact: In May 2020, the Model X carried astronauts to a space capsule that later docked with the ISS.The Tesla SUV is offered in two configurations in this country. The base price starts at 85,990 euros. The "Maximum Range Plus" model offers a WLTP range of up to 561 kilometers. The two electric motors always turn the SUV into an all-wheel drive. With the "Performance" model you have to cut back on the range (548 km), but it delivers more power. The model with maximum performance starts at 102,990 euros.

Tesla Model Y

The Model Y is also to be built in Tesla's new factory in Berlin-Brandenburg.

© Tesla

With the Model Y, the US company is entering the crossover segment. The vehicle can already be ordered, but interested parties in Germany will have to wait until spring 2021. The Model Y is even supposed to be built in this country. The Gigafactory in Berlin-Brandenburg planned for 2021 will also be dedicated to the brand new crossover.Model Y is the first Tesla to use a heat pump to heat the interior. Model 3 serves as the basis, from which a large part of the parts should probably come. In the German configurator, Tesla offers the Model Y in two versions, all-wheel drive with two electric motors is standard. Initially, the "maximum range" version starts at 58,620 euros. It should create up to 505 km according to WLTP. The "Performance" variant has to forfeit range and is said to come up to 480 km on one battery charge.

Tesla makes it S 3 X Y

He has proven that Tesla boss Elon Musk has a sense of humor, especially with his tunnel construction company "The Boring Company". In the past, a flamethrower for domestic use was also offered in the online shop. It is similarly amusing at Tesla. If you put the model names of the individual cars together, you get the word sexy. The E is replaced by a 3. Originally, the Model 3 should also be called Model E, but the name was no longer free under trademark protection law. At first it was not entirely clear what the individual names of the models meant, but the strategy now makes sense.

Future models:

Tesla Roadster

After the moderate success of the first Tesla Roadster, the Californians are trying again and presented a new edition of the sports car in 2017. The prototype is to come off the production line as a series version in 2022 and, unlike the first roadster, do without a chassis from the British sports car manufacturer Lotus. The base model could be offered in the US for $ 200,000. The capacity of the battery could be 200 kWh, but Tesla has so far been silent on specific data to the usual extent. It looks different with crazy special equipment. If you believe a tweet from company boss Elon Musk, the roadster should be one special "SpaceX special equipment" receive. It includes space technology and replaces the rear seats with compressed air tanks. They should be used to operate control nozzles that can serve as boosters. The components come directly from the Falcon-9 rocket, the model with which Space X 2020 even shot astronauts to the ISS.

Tesla Cybertruck

Fiction or reality? The Cypertruck could be both. Tesla says this is how it hits the market. Will that work?

© Tesla

Rarely in the recent past has a car caused as much attention as Tesla's cyber truck. The wedge-shaped pick-up truck with a body made of three millimeters of stainless steel is scheduled to hit the market in 2022.In addition to the 2800 liter loading area, the Cypertruck should be particularly robust and even over Bulletproof glassfeature. The latter gave way to the impact of a metal ball during the presentation Ridicule on the net. But Tesla took it with humor and now even sells T-shirts that have cracked windows on them. At the market launch, the Cybertruck will be available with three engine variants: rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive and all-wheel drive with two electric motors on the rear axle. There is no concrete data yet, Tesla gives estimates. Even if the Cybertruck is to come onto the market in the form shown, it will have a difficult time getting approval in Europe. Without proper crumple zones and the necessary pedestrian protection, vehicles will not be registered. As far as we know, the Tesla Truck has neither.

Tesla Semi Truck

In Europe rather unnoticed, not yet delivered in the USA. The Tesla Semi Truck is supposed to be a fully electric semi-trailer truck that is particularly impressive with its long range. How these values ​​should look in practice is highly controversial. Ranges of up to 800 km are under discussion, a figure that can be seen as highly unrealistic. Tesla wanted to deliver the truck as early as 2020, but the project has been delayed significantly due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Autopilot and quality

Tesla does not see itself as a classic car manufacturer, but more as a technology company. Models from the company from Silicon Valley have been supplied with wireless updates for many years.In this way, new functions find their way into used vehicles without the customer having to go to the workshop. Similar to a smartphone, the car remains up to date for a long time. Classic car manufacturers have only been offering their customers such services for some time. Tesla also leans out of the window again and again when it comes to assistants. Almost all Tesla models can be equipped with the optional "autopilot", an assistance system that enables autonomous driving. The central control unit is an important component. Tesla does not rely on different control centers for different systems, but bundles them all in one unit.No other manufacturer offers such a high degree of automation in their vehicles - but only in the USA, in Europe the capabilities of e-cars are still limited.
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But the autopilot is also criticized.
Too often, self-driving Tesla models cause accidents or encourage their drivers to sleep while driving. So the system is not yet fully developed. Complaints are also repeatedly made regarding the quality of workmanship. The main points are the bad paintwork in places that are not visible, but above all the sometimes huge gaps.Other manufacturers can do that much better. Here, too, it can be seen again: Tesla is not a classic car manufacturer and sets its priorities differently. How the company will develop in the future remains exciting.