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Vegan foods in the Asian store

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Where do you buy your groceries? In the supermarket or at the discounter? In the vegan supermarket or online? Perhaps you have already discovered that you can buy a really large number of vegan foods in Asian supermarkets. If not, be sure to stop by.

It is actually not surprising that you get so many vegan products in Asian stores, considering that at least vegetarian cuisine is widespread in Asia. Many dishes there are traditionally vegan, because dairy products are used significantly less in Asia than in Europe. This is primarily due to the fact that a large proportion of Asians were lactose intolerant. We Europeans probably had that too a few thousand years ago, until the idea came up to use animal milk. Whether that was a good idea remains to be seen. If you want to be on the safe side when eating out, you are therefore well advised to go to a Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, Chinese or Japanese restaurant. Of course, Cambodian or Laotian too, if available.

Huge selection of vegan foods

But back to the Asian supermarket. These usually have a fresh food counter, where you can find a whole range of tofu varieties. In well-stocked Asian shops you can sometimes even get several types of silken tofu (firm, less firm, soft). And there is tempeh here too. In addition, a lot of fresh herbs and salads and sprouts. You can also find vegetables here, usually sweet potatoes, plantains, Thai eggplants, coconuts, ginger, garlic, avocados and more. Vegan dumplings are definitely waiting for you in the freezer.

The drying department offers a huge selection of rice and rice products, various types of noodles (rice, glass, udon noodles, etc.), algae products, legumes, grains, spices, sauces, nuts, fried onions, soy sauces, dried mushrooms, sushi leaves, mango puree, coconut milk, TVP and soy products. In addition, meat substitute products made from seitan such as “Mock Duck” or “Mock Chicken”, sometimes even vegan shrimp. For dessert you can choose from some vegan mochis (sweetly filled rice balls, e.g. with matcha). The drinks department also has a lot to offer, including based on soy or coconut milk. If you like cooking Indian food, you will find all the spices you need here. The selection of bowls and knives is also nice. The latter can be really good here, and for very little money. You can also get rice cookers and matcha brooms here.

Save money in the Asian store!

Many of these products are significantly cheaper in Asian stores than in supermarkets, especially if you look at the Asian department in supermarkets. You can also save a lot if you buy the bulk packs offered here that you would not find in this size in "normal" supermarkets. Spices of all kinds, nuts, tofu or coconut milk are usually much cheaper here.

A visit to the nearest Asian store is definitely worth it, not only in terms of your wallet, but also because you can get a lot of vegan products here - some of them you don't get in the conventional supermarket at all.

Do you also shop in the Asian store? If so, what are you buying?