What are the main accounting software

Use accounting software?
A good idea!

Why buy accounting software?

The fact is: As an entrepreneur or managing director of a GmbH, you are obliged to make a monthly or quarterly VAT return (unless you make use of the small business regulation), to ensure proper bookkeeping and to submit the income surplus invoice (EÜR) or . to prepare the balance sheet with the annual financial statements.

You have two options for meeting these obligations:

  1. You hand over the bookkeeping to an external expert, e.g. B. Accountants or tax advisors.
  2. You use software to do your bookkeeping yourself.

Outsourcing to a professional can be expensive

Please note with variant 1: Outsourcing the bookkeeping, e.g. B. to the tax advisor is associated with running costs. Because professionals demand a hefty fee for the services provided.

Since small and medium-sized companies often do not have a corresponding budget, the second option is particularly worthwhile for these companies. Because the cost of one Accounting program are considerably lower. And after a short familiarization period, the bookkeeping is quickly off the table. See the section below for more benefits.

The 7 most important advantages of modern accounting software

  1. Get started right away, even as a layperson: You do not need any specialist knowledge, as modern software is easy to use and supports you in all important accounting tasks.
  2. Save a lot of time and nerves: The accounting program automates numerous work processes. This reduces the manual effort to a minimum.
  3. No costs for an external professional: You save a lot of money because you do the bookkeeping in-house.
  4. Book in compliance with GoBD: Since the accounting software is updated regularly, it is ensured that you always comply with all legal requirements, such as B. the GoBD, adhere to.
  5. Simply book correctly: A software like Lexware buchhaltung checks all entries for correctness. This gives you the certainty that you are doing everything right.
  6. Send everything to the tax office on time: With professional accounting software, you can automatically compile all the necessary data (e.g. for advance VAT returns) for the tax office so that you can send them with just one click.
  7. All data at hand for strategic decisions: You call important business figures, such as B. sales overviews and BWAs, at any time in no time.
The use of a software for accounting offers especially small and medium-sized companies convincing advantages.

What functions must modern accounting software include?

Bookkeeping involves a variety of tasks. In addition, there are legislative requirements that all companies must adhere to. Therefore, when choosing your accounting software, you should make sure that it contains all the important functions:

  • Simple accounting: If you determine your annual profit using the income surplus calculation (EÜR), the accounting software must include the function for creating an EÜR.

  • Double entry: If you are required to keep accounts, the accounting software must enable the preparation of the annual financial statements with balance sheet and income statement (profit and loss account).

    In any case, it makes sense: software for double entry bookkeeping

    Even if you are not yet required to keep accounts, it is advisable to choose software that enables double-entry bookkeeping. The reason: You can keep working with the same accounting software as your business grows. This saves you having to familiarize yourself with a new system and time-consuming data transfers.

  • GoBD certificate: Make sure that the accounting program contains a GoBD certificate from an independent auditing company. In addition, the software should be updated regularly through updates. This is the only way to ensure that you comply with all legislative requirements.

  • Appropriate chart of accounts: You need software that contains the right chart of accounts for your company. Therefore, read carefully whether this is the case. In case of doubt, your tax advisor can tell you which chart of accounts is suitable for your company.

  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable management: It is important that you can use the accounting program to manage both your customers and your accounts payable.

  • Easy operation: An intuitive user interface and help wizards ensure that you can find your way around quickly and that even laypersons can carry out all accounting tasks professionally.

  • Automated booking templates: Modern accounting software offers booking templates for recurring bookings (e.g. office rent) that can be individually defined and filled out automatically. This saves you a lot of effort.

  • Control of the entries: If you are not an accounting professional, then make sure that the accounting program checks the entries for correctness and notifies you if something is wrong.

  • Integrated tax forms: The accounting software should contain all the tax forms you need and fill them in automatically based on the program data:

    • Advance VAT return
    • Permanent extension
    • Income surplus account
    • Annual sales tax return
    • Summary message
  • ELSTER interface: This enables you to submit all the necessary tax documents, such as B. to send the advance VAT return with a click to the tax office.

  • DATEV interface: Professional accounting software contains a DATEV interface. This allows you to exchange your accounting data quickly and easily with your tax advisor. A few clicks are enough.

  • Evaluations at the push of a button: A modern accounting program provides you with all important business figures at the push of a button, e.g. B. Comparisons of sales to the previous year or business evaluations (BWA). So you have important ones

  • Open item management and dunning: This enables you to see in seconds which customers have not yet paid. And with the dunning system, the defaulting payers are written to in no time at all.

  • Integrated online banking: Good accounting programs offer an online banking feature that you can connect your business account to. So you can z. B. Make transfers directly from the product and do not have to manually reconcile paid invoices.

  • Cash book: If you have cash receipts, your accounting software should also include a cash accounting feature.

Why Lexware accounting is the best accounting software for your company

Our accounting programs are specially tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) - regardless of industry. they include all important functionswho needs a good bookkeeping program - all at one very good price-performance ratio. Besides, they are GoBD-certified and thanks to regular updates always up to date with the latest legislation and technology.

Another plus: As the market leader in the field of commercial software for SMEs, Lexware offers a wide range of support options so that questions can be answered in the shortest possible time. Numerous Awards and Test wins by independent Trade journals confirm the high quality of our software solutions in the field of accounting. You too can benefit from our many years of experience and know-how!

Our specialty: accounting software for SMEs

In the numerous test reports, 5 aspects are particularly highlighted that speak for our accounting programs:

  1. The software for accounting is easy to understand and intuitive to useso that no long training is necessary.
  2. Integrated program wizards lead Step by step through the individual work steps and indicate possible errors. This ensures that all entries are correct.
  3. Automatically fillable Tax forms and ready-made booking templates slim down complete work steps. This saves a lot of time, so that the bookkeeping is done quickly.
  4. Thanks to the integrated DATEV interface it is possible to exchange data with the tax advisor with a click. When importing data, several data records with the booking records they contain can be transferred at once.
  5. Users can operate the accounting software individually as well as in Interaction with other programs from Lexware, e.g. B. an accounting program.

All of this shows: you don't have to be an accounting professional to use Lexware accounting. Also as a layman, you are ready to go in 5 minutes and you can start right away. This is what our accounting software does especially for Small business Interesting.

The special advantage: We offer extra software variants for medium-sized companies:

  1. Lexware accounting pro
  2. Lexware accounting premium

These two programs offer special additional functions for accounting, such as B .:

  • Network capable: If several employees are to work on different PCs in the accounting software at the same time, you can install them in the network.
  • Management of several companies: Our software for medium-sized companies offers the possibility of creating the bookkeeping for up to 5 companies.
  • More bookings: You can make up to 100,000 bookings per year.
  • Posting batch: You have the option of processing several posting lots in parallel.
  • Summary message: If you deliver goods within the EU, you can use our software to automatically create the recapitulative statement for accounting and then send it to the tax office with a click.
  • User and rights management: You are able to provide each user with individual access data and access rights.
  • Integrated asset accounting: With Lexware buchhaltung premium you are able to do the complete asset accounting in addition to the bookkeeping in one software.

Suitable Lexware accounting software variants for self-employed and small businesses (up to 10,000 bookings per year)

Suitable Lexware product version for small and medium-sized companies (up to 200 employees)

Our software tip for beginners, start-ups and freelancers: lexoffice

Do you only have to create an income-surplus-account to determine and pay tax on your annual profit? Would you like to completely save yourself the booking of your business transactions and mainly write the invoices and offers yourself using software? Then our online solution lexoffice is perfect for you.

The most important advantages at a glance:

  • Write invoices and offers
  • Record, pay and archive incoming invoices online
  • Integrated online banking
  • Scan receipts and post them automatically
  • Keep track of open invoices at all times
  • Data storage in German data centers
  • Simple data transfer to the tax advisor
  • Access lexoffice anytime and anywhere - also mobile
Find out more now & test it for free

Buying guide: Find the right Lexware software for your accounting in 1 minute

When choosing the right software, the decisive factor is which accounting tasks you want to cover with it. Do you only want to book your income and expenses or do double-entry bookkeeping with it? Would you also like to record and manage your operational assets or run a cash register?

With our Lexi buying guide, you can find out with just a few clicks which of our accounting programs is the right one for your needs.

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Lexware accounting software in comparison

The range of accounting software on the market today is very extensive. It is all the more important to compare the various products and ultimately choose the software that best suits your accounting needs.

So that you can get one with us tailor-made software find, we offer Lexware accounting in 4 variants at.

Number of bookings per yearup to 10,000up to 10,000up to 100,000up to 100,000
Income surplus account (EÜR)
Double bookkeeping with annual financial statements (balance sheet with income statement, e-balance sheet)
Large selection of chart of accounts (e.g. SKR 03, SKR 04, doctors, hotel and catering industry, etc.)
Record recurring bookings automatically (e.g. office rent)
Target or actual taxation
Different financial year
Business evaluations (BWA)
ELSTER interface
DATEV interface
Data export for tax audits
Advance VAT return
Permanent extension
Annual sales tax return
Integrated cash book
User and rights management
Process several posting lots in parallel
Summary message
Management of several companies
13th and 14th posting period for commercial and tax law accruals
Sales tax verification
Including asset management
to the productto the productto the productto the product

Our accounting software comparison shows you which services the individual variants contain. Just choose the program that best fits your needs and give it a try 30 days free.

Would you like to find the right software for your accounting in 1 minute? Then use our buying guide.

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💡 Why is it useful to use an accounting program?

One main argument: you save a lot of money if you take the bookkeeping into your own hands with software. Because outsourcing to a service provider, such as B. your tax advisor is significantly more expensive. You can find more benefits of accounting programs here.

💡 What do I have to look out for when choosing an accounting software?

The most important thing is that the software allows you to determine the profit you need for your accounting: EÜR or balance sheet and income statement. Also make sure that the accounting program can have a GoBD certificate. This is the only way to ensure that you comply with the legislative requirements. Find out here which additional functions are necessary.

💡 How do I find the right accounting program for my company?

When choosing a suitable accounting software, one of the decisive factors is which accounting tasks you want to do with it. So that you can quickly find what you are looking for, our buying guide will take you to the right software for your company in one minute. Try it now.