What are the best business travel hacks

Business Travel Hacks: Tools and Tricks to Make Business Travel Easier

1. All documents in the cloud

What has been stored digitally in the cloud cannot be forgotten either. It is therefore best to save important documents and travel documents in a cloud solution such as Dropbox or Google Drive and ensure that they can also be accessed offline.

2. Online anywhere

A business trip without internet access - hardly conceivable. Where no public hotspots are available, you can use tethering on your own smartphone: it's very easy to find your own hotspot. Caution: When abroad, roaming charges apply for data connections.

3. Location scouting

Where is the entrance to the conference center, what does the office building look like that I have to go to for the meeting and where can I park? Google Street View knows the answer - at least in larger cities whose streets have already been mapped.

4. Working in the co-working space

Working only in a hotel or coffee shop becomes boring in the long run. For longer stays, you can rent different office spaces. So you not only get a desk, but also new temporary colleagues. Co-working spaces and workplaces can be found and booked through various providers: ShareDesk, desks near me or shared spaces are just a few options. Not only offices, but also other workplaces such as cafes and libraries are listed on Worksnug.

5. Digital Detox at 10,000 meters

No cell phone reception, no WiFi - usually a nuisance on business trips. The positive downside of the coin: The hours offline, e.g. on the plane, can be wonderfully used for a digital break. Not a real business travel hack, more of a recommendation: Being unavailable for boss and colleagues - not that bad, right?

6. Save time at the airport

  • Before the security check, it is worth taking a look at your fellow travelers: Other business travelers usually pass the security check quickly and routinely. Avoid the queue in which there are people who obviously have little travel routine with them. There is a high probability that they will take longer to repack and unpack during the security check.
  • You can also save time before you start your journey: Check in online 24 hours before departure, choose your seat and save yourself a trip to the check-in counter. If you only travel with hand luggage, you do not have to hand in any luggage and collect it from the luggage belt after landing.

7. Pack cleverly

There are numerous videos about how to pack a suitcase correctly and how to store a lot of clothing and accessories in small pieces of luggage - for example this one by the suitcase packing professionals at Heathrow Airport. This is how you can make a business trip with carry-on.

In order not to forget anything, packing lists are useful. Analogously with pen and paper or as an app, e.g. this free suitcase packing helper.

8. The Essentials: That shouldn't be missing

There are a few things that you should definitely have with you on business trips. These include a refillable water bottle, chargers for laptops and mobile phones, and a power bank to charge the smartphone while on the move without having access to power sockets. Emergency snacks like granola bars provide you with energy when you don't have time to eat properly.

Photo credit: Africa Studio / Shutterstock