What is a pet animal

Which pet is right for me?

The idea of ​​getting a pet has been hanging around in your head for a long time, but you don't know which one is best for you? Find out now and take the My Pet Personality Test.

Pets in Germany

In Germany live around 30 million pets. There are many among them Dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles and small animalssuch as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice or rats. For us they are not only roommates, but alsofamily members, Playmates, Watchdog, good listeners and often even a child substitute. They accompany us through everyday life. When we are sad, dogs and cats in particular stand by our side. They cuddle up to us, challenge us to play and give us their full trust. One emerges quickly close relationship between humans and animals and a life without the best friend from animals is hardly imaginable.

However, the acquisition of an animal roommate also brings many obligations with itself, which the owner has to comply with. He should be aware of this in advance. It is therefore important to think carefully about the decision whether to buy a pet and which pet it should become. If you are in the decision-making phase, you should make a few thoughts in advance. How much time do you have for the animal? What are the costs associated with the acquisition? Who caresDog, cat, mouse & Co., if you are prevented yourself or want to go on vacation?

In everything you should be aware that you have a responsibility to the pet. Regardless of whether this is a dog, a cat, a mouse or an iguana, the You should meet the needs of the animal! In addition, you should not only make the choice of pet dependent on which animal you like best. Also consider in which one, for exampleWork and life situation you are at the moment. For example, if you like dogs but have to work all day, the dog probably doesn't fit your lifestyle!

How do I find the right pet?

Have you already decided to buy a pet, but are still thinking about whether to move in with a dog, cat, small animal or a reptile? Then you should ask yourself some important questions:

  • How long and how often does my pet have to be able to stay alone?
  • Who will take care of the animal when I travel? Or do I want to spend my vacation with a dog or a cat?
  • Do I like to go for a walk and do I love to spend time in nature?
  • Do I want a pet for the whole family?
  • Am I a very orderly person or do I also tolerate chaos?
  • Do I want to spend a lot of time with my animal roommate or do I prefer a withdrawn pet?


The dog - man's best friend

Dogs are considered that man's best friends. you are loyal, loyal and love to spend time with their owner. Once they are part of the family, they give their hearts away and are always loyal to their people in good and bad times. However, a dog also needs it a lot of attention and you should therefore only bring him into your house if you have enough time for him.

A dog has to go for a walk at least three times a day and it is not important to just let him into the garden for a short time. He needs a lotExercise, employment and education. In rain, wind and snow there are no excuses - the dog has to do his business and get exercise. Keeping your four-legged friend is very time-consuming and you should therefore refrain from purchasing it if you work full-time.

Another point to keep in mind is that costscaused by the four-legged friend, because keeping a dog is not cheap. It arise Costs for food, insurance, dog tax, the vet and all sorts of accessories for the dog. Are you aware of all of the points and are you sure that you can do justice to the animal? Then it is now time to find the four-legged friend that best suits you or your family. There is a Variety of dog breeds different sizes and characters. For example, some dogs do particularly well as a Family dog and still others are very active and therefore fit well with equally active and sporty people. Also the question of whether you have a dog from breeder want to buy or one from the animal shelter adopted, you should face up. In this regard, there are many advantages and disadvantages to be weighed.

The cat - the stubborn roommate

The stubborn roommate

The cat is the most popular pet of the Germans. They don't need quite as much attention and activity as a dog, since they also like to be busy with themselves. You don't have to go for a walk with them, nor can you raise them, and that's why cats are good for working animal lover.However, one should keep in mind that she, too, needs regular food, a clean litter box, fun and petting.

However, if you are considering buying a cat as an animal roommate, you should first think about the following: Do I want one Domestic cat or an outdoor cat to have? If the cat only lives in the apartment, it needs many opportunities to keep yourself busy, otherwise boredom and she starts to make nonsense. It can happen that furniture and wallpaper are affected. A good alternative is to make the garden cat-safe!

As you can see, cats are not undemanding either and want their owner's attention and closeness. Gimmicks and occasional cuddling sessions also demand the little cuddly cats. 🙂

The rabbit - the reserved pet

The shy pet

A rabbit is soft and cozy and in children one popular pet. But if you think you can cuddle your fluffy roommate all day, you're wrong. Rabbits areEscape and observation animalswho don't like to be touched. Over time, however, they become tamer and, in the best case, get used to the people and the new surroundings. Nevertheless, they feel most comfortable among their kind and that is why it is recommended to everyone social group animals at least as a couple to keep. So they have the opportunity to occupy themselves with each other and there is no boredom.

Rabbits are suitable for working professionals because they do not need 24/7 attention and care. However, they are not completely undemanding. You have to do this at least once a week Thoroughly clean the animal enclosure. Ideally, they'll get loads of them fresh forage plantssuch as dandelions, which you can pick outside in summer. Also Outlet should get the reluctant roommate regularly. In summer there is a Outdoor stable with free run optimally.

The hamster - the nocturnal pet

The nocturnal roommate

The Diurnal rhythm of the hamster is completely different from that of humans. At night he's awake, spins a few laps on his impeller and is busy digging and feeding. During the day, however, he crawls into the litter and sleeps. If you want to buy a hamster, you have to be aware that the animal is during the day don't want any disturbance. When he's in the middle of it Resting phase is stuck, the little roommate would like have his peace and can become beastly if he disregards his rest.

Because of the night activity, the hamster is well suited for working people. In most cases, they do not come home until evening and then have time to deal with their animal roommate. Then the small pet can occasionally be taken out of the cage and run around a little under supervision.

As with the rabbit, you must too The hamster's enclosureclean regularlyso that he feels comfortable in his home. costs come up for food, a spacious cage with lots of accessories for playing and retreating as well as for veterinary treatment. However, when you buy a hamster you should be aware that the rodent has a Life expectancy of only around two to three years Has.

The guinea pig - the friendly pet

The friendly fellow

Like rabbits, rats, and mice, so are guinea pigs Rodents. They are curious and alert pets who are active during the day and sleep at night. As a rule, they become more trusting over time, but they are flight animals who do not want to be harassed. Guinea pigs apply as popular pets for children, because they can help to take responsibility. They need to be looked after, fed and cleaned regularly. However, as with any other pet, children should know with guinea pigs that they do not want to be constantly cuddled and carried around.

Guinea pigs like to have their peace and quiet and want to pass the time with their fellow animals. So you should at least two guinea pigs buy, but also more. The sociable group animals are only happy when they are among their own species.

Like the other rodents, the guinea pig needs one big cagethat you have to clean at least once a week. The cage should be equipped with litter, hiding places, a sleeping house, a food bowl, a drinking bottle and, if you like, with accessories you have made yourself, for example from toilet paper rolls. Employment is very important for the animals and therefore they shouldSpout in the apartment or in the garden to get. In the apartment, make sure that they do not corrode any cables.

The mouse and rat - the intelligent pets

The intelligent rodents

Mice and rats come from the same rodent family and like to live in colonies. That's why you should do not keep them alone in the cagebecause otherwise they are too lonely. However, you have to pay attention to which pairing you choose when buying mice and rats. The animals are very fertile and can give birth up to seven times a year. Either you castrated so one of the pets or buy yourselves same-sex mice and rats. Same-sex animals also get along great once they have established their ranking.

Rats are human-related pets, who are happy when their owner deals with them. they love itto walk around freely in the room and to seek closeness to people. In the case of mice, exercise in the room is not that important if their cage is large enough. One is recommended for both petsRodent skyscraper, which offers space for the animals on several floors.

Since they are liveliest in the evening, these pets are also suitable for Working people. However, you should keep in mind that the intelligent roommates need attention and activity, as well as a large cage that you have to clean regularly. The Life expectancy the animals are unfortunately only included one and a half to three years. You also have to be aware of life expectancy, as you usually take your animal roommate to your heart quickly.

The bird - the noisy and entertaining pet

The entertaining roommate

For those looking for a cuddly and cuddly pet, the bird is definitely not the right pet. Very few birds want physical closeness. Birds inspire us with theirs bright and talkative manner and you gorgeous appearance, but usually want less physical contact. However, they are too sociable roommates, which you should not keep individually, otherwise they will become lonely and bored. Especially when they are alone a lot during the day, they need one another bird by her sidewith which you can chirp in competition. 😉

Birds definitely do not fit into a very quiet household. The feathered roommates chatter and twitter a lot, because they express how they feel and it can get louder in the apartment. People themselves very much sensitive to noise or have sensitive neighbors, the chatty pets therefore do not buy it.

The fish - the "easy to care for" pets

The colorful and silent pets

Fish are one of the few pets that definitely does not hair. That is why they are especially suitable for especially orderly and fussy people, who would like to get a pet. Anyone who buys an aquarium with a few fish brings a piece of nature home and can do it colorful roommates admire and watch.

Many people refer to fish as boring pets because they cannot be played with or petted. For others, however, keeping fish in an aquarium or pond is one welcome hobby.

On the one hand, there are fisheasy to care for, since you don't have to deal with them and they do no outlet need. On the other hand, the attitude of the underwater inhabitants is also with some duties connected. They shouldn't be underestimated. First of all, you should give the animals a nice aquarium set up, which must be equipped with gravel, plants, lighting, a filter and a water pump. Then your task is to build the aquarium to clean regularly, the To feed fish and to control the water quality. The swimming pets should finally feel good in their underwater world!

The reptiles - the exotic roommates

The exotic pets

Besides the usual pets, like those already mentioned, there are also exotic roommatesthat are kept in some households. These include, for example Iguanas, snakes, spiders, geckos or turtles. As with any pet purchase, the purchase of exotic animals should also be considered carefully, as the purchase of the animals is expensive and the Attitude consuming.

Iguanas for example need a constant warm terrarium with climbing trees and a water basin. snakes need floor heating in their terrarium and once a week live feed, like small rodents. If you are thinking about a snake as a pet, you should ask yourself whether you are up to the task and can really be handed to the animals. The Keeping exotic species is often very time-consuming and requires experienced people.

With many exotic species, such as Tarantulas and snakes, you should also high life expectancy concerns. Turtles can up to 70 years and Tarantulas up to 30 years to become old. The acquisition of the exceptional pets and all the necessary accessories are not cheap and the keeping conditions should always be fair to the animal. For example, turtles need one terrarium, which is at least ten times as long and about 5 times as wide as the turtle itself. That too Heat supply through a heat lamp is important for the pet.

Before you get one exotic pet you should go back exactly to the Housing conditions, the Lining and the costs to inform. After all, everyone wants to do justice to their animal roommate and be able to offer them an ideal home!

Which pet fits into a household with children?

Children and pets

Often it comes in Familys before that the Children whine at some pointbecause they would like to have a pet. So that you Heart's desire comes true, they promise to go out with the dog or clean the litter box. Of course, they would also clean the rabbit or guinea pig hutch regularly. As a parent, however, you should be aware that the Reality usually very different looks like. Of course the kids love that animal family member, cuddle it and play with it, but when it comes to taking the dog for a walk in the rain, they use excuses like “I still have to do my homework” or “I've already made an appointment with my school friend”.

Depending on how old the child is, it cannot be solely responsible for a dog. The child does not primarily see responsibility, but sees the pet as a friend and cuddle partner.

The Acquisition of a pet but it is usually good for a child because it learns Sense of responsibility, communication skills and consideration. In addition, social skills are promoted in a playful way. However, at the child's sole request, you should not acquire an animal. The family and, above all, the parents must stand behind the decision. You need to be aware that a pet is a sentient being that owners need to live up to. So if the child isn't taking care of themselves as they should, they'll wear them Parents the main responsibility.

The decision to buy a pet should never be made lightly. A pet is always about a living being that has needs. If you get a dog, a cat, a rabbit or another animal, you wear them Responsibility for wellbeing. Everyone should be aware of this responsibility, because after all, the animal should lead a happy and fulfilling life.

Surely the right pet will move in with you soon and give you a lot of joy. Have you already decided which animal roommate is best for you? Let us know! Do you already have a pet? Then feel free to comment and let us know why your pet is the best pet for you! 🙂