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Carrying gemstones

Wearing healing stones on the body is probably the easiest method to use the energy of gemstones. Whether as a pendant in a setting around your neck, in the form of a donut on a chain around your neck or wrist, as a ring on your finger or a rough stone in your pocket, the energy of the healing stone is continuously transferred to us. If you want to activate a certain part of the body, it is advisable to take a look at the chakras. Each healing stone has a particularly strong effect on one or more chakras. So you can determine the place where a healing stone can be worn depending on the desired effect. You can find more about the individual chakras of the healing stones in our gemstone lexicon.

Direct skin contact is of course most effective when wearing gemstones. However, if you carry the gemstone with you in your pocket, e.g. in the form of a flatterer, you will come into contact with the healing properties of the stone there too. You subconsciously feel for the gem in your pocket and play with it. In this way, the healing stone can give its effect to the wearer and helps to relieve tension, for example in stressful professional situations.

Carrying healing stones: reactions

Every stone causes a different reaction in its wearer. It is therefore important to listen carefully to your body, but also your mood, when you have chosen a healing stone to wear. It is usually recommended to wear the stone next to the skin. But some people react very violently to direct skin contact. A healing stone can lead to palpitations and sweats, but it can also cause a generally uncomfortable feeling or depress mood. These strong reactions occur when the body has a large deficit of vibrations that the stone is radiating. The sudden excess of energy, where there was no energy before, leads to the fact that the entire flow of energy in the body is activated. In homeopathy, this reaction is also called initial aggravation. Sensitive people should therefore first resort to other areas of application for the healing stone and not wear the stone directly on the skin for the time being.

Carrying healing stones: donuts

Carrying donuts is a common way of harnessing the energy of healing stones. Because this shape of the gemstones has the advantage that it rests well on the chest. The healing stones worn around the neck are very close to the heart and can have a powerful effect. It is often recommended to wear the donut around the neck in a metal setting, as this enhances the effectiveness of the healing stone. However, that is only partially true. The metal frame should be made of either high quality silver or gold. Other metals can cause allergies and even falsify the stone's energy. The energetic cleaning of the socket must also be carried out regularly in order to neutralize superfluous or foreign information in the socket.

Carrying gemstones: mixtures

Similar to the gemstone mixtures for gemstone water, several gemstones can be combined with each other when wearing. Certain healing stones go very well together and even complement each other so that they can produce a certain effect. As individual as everyone is, their favorite mix to wear can also be as individual. Nevertheless, there are also healing stones when worn, which tend to repel each other in their effect or dissolve each other. A hematite, for example, cannot necessarily be combined with another stone, as it would quasi absorb the energy of the other stone. In the best case scenario, healing stones that are used in the same field of action or have a similar or complementary effect should be combined when wearing. You can find more about this in our gemstone dictionary. In general, not too many stones should be combined with each other, as the individual healing effects can become blurred due to the large amount of self-information. Less is more when wearing healing stones.

Carrying gemstones: duration

When wearing gemstones, the following rule of thumb applies: after about 24 hours of wearing, the stones, including the setting, should be discharged in a hematite bath or (depending on the compatibility of the healing stones with water) under running water. This rule is a recommendation. Depending on how much you have experienced with the healing stone, this duration can also be shortened or lengthened. For example, if you have worn the healing stone to an important job interview, the healing stone should be discharged and recharged shortly afterwards. However, if you only went for walks in the great outdoors all day, the healing stone may still be charged with energy after 24 hours.

The important thing is to listen to your own reaction to the healing stone. If the stone weighs heavily and feels uncomfortable, it is important to unload and clean it.

Put on healing stones

Placing precious stones on the bare skin is an effective method to fully immerse yourself in the energy of the healing stone. Since direct body contact is very important in this application, it is advisable to pay attention to weight and surface when choosing the gemstone so that it is perceived as pleasant when put on. The healing stone is then placed on the affected body region or the diseased organ. They achieve an effect on a certain chakra by placing the healing stone along the center line of the body. The chakra is selected according to the type of complaint, because each chakra has its own field of action.

If you have chosen a chakra or a part of the body, you should go to a quiet room and lie down there in a comfortable position. The gemstone should then be placed in a stable position on the body.

With this application, it is important that the healing stone remains on the affected part of the body until the patient's well-being improves. Many patients experience a tingling sensation when placing the stone or feel the cold or warmth of the stone. If this effect subsides, the gem has discharged and should be cleaned. The application can be repeated as often as required.

Author: Birgit Schweikart

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          you wear the birthstone when you want to emphasize your strengths even more. Use the respective compensation stone if you want to work on your little "weaknesses".
          It therefore makes no sense to carry all the compensation stones together. Please remember that you clean the gemstones regularly - and also recharge them.

          Here are a few more tips:
          Cleansing gemstones energetically

          Precious stones, minerals and gemstone jewelry should be energetically cleaned and recharged regularly - otherwise color and strength will dwindle. If there is a lack of energy in gemstones, this is immediately visible. They fade and become brittle, their radiance and effect diminish. That is why regular cleaning and energizing is so important for gemstones. The type, duration and frequency depend on the gemstone in question.

          Discharge and recharge

          There are several methods of recharging gemstones with positive energy. It is easy and inexpensive to place gemstones in a bowl with hematite for at least two hours in order to discharge them. Then they should be recharged and activated in rock crystal for just as long. Depending on the size of the gemstone, you need 250g each of hematite and rock crystal. Small, tumbled gemstone nuggets and a bowl made of natural material such as ceramic, wood or stone are particularly suitable. Synthetic bowls are not suitable for this as they would transmit their own vibration to the stone.

          It is much easier to place gemstones in a bowl with small, high-quality amethyst nuggets (around 250g) overnight. Amethyst has the special ability to discharge and recharge other gemstones. The gemstone energization in an amethyst druse is even more effective. The gemstones are supplied with all-round energy here. This type of energization is particularly recommended for protection and therapy work.

          Do not clean your gemstones with tap water. This energy is far too weak.

          Cleaning the charging and discharging stones

          The charging and discharging stones (hematite, rock crystal, amethyst) should be energetically cleaned once a month. An amethyst druse, on the other hand, does not need cleaning.

          Wearing time

          Gemstones should only be worn over a longer period of time or used for energetic work in exceptional cases. It is advisable to take a break of one or two days after two days at the latest. If the stones were worn during the day, they should be put down at night and vice versa.


          Gemstones love the mild morning sun, the sound of singing bowls and a clean, dry and dust-free storage. They should be exposed to direct sunlight as rarely as possible and under no circumstances should they come into contact with cleaning agents.