What are some alternatives to Armaf perfumes

I've never had a dupe of anything or a replica of anything, but apart from that: As long as you use it for yourself and don't pretend to be the original, want to sell or brag about it, I don't think it's a bad thing if you do uses a dupe / fake. Original is always better, but very few of us here are millionaires and can afford perfume, watches, etc. over 300 €.

I own the original Aventus, but personally I don't feel triggered if someone wears a dupe. Likewise, if I owned a Rolex for € 70,000 and someone had the same as a replica for € 300 or how much does a replica cost? It is up to everyone to decide what he / she / it buys, wears, owns etc. Nobody has the right to dictate to someone what he / she / it is allowed to buy, own, wear etc.!

But btw: What can a Rolex do that another watch for 50 or 100 € cannot? Increase Self-Esteem? How rich you are? Clock is clock, whether I use a cheap clock, a radio clock, a station clock, a wall clock, cell phone, etc., they all show the same thing: The TIME! What are the interests of design? Personally, I look at the clock to see the time and not more or less. The same applies to cars, what can a Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari do that a Mercedes, Audi, VW or something cannot? Drive 350km / h? I also arrive at my destination with a cheap car at some point. I don't need a Lamborghini etc. just to show off, increase my self-esteem and show what a blatant racing driver I am.