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7 Cool Ways Solo Travelers To Meet People

Finally traveling alone, you can do whatever you want, go where you want. There are no more discussions about whether it is still too early to go home from the bar, no more worries about missing something because visiting an attraction might not fit into the plans of fellow travelers. You have your fate in your own hands and do not have to compromise

Unfortunately, this feeling of freedom can also quickly subside. Reality catches up with you and you realize: being alone can also mean being lonely. As a Gemini, I'm used to having someone around me all the time to share all of the crazy happenings of one day with. Just thinking that I have to deal with myself all by myself and to be alone with my thoughts is often enough for me to fall into the solo traveler blues.

We humans are just sociable creatures who always need other people around us. So what do you do when you've decided to go on an adventure on your own?

With these seven - guaranteed harmless and unproblematic - tips you will quickly get to know interesting people on your trip and you will not be left alone.

1. Take part in a free walking tour

If you've been to a South American city, you'll have found that walking tours are the best way for all newcomers to get to know the city - and not just because they're free.

From Cartagena (Colombia) to Cordoba (Argentina) you will find such city tours at every tourist hotspot and it is hardly surprising that the groups mostly consist of single travelers.

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The tours are usually offered twice a day and are perfect for exploring the sights, catching a few sentences in the foreign language, gaining authentic experiences and - most importantly - meeting like-minded travelers.

If you already have it, it is very likely that you have other things in common and in the end you may even continue part of your journey together!

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2. (Couch) surfing in the USA

Couchsurfing is of course not only available in the USA, but is also one of the best ways to travel and meet nice people worldwide. The prerequisite: the hosts offer their visitors an overnight stay (couch or guest bed) and a roof over their heads in a city that is foreign to them.

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Completely different from “real” surfing, couch surfing works almost without any physical exertion. And the best thing about it is: you get an authentic insight into life in your travel destination. After all, you live with real “locals”.

Many travelers, like myself, have made good and long-term friendships with hosts and even their families and friends. That is actually the highlight of the entire trip.

In Buenos Aires, for example, my host Martina not only brought me closer to countless customs of the porteños, but also told me her grandma's famous empanadas recipe - an unforgettable experience during my Argentina adventure.

Couchsurfing is by no means limited to finding a place to sleep. The network also encourages members to easily meet with local users who share common interests.

So if you get bored in a new city, you can just meet like-minded people, put your language skills to the test, go to a concert or go to the cinema. The ideal opportunity to get to know a foreign city through the eyes of its residents.

Hardly anything else has such a unifying effect than eating together © Rawpixel.com/Shutterstock.com

If you're a real foodie and want to explore the local cuisine in more detail without staying overnight at your host's, the EatWith platform might be a tip for you. Here (hobby) cooks and strangers meet for a dinner party. The simple recipe: good food + nice people = a great evening.

3. Find cool people using the internet

There are apps that you can use to find a cuddle partner, ones that have a pirate tell you where you've parked, and translators that help you understand what's going on around you.

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However, we do not recommend these apps here. Much better is an app with which you can network with travelers in your area or people who are on their way to the same destination - Travello offers all of this. Find groups with your interests, other travelers or meetings in your area. Travello is the perfect travel companion.

While we're on apps, it should be noted that a swipe left or right can get you a lot more than a date. Tinder has meanwhile also developed into a friendship platform (the app is of course still a dating platform). As long as you clearly state in your profile that you are only looking for friends, it will stay that way.

4. Enroll in a class, but one that is really fun

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Have you always wanted to learn to surf, prepare macarons, dance salsa, learn yoga basics or improve your Spanish? When traveling, you can take a wide variety of courses, get to know interesting people and maybe even discover a whole new hobby for yourself. It is best to book your course locally, so you can be sure to gain authentic experience and get to know like-minded people.

You can pay for your course at a local school or provider or look for free offers for an intercultural exchange on social networks such as Facebook or Meetup.

5. Meetup through Meetup

With more than 20 million members in 180 countries, the name already says what it's about - getting to know and meeting people. Meetup is the ideal way to get to know people when you're alone - but you shouldn't be too introverted.

Search for users with the same interests. When you're up after a night of partying Ibiza spontaneously feel like a game of Scrabble, you can be sure that you will find like-minded people here who already have their words ready.

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If you are traveling for a special occasion like Christmas or New Year's Eve and you feel homesick, you can rely on the fact that you will find countless events by emigrants or other travelers on these days who share the traditions of their homeland with the want to celebrate.

6. Go on an unforgettable day trip

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When traveling through Latin America, I was always traveling alone. In order to visit some more remote places, I had to join a group on a guided day tour every now and then. Most of the participants on these excursions are usually many other single travelers, which is why it was often easy for me to make friends there.

I have a very special friendship on a tour in Mexico closed. Together we then embarked on an unforgettable trip to Cuba. So what did I learn from it? Make the most of all opportunities and do not close yourself off beforehand to the opportunities that arise.

And of course, that most of the organized tours aren't that bad after all.

7. Visit a coworking space

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I am fortunate to have a job that I can do from anywhere on earth. Thanks to the internet! To be honest, I'm currently writing this article in Brisbane on the sunny coast of Australia.

Renting a workplace in a coworking space offers digital nomads the opportunity and freedom to work anywhere and from anywhere in the world and to network with other freelancers and entrepreneurs. A reliable WLAN connection is of course also guaranteed.

Most coworking spaces also offer social activities. So you can play, work, meet friends and earn money in a wonderful workplace.

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