How do I politely refuse money

How do I politely decline a job offer if it doesn't increase salary?

First of all, you probably should have mentioned your expected salary earlier before they offered you a job, as the salary was likely mentioned in the job offer.

The best time to do this is either during the interview or when the company is about to make a job offer.

A polite way would now be, "I want to thank you for the job offer. I'm really interested in the position you have offered, but currently I have paid the X currency. Are you ready to negotiate?"

EDIT: You are in a slightly more difficult situation than I thought if you do a group setting with a fixed salary for everyone it will be difficult to say "I want to be paid more" while having the same work and responsibilities as the rest of the world Group.

If you are more experienced than the job requires, looking for another job might be a better solution.

As for this offer, probably the best strategy is to prove that you are the one pulling the team together and negotiate a raise at the appropriate time.

EDIT 2: When you are trying to have a job that is not directly in your skills and have a team that may be better trained on those skills and are trying to get paid more, this is a dead end. You should either accept that you will have a lower salary for the time being, or look for a job that better suits your skills.

On the other hand, you can always try to negotiate on the argument that you got paid better in your previous job, but the risk is that as you work with new skills to develop yourself, you will get into trouble if they believe You would have asked for a better salary without the skills that come with it.


I mentioned my expected salary but spoke to a staff rep on the phone for a pre-interview (rather than the person who actually interviewed me afterwards). So that's up to me. I also think they hire people in waves of 5-10 to train them in groups because of a big expansion that the interviewer mentioned. The salary I was offered is likely to be the same for all groups.


Ok, I'll edit with this information


Thank you for the update. As I said to @le_daim, it would be even more presumptuous for me to bluntly ask for a higher salary because I don't have adequate skills (and should be trained) in this particular area. Certainly there are people in the group with better skills than me, even if I compensate with leadership skills.


@jldjul Got it, then a second edit!