Citizenship in Sweden is granted from birth


All certificates and civil status documents must always be presented in the original. In order not to delay processing, you are asked to provide a copy of each original.

Please note that additional documents may be requested in individual cases.

  1. Completed and signed application form.
  2. Completed and signed declaration.
  3. ordinary passport or identity card
  4. Birth certificate. For people born in Sweden, the “personbevis” (see point 6) is the birth certificate.
  5. Proof of citizenship.
  6. "Personbevis" from the Swedish tax authorities ("Skatteverket") in English, "Extract of the population register", no more than four weeks old. In Latvia: registration form with translation
  7. In the event of a change in marital status: marriage certificate and - if applicable - divorce decree (including translation *). If you got married in Sweden, the following documents are required:
    1. Declaration on the registration of the marriage and "personal evis" (see point 6).
    2. As proof of the use of the family name after the marriage, an excerpt from the register name "Registerutdrag anmält / anmälda namn" from the Swedish tax authorities ("Skatteverket") showing the date of the name change must be submitted.
  8. The consular fee must be paid in cash in SEK when applying.
  9. Please note that an online appointment reservation is required.

* Foreign documents generally require diplomatic certification or apostille for admission to Austrian authorities (Swedish documents are admitted without certification), as well as a translation into German by a certified translator. Certified translators in Sweden can be found at In Latvia, for example, translators can be found at