Which proof of address is required for the passport

apply for registration certificate

You can submit a registration certificate as proof to third parties (authorities, private institutions). It contains the address (es) you gave when you last registered with your registration office (B├╝rgeramt). The registration certificate is always sent to the last address stored in the register.

Simple registration certificate (Online processing possible)
This includes your following information:

  • family name
  • previous names
  • First name
  • PhD degree
  • Order name, stage name
  • Date and place of birth, as well as the country if you were born abroad
  • the last registered address (es), main and secondary residence (es) in Berlin.

Extended registration certificate (only possible on site or in writing)
If necessary, additional data can be added, e.g .:
  • former address (es) in Berlin
  • Spouse, life partner, minor children who are registered with you in the same household (so-called household certificate)

  • The registration certificate does not replace registration, de-registration or change of registration at your registration office (B├╝rgeramt).
  • You can also use the registration certificate as a Life certificate can be used, for example, for submission to insurance companies or pension providers abroad. Please indicate this purpose in your personal application.


  • You are at least 16 years old
  • Personal interview required
    if you need a certificate of life

Required documents

  • with online processing
    The fee is paid online by credit card, PayPal or Giropay. So please have your account details ready.
  • with a written application
    • The application can be submitted informally - by e-mail or post to the citizens' office.
    • Please enclose a copy of your ID card or passport.
    • Please transfer the fee to the account of the district office to which you send your application (see "Further information"). Please indicate the purpose of payment: Registration certificate for [Name]
    • Please indicate the date of the transfer in your application and submit your proof of payment together with the documents.
  • with a personal interview
    ID card or passport
  • if the application is submitted by a representative
    a specific written power of attorney with your personal data and your signature. It must also contain information about the representative and his / her identity card or passport must be presented.
    If your own German identity card or passport is not issued in Berlin or if it is a foreign document, the original must also be available.


  • 10.00 euros: for online processing (no exemption from fees possible.)

On site or with a written application
  • none: e.g. in pension matters; further exemption options under "legal bases"
  • 10.00 euros: per person
  • 10.00 euros for the first person, 5.00 euros for each additional person: for family members who are summarized on a certificate with identical registration times.

Average time of processing

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