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New Jersey

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surface22,588 km²
Phone code201, 551, 609, 732, 848, 856, 862, 908, 973
Time zoneEastern Standard Time (Summer: UTC -4 (CET-5) Winter: UTC -5)

New Jersey is a state on the Atlantic coast of the United States of America. It is bordered by Delaware to the south, Pennsylvania to the east, New York State to the northeast, and the rest of the Atlantic.

Regions [edit]

  • Northwest Skyland Region (Counties: Sussex, Warren, Morris, Hunderdon, Somerset)
  • Gateway region in the northeast (counties: Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Passaic, Union, Middlesex)
  • Delaware River Region to the west (Counties: Mercer, Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Salem)
  • Shore region in the east (Counties: Monmouth, Ocean)
  • Greater Atlantic City (Atlantic County)
  • Southern Shore region in the extreme south (Counties: Cumberland, Cape Mahy)

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Background [edit]

With over 9 million inhabitants on around 22,500 km² (about the size of Hesse), New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the USA. And that, although there is no really big metropolis here. Rather, large parts of the state consist of a dense network of medium-sized cities and towns as well Suburbs (Suburbs) that are part of the metropolitan areas of New York City to the north and Philadelphia to the south. On a larger scale you can see New Jersey too BosWash count, the densely populated chain of cities that stretches from Boston to Washington.

New Jersey has a very multicultural population that has immigrated from all over the world over time. The largest group is that of Italian-Americans, who make up about 18% of New Jerseyans. Many Americans associate New Jersey with this population group in particular. The cliché picture of an uneducated Italian American with gold chains and gelled hair becomes Guido called, the female counterpart is called Guidette - a stereotype made especially by the MTV series Jersey Shore is propagated. Of course, most real life New Jersayans hate to be associated with this stereotype and Guido / Guidette are considered racist swear words that should be avoided. Another successful series associated with New Jersey is The Sopranos, which is about an Italian-born Mafia family.

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Arrival [edit]

By far the largest airport in New Jersey is Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), which can also be reached with direct flights from Central Europe. Atlantic City Airport (ACY) is much smaller and is only of regional importance. You can also use the nearby New York (JFK, LGA) or Philadelphia (PHL) airports to get to New Jersey.

The Northeastern Corridor the Amtrak, the busiest long-distance rail route in the United States. The high-speed train runs almost every hour on this Acela Express (Boston-New York-Washington) and the slightly slower one Northeast Regional. There are only one or a few times a day served connections with Pittsburgh, Vermont, Chicago, the southern states and Florida. The main train stations in New Jersey are Newark (Penn Station), Metropark Station in Iselin, and Trenton.

Mobility [edit]

NJ Transit operates a regional rail network with 11 lines and over 1,500 km of route network in northern and central New Jersey - the most extensive regional rail network in the United States. The central transfer point is Newark Penn Station and Secaucus Junction. NJ Transit also operates three Light rail-Lines, a kind of tram, but some of it runs on its own track bed and connects several cities. They cover a total of over 90 km of route network. The most common public transport, however, is the bus network with 267 lines.

Some places in the south of the state are served by SEPTA Regional Rail, the regional rail network for the greater Philadelphia area. SEPTA buses also run in the suburbs of Philadelphia, which are part of New Jersey.

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New Jersey is a shopping paradise for clothing because this state - unlike z. B. New York - there is no sales tax on textiles. For shopping malls in the Gateway area across from New York City see here. However, similar shopping havens can also be found in the other parts of the state:

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