Why are speed brakes important


The following 3 things are of course not just a brake on writing homework, but also in all tasks that require concentration. If you can avoid these mistakes, you can easily be 30% faster.

  1. Change of context: Checking your mobile phone or Facebook in between, you not only steal the time you spend there, but your brain needs several minutes to change context, which means: to be focused on the actual task again. So staying away from distractions will bring you more time than you think.
  2. Bad planning: You are faster if you think about all the necessary steps beforehand, write them down and then work through them. On the one hand, this gives you a sense of achievement after taking the steps; on the other hand, it helps you to keep track of what is really important and needs to be done. The long pauses in which you think about how to continue now fall away.
  3. The wrong setting: It has been proven that, for example, one reads faster upright than lying down. Sufficient air and light also play a major role. So find a position and a place that is conducive to your ability to think and focus. Feel free to try different places to find your ideal setting.

You can easily put the time you gain doing homework in this way back into your free time and easily make up for your Facebook deficit 😉

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