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Temporary employment agency: You have these advantages as an employer

Modern slavery? Exploitation? The industry is struggling with image problems. But temporary work can also be a successful model for companies. Working with reputable Temporary employment agency offers employers numerous advantages in personnel planning and personnel costs compared to traditional new hires.

The principle of temporary work: a functioning triangular relationship!

In a temporary work model, there are always three people involved

  • the employee
  • the temporary employment agency
  • its customers

The employee enters into this on the basis of a collective agreement employment relationship subject to social insurance with the temporary employment agency. Accordingly, they are entitled to vacation days and continued wages in the event of illness. Even if there is no assignment, they receive their fixed salary.

The temporary employment agency is responsible for finding suitable assignments for the employees and also ensures their qualification / further training.

The customers have a contract with the temporary employment agency. You select the right candidates from the temporary employment agency's pool of employees, determine the working time and pay the agreedHourly rate for the services provided.

5 advantages for employers who rely on temporary employment agencies

Advantage 1: flexibility

A new order and no available staff? Annual seasonal fluctuations in the course of business? Long-term absence of employees due to illness or pregnancy? At personnel bottlenecks Temporary work like this can be a solution for companies, because the reinforcement is available quickly - without having to enter into long-term commitments!

Advantage 2: cost transparency

When using temporary work, the costs incurred are for the customer company Plannable / calculable at any time. You only pay a fixed hourly rate or daily rate for the services provided. The temporary employment agency bears downtime, for example, as well as the ancillary wage costs. The employees are on duty for exactly as long as they are needed - only a few days, a few weeks, several months or even years if necessary.

Advantage 3: Little effort

Posting job advertisements, time-consuming recruitment procedures with a lot of paperwork and long lead times - none of this is necessary for companies that rely on temporary work. Instead, they can react quickly if necessary and get additional employees on board without any red tape. Take over professional dispatchers the job of the temporary employment agency to make a pre-selection of suitable and available candidates. Only these then introduce themselves to the customers.

Advantage 4: New impulses

Employees of temporary employment agencies usually have up-to-date professional qualifications, are used to new requirements and, due to their changing assignments, bring experience from other companies with them. Companies that use “temporary workers” in addition to their permanent workforce can benefit from this by Ideas for improved processes take over or acquire special knowledge in cooperation with the "temporary colleagues".

Advantage 5: Try and Hire

Who is fit and fits into the team? Customers of temporary employment agencies have the opportunity to get to know the employees they work well in practice - and can then decide in peace and quiet whether they want to employ the employees on a permanent basis. So there is no nasty surprises in terms of know-how or social skills ...

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Temporary employment: facts and figures

The proportion of temporary workers in the workforce in Germany is 2.3 percent, which is about 895,000 people corresponds to. These are under contract with around 50,000 temporary employment agencies. It is a growing, dynamic industry, which, however, flattened out at the beginning of 2020 due to the Corona crisis and suffered significant losses. In the first half of 2019, for example, more than 669,000 new jobs were concluded or terminated. Around half of the temporary employment relationships last less than three months.

The main focus of temporary workers in Germany - unlike abroad - is in industry and manufacturing. Accordingly, the majority of the workforce is currently male. According to statistics from the Federal Employment Agency, the share of economic services was 33 percent in 2019.

The temporary workers are a colorful mix, ranging from low-skilled support staff to highly specialized skilled workers, controllers or engineers.

Also represented are students who want to work during the semester break, those returning to work after parental leave or, to a large extent, people who have come out of unemployment and are on this path Chances of a regular job hope.

General German labor law also applies to the temporary employment sector, supplemented by the special provisions of the Temporary Employment Act (AÜG).

Temporary employment agencies: tips and advice on choosing

Companies that want to work with temporary employment agencies should pay attention to the following points:

  • Does the temporary employment agency have an official permit from the Federal Employment Agency for temporary employment?
  • Are the employees of the temporary employment agency paid according to the AMP / CGB collective agreements or the collective agreements of the BZA / DGB collective agreement for temporary work?
  • The lower wages for temporary workers in 2019 were 9.96 euros per hour in the west and 9.66 euros in the east. Depending on the qualification, higher rates are also paid.
  • Be sure to compare offers from several temporary employment agencies and obtain references!
  • For occupational safety measures and a thorough briefing of the "Temporary workers" to care!

Conclusion: Temporary employment agencies as an opportunity

If companies work with reputable personnel service providers and observe certain rules, the temporary work model has many advantages and can even be a win-win situation for everyone involved!