What should I definitely see in Amsterdam

Amsterdam: The best travel tips for your city trip

Travel report with tips for Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most popular cities in Europe, when it comes to destinations for a city break. This doesn't surprise me, because the Dutch capital is big, but you can still reach almost all sights and highlights quickly on foot or by bike.

I also liked Amsterdam very much. I was particularly impressed by the relaxed manner of the Amsterdammers. Completely different to Berlin, cyclists slow down if you accidentally cross the road instead of loudly shouting complaints.

Here you will find my best Amsterdam tips for your next city trip

Arrival to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is only 200 km from the Ruhr area. The city can therefore be reached quickly from West Germany by car, long-distance bus or train.

By train or long-distance bus

From southern Germany, the journey by train or long-distance bus can take a long time, but it is often an inexpensive alternative.

From Heilbronn I would be on the road for around 15 hours (!!!) with the Flixbus. The journey takes about 5.5 hours by car. Since parking spaces in Amsterdam are rare and expensive, arriving by plane or train is often the better choice.

With your own car

If you would like to travel by car, I recommend using the P + R parking spaces. You can find an overview here. On weekdays they cost 8 euros 24 hours a day and 1 euro on weekends. The parking spaces are all connected to the public transport network and you can easily take the train to the city center.

When you drive in, watch out for the right button on the barrier so that you can choose the P + R tariff. Do not use the prepayment by credit card. There are blue machines at the exit where you can buy your ticket for the bus or train. These are then canceled on the train.

Danger! The reduced tariffs for P + R only apply if you use public transport. This is checked via the train ticket, which you also have to hand in or scan when paying.

By plane

Several airlines from Germany offer non-stop flights to Amsterdam, because Schipol Airport is an important hub for Europe. The airport is a bit out of the way, but is very well connected to public transport by bus and train.

Amsterdam landmarks

The Dutch capital offers many must-see sights! Here I show you the highlights of Amsterdam.

The canal belt

The capital Amsterdam is world famous for its canals. The city is criss-crossed by its waterways like a network. It even has more canals than Venice. The four main canals Singel, Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht (from the inside to the outside) run in a semicircle around the city center. That is why this is also called "Canal Belt". A total of 80 km of the 165 canals are navigable.

So you can spend numerous hours here strolling through the canals and admiring the old merchant houses that lean in all directions.

Turn off the four main canals into the smaller side canals. Here I found the atmosphere much more idyllic.

Old town & the red light district De Wallen

The heart of Amsterdam is the red light district De Wallen and the old town (Oude Centrum). From the Central Station, 2/3 of the tourists turn directly into the red light district.

Since 2007, the city has been restricting the number of red light windows around the district "clean". Apparently mainly due to the high crime rate of pimps, dealers and money launderers. Since 2013, red light windows have to be closed between 4 a.m. and 9 a.m. The minimum age of prostitutes has been raised to 23 years.

You can now find chic bars, restaurants and galleries where there were windows.

But first the street leads you to the big main square: Dam. The Royal Palace is located here.

There is always a lot going on in this area. No matter whether during the day or night. Numerous sights are located here and can be reached on foot in short distances:


Dam is the centrally located main square where Amsterdam was founded in 1270. Demonstrations are still taking place here today. My visit was a demonstration for human dignity.

In addition to street musicians and lots of tourists, there are wonderful historical buildings such as the royal palace, the Nieuwe Kerk and the old town hall. The national monument, which was built in memory of the victims of the Second World War, is also located on the Dam.

Incidentally, the Royal Palace is still used today for state receptions and is therefore mostly closed to the public.

Oude Kerk

The historic Oude Kerk is the oldest building in the city. The church is in stark contrast to its neighborhood in the red light district.

Tip: The World Press Photo exhibition always takes place here from the end of April to the end of June.

Great view: As part of a guided tour you can climb the tower of the church and enjoy the view over Amsterdam from above. Unfortunately you can only get to the top with one tour,

9 Straatjes - shopping in Amsterdam

After breakfast in the Pancakes you are strengthened for a shopping tour through the 9 Straatjes (Nine streets). In these alleys you will find small but nice shops, bars and restaurants. From design shops, second hand shops, cheese, art books to toothbrushes, you can find everything here.

Here you can find all shops and their location:de9straatjes.amsterdam
(You will get flyers with maps and all shops on site)


You can't miss the Westerkerk near the Prinsengracht in the center. The most striking feature is certainly the large blue imperial crown on the top of the church tower. The tower of the church is the highest church tower in Amsterdam with a total height of 85 m.

Visits to the church and tower: April to October on weekdays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. You can only get to the tower (Westertoren) as part of a guided tour. It wasn't worth it to us.

Museums in Amsterdam

Museums are a dime a dozen in Amsterdam. The choice is difficult, especially in summer when the weather is good. That's why I've listed some of the best museums in Amsterdam that are worth visiting.

Moco Museum - Banksy and Andy Warhol works

One museum deserves special mention, especially for young people: The Moco Museum (Modern Contemporary Museum). I am a fan of Banksy and his work with political statements. You can marvel at 50 works here until the end of October 2017!

Anne Frank Museum Amsterdam (Anne Frank Huis)

Book tickets online in advance, often sold out for days - the queues are long!

Visiting theAnne Frank House is very moving. You see her bedroom, looks at the original diaries, films with comments from her father, former friends and neighbors. In addition, reports from television on the political situation at that time. One or two tears flow from visitors. There is a pleasant silence, as everyone reads, looks and listens with fascination.

The sliding bookshelf - behind which the stairs to the rear building are located - take you up to the living area. In this stuffy and gloomy room, the Franks were not allowed to make a sound during the day. Until they were betrayed.

I have seldom visited a museum that was so minimized to detail and not overloaded. Before you leave the house, a film is played again in which audio statements from visitors and people are shown to the public. Especially the moment when Nelson Mandela talks about Anne Frank and tells that he was back then Robben Island have read her diary. Goose bumps.

Tip: Avoid queues with good planning

The queues in front of the Anne Frank House are incredibly long (with us a few hundred meters to the corners of the Westerkerk, waiting time about 3 hours)! You have to reserve tickets at least 2 months in advance. Well worth a visit.

After 6 p.m. there are no longer any large crowds in the museum. We got tickets for 6:20 p.m. It was quieter and thanks to OnlineTickets we were able to ring the doorbell on the left at the entrance next to the main entrance and go inside.

Here is my ultimate tip for spontaneous people, which will work with you if you are lucky:

There is free WIFI right in front of the entrance (either from the canal tours or directly from the Anne Frank House). I took out my smartphone and looked for tickets. Exactly the number of tickets we needed were available for the evening. Booked online tickets and shortly after 6 p.m. we were able to start our tour of the Anne Frank House.

Further information about the Anne Frank House:

  • April 1 - October 31: 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. (Saturdays until 10 p.m.). Open daily until 10 p.m. in July - August.
  • November 1 - March 31: 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. (Saturdays until 9 p.m.).
  • The last admission is always 30 minutes before closing.
  • Adults: 9 euros (+ 0.50 € online fee), children 10 - 17 years: 4.50 euros and children up to 9 years get free entry.
  • Danger: With thei amsterdam City Card you don't get free entry here
  • Location and address:The Anne Frank House is located at 267 Prinsengracht behind the Westerkerk. It takes about 10-15 minutes from Damrak or the train station.
    13, 14 and 17, “Westermarkt” stop.
  • Website about the Anne Frank Museum
  • Reserve a ticket for the Anne Frank House

Museums on Museumplein

The most important museums in Amsterdam or even the Netherlands are located on Museumplein. The green space in front of it is called "Museumplein" and offers you plenty of space to relax or watch the skateboarders on the halfpipe.

Rijksmuseum - the national museum

The Rijksmuseum has been renovated for 10 years (!!) and has only been fully reopened since 2013. Mainly Rembrandt and Vermeer attract masses of visitors here. The Rijksmuseum is the most important customer museum in the Netherlands and was intended as the central museum for works of art from the royal family and national collections.

Most of the visitors only come because of the paintings on the 2nd floor: Rembrandt's “Night Watch”, Franz Hals “The Happy Drinker” and also Vermeer's “Kitchen Maid” are exhibited here.

Tips for visiting the Rijksmuseum:

  • Long queues form at the entrance, especially on weekends (Friday - Sunday). If you buy a ticket in advance, you can save yourself the queuing inside at the cash desk.
  • With theiamsterdam card if you get a discounted ticket, you still have to queue at the cash desk. By the way, children come in here for free and do not have to pay an entrance fee.
  • Opening hours:Daily 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Address: Museumstraat 1;
  • Tram: 2, 5 (van Baerlestraat)
  • Website:rijksmuseum.nl/en

Van Gogh Museum

Here you will find the world's largest collection of the artist Vincent van Gogh. You can view around 200 paintings and 500 drawings by contemporaries such as Claude Monet, Paul Gaugin and Toulouse-Lautrec here. Unfortunately, I was not in the museum, will do so on my next visit. Thanks to my high school diploma, I worked very intensively with these artists every day for almost 2 years.

The queue is very long here, as only a limited number of visitors are allowed in. With the iamsterdam card can you "Fast Track" input Use (almost) without queuing. With the museum pass (Museumkaart) you can enter the museum directly.

Tips for visiting the Van Gogh Museum:

  • The best time to visit the Van Gogh Museum is between 9am and 11am in the morning and after 3pm in the afternoon. The busiest time is between 10.30 a.m. and 3.30 p.m. Always keep in mind that the last admission is 30 minutes before closing.
  • Opening hours:
    - March - June: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Fridays until 10 p.m. Events take place on Fridays. The bar in the basement is open and a DJ is playing.
    - July and August: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays until 10 p.m.
    See all times on the website
  • Address: Paulus Potterstraat 7; Tram: 2, 3, 5, 12 (van Baerlestraat)
  • Website:vangoghmuseum.nl
Buy tickets without the queueBuy the Amsterdam City Card for 2 days

Stedelijk Museum

The Museum of Modern Art is one of the most important of its kind in the world. You can marvel at works of art by Matisse (his famous silhouettes), Monet, Picasso as well as industrial design objects and cool posters. More colorful and varied than the first two museums mentioned.

You don't have to queue as long at this museum as at the van Gogh or Rijksmuseum. If you have an iamsterdam card, Holland Pass or Museumkaart, you can get in here for free. Everyone else has to pay 15 euros. Children are also free here.

  • Opening hours: Friday - Wednesday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. and Thursday 10 a.m. - 10 p.m.
  • Address: Museumplein 10; Tram: 2, 3, 5, 12 (van Baerlestraat)
  • Website: stedelijk.nl/en
Buy a ticket for the Stedelijk Museum

More museums in Amsterdam

In the city center is thatRembrandthuis, where you can visit the artist's most colorful studio and home. TheFOAM (Photography Museum Amsterdam) alternately shows photographs by important photographers and is especially worthwhile if you are interested in photography.

If she Heineken Experience is a museum or not - this can be debated. This building, which cannot be overlooked, is located near the Museumplein. During a tour of the brewery you can find out everything about the famous beer brand. The museum is designed to be interactive and you get two beers for a visit. Bottom up!

Reserve a ticket for the Heineken ExperienceReserve a ticket for the Rembrandt House

Markets in Amsterdam

Amsterdammers love going to markets, me too. On the Waterlooplein Flea Market you get all kinds of odds and ends.

Allegedly the greatest and most beautiful market Albert Cuypmarkt was the flop. We found neither a large selection of food (about 3 stands) nor great goods. Rather absolute junk.

On the other hand it is great Oudemanhuis book market. Here you will find endless books. A paradise for bookworms like me! The flower market on floating greenhouses on the Singel is also worth a visit. You will inevitably pass by here anyway and will definitely not take a detour.

Insider tips for Amsterdam

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city center, we have received special tips from locals for places that locals also like to visit.

Here you can stroll, relax or shop. My insider tips for Amsterdam:

NDSM shipyard

The NDSM shipyard is a disused shipyard in the north of Amsterdam. It is becoming more and more of a hipster arts center. Trams are rusting, an old submarine is slowly sinking into the harbor. Graffiti artists have tons of space to let off steam and spray their works of art on the walls.

You will find great bars, cafés, galleries and studios around the NDSM shipyard. Many artists immortalize themselves on the walls and the street art is really worth a visit.

Best of all: You can take the ferries that leave from Amsterdam Central Station to the NDSM shipyard for free. My next insider tip can also be found here. So read on!

Pllek - city beach with a view of the city

In hot temperatures you can use the Pllek hang out and look out over the city on the other bank. The Pllek consists of old shipping containers and an artificially created city beach.

Here we recovered from sightseeing for a long time and enjoyed one or the other cool drink at over 30 degrees and sun.

Café Noordlicht

The is located one bay further from PilekCafé Noordlicht. The building is a greenhouse, which reminds me of Mad Max. There is often live music here and the food is great too, by the way!

From time to time there is a flea market or other events in the IJ halls. This takes place once a month. Be sure to visit the website for exact dates.

How to get there:

The ferry goes to the NDSM Werf directly behind the train station and is free of charge. You need about 15 minutes to the other bank. The ferry only takes pedestrians and cyclists and runs between 7 a.m. and midnight.

Tours in Amsterdam

You will get a special insight into the life and history of Amsterdam as part of tours.

You often have to reserve tickets a long time in advance, as some tours are often fully booked for 2-3 months. For example the Anne Frank House, the museums or food tours are very popular.

I always book my tours with Get your guide. You can book the tickets directly and print them out or download them to your smartphone.

Red light district crime tour - my insider tip!

Joost van der Wegen is a freelance journalist and detective writer. He will guide you through the red light district on this tour. He tells interesting details from the milieu, as he is an experienced crime journalist and has even written a bestseller (unfortunately only in Dutch).

The tour takes about 2 hours. From prostitution to murders to smoking pot - Joost doesn't mince his words and shows you one or the other crime scene.

Reserve your ticket for the Red Light District Crime Tour

Canal cruise in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is ideal to be discovered by boat from the water. I also went on a canal cruise. Countless boat tours are offered to explore the canal belt. I didn't want the big and covered boats. So I decided on the Eco Tours with canal.nl: Small boats that run only on electricity and can turn into the smallest of canals.

Most canal cruises start on Damrak or directly on Central Station. Even Hop-on-Hop-off tours (book here) are offered here by boat. At each stop you can get off in between to visit a museum or a sight.

There are many different tours through the canal

If you don't feel like taking a boat trip and still want to enjoy the flair on the shore, do it like the Amsterdamers. Just sit down on the bank of a canal and watch.

You can also Visit houseboats. This is probably on my to-do list for the next Amsterdam trip.

Most popular tours in Amsterdam

These tickets are very popular and you should definitely reserve them before you travel:

Good to know - my top tips for the Amsterdam trip

Here are some things to watch out for in Amsterdam!

  • As a pedestrian not on the bike paths walk!
  • Women in the windows in the red-light district should and want not photographed become. Respect this privacy.
  • The Canals mostly have no railing. Every year (especially in the red light district) drunk people drown who just want to pee on the bank, fall into the water and drown.
  • In some stores you can only with cash, however, in others only with travel credit card pay. Take both with you.
  • Even if Amsterdam is a safe city: Im Red light district you should be up Pickpockets respect, think highly of.
  • Since many still go to Amsterdam to smoke weed: You shouldn't do this in public. Nor do they drink beer. This has now been banned in the red light district (safety reasons).
  • The tram and metro run until 0.30 a.m. After that, the more expensive night buses leave.

Plan visits to the museum and tours well in advance

You have to plan visits to the museum well so that you do not have to stand in long queues.

My advice: Book tickets at least 2 months before the trip, for example at Get your guide


On the birthday of King Willem-Alexander, April 27th, there is a huge orange party in Amsterdam. Everyone wears the national colors, people drink and you can sell your old stuff at flea markets all over town. There are also tons of free concerts. But: Many hotels are booked out long in advance.

By bike in Amsterdam

Did you know that there are more bikes than cars in Amsterdam? Everyone rides a bike here and you can rent bikes everywhere. In this way you can also get to places outside of the city without having to take the clogged metro - in hot temperatures in summer!

So you can comfortably cycle through the Vondelpark - Amsterdam's largest city park.

Cost and budget for Amsterdam

For a nice hotel in a good location you have to reckon with costs of 100 - 200 euros per night.

Amsterdam's free ferries to the NDSM Weft

The jetty is located directly behind the station (it is best to go through the station building) to take the ferries to the north of Amsterdam. This is where the “IJ” is located, the oldest part of the Amsterdam harbor. With the Buiksloterweg ferry and the smaller IJ ferry, you can experience Amsterdam like a local from the water. The ferries run from Waterplein West to the other bank of the IJ and to the NDSM shipyard.

These pedestrian and bicycle ferries are free and drive to the other side every half hour!

Best time to travel to Amsterdam

The high season for a trip to Amsterdam is between June and August. With many hours of sunshine a day, you can then make maximum use of the days, because it gets dark very late. However, there are also many tourists in the city and it can be very hot.

Tip:How about a visit in spring (March - May) when the tulips are in bloom? or in autumn from September when the masses of tourists decrease and you don't have to worry about long queues at sights?

Food guide for Amsterdam

Eating out in Amsterdam is a revelation. In the past, my father always had to bring us Hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles) with him when he returned from business trips from Amsterdam. Now I am here regularly myself - often only at the airport - but even here you can buy your favorite cheeses, chocolate bars and chocolate sprinkles.

Things you have to try in Amsterdam:

  • A fresh and still warm one Stroopwafel
  • Pannenkoekenthat are hearty toppings. Tip: Im Pancakes particularly tasty.
  • Haring: A herring at one of the numerous stalls along the canals, pickled and served with onions and pickles.
  • Stamppot (Stewing pot) made from vegetables and potatoes, served with sausage or meatballs. Tips:
  • Many Dutch people eat for breakfast hailstorm (Chocolate sprinkles). I love it every now and then and always have some at home.
  • cheese! Naturally. Try out all the flavors and take them home with you in one of the many shops near Rembrandtplein. Not only did all the birthday children get cheese from us, my fridge is now well filled with it.

By the way: There are food machines everywhere in Amsterdam, i.e. food from the machine. For example “Febo de Lekkerste” in Ferdinand Bol Straat. We didn't test the food, but this facility is worth a mention.

I have a food tour with me in Amsterdam Eating Amsterdam Tours (Twilight De Pijp Food Tour). On the following days we tested numerous cafés for breakfast and traditional restaurants in the city center and De Pijp.

Tips for breakfast in Amsterdam:

Other cafes and restaurants where we ate very well:

  • My Little Patisserie, great patisserie that also offers workshops.
  • Sira Citra, Indonesian rice table. Rice with lots of little ingredients that you can try one by one.
  • Olive and Cookie, vegetarian slow food.
  • De Turk, small shop with fresh Turkish food, coffee and more.
  • Par Hasard, Amsterdam's best fries are said to be here! Very tasty and large portion. The latest trend: fries and wine.
  • Troost brewery, craft beer in an old police station. Great location, the beer tastes good and of course there are also fries here.
  • Sugar'n ice, fresh Stroopwaffle to take away (Spuistraat 124)

Everything else about eating in Amsterdam with a report on the food tour through De Pijp and tips for breakfast and dinner will follow shortly.

Hotel tips for Amsterdam

Overnight stays in Amsterdam can quickly blow the budget for a trip. Hotels are not cheap if you want to stay in a central location. The best districts include the historic city center with the canal belt, the multi-cultural and trendy De Pijp district and the trendy Jordaan district.

I like the neighborhood De Pijp with pleasure. Here you have a large selection of cafés for breakfast and restaurants for dinner. In addition, you are quickly in the center.

A special place is that Overnight on a houseboat (e.g. The Cabin). But the rule here is: book quickly, as these rooms are sold out quickly.

Not quite in the center, but very modern and centrally located Meininger Hotel Amsterdam West. I like the Meininger Hotels very much and can recommend this one too.

Find accommodation on booking.com Find accommodation on HRS

Travel guide for Amsterdam - my recommendations

I had it for my Amsterdam trip500 Hidden Secrets AmsterdamDuMont Amsterdam and the little fine onesPicture Atlas Amsterdam with it. The latter guide is a map and lots of Amsterdam insider tips on the back.

I find the new city guides from Dumont particularly compact and extremely well done! For around 11 euros just the right format and the perfect size for a city trip. If you are in the Dutch capital for a longer period, the much more extensive Lonely Planet is worth it.

Free Amsterdam magazines for events, markets and concerts:

In Amsterdam I have the same 4 free magazines to look out for in cafes and bars:

  • enjoy the summer: Festival guide.
  • A-likes: Amsterdam Magazine
  • uit gids: Also an Amsterdam magazine.
  • Hello Amsterdam: The best of Amsterdam

Out and about in Amsterdam

On foot

The city center is not very large and clearly laid out. You can actually explore everything on foot.

Cycling in Amsterdam

You hardly see any cars in the city center. Everyone rides a bike here. You, too, can rent bicycles at almost every corner or take part in a bike tour. Bikes cost around 11-14 euros per day.

Tram and metro run in Amsterdam

One thing in advance: I have never seen such confusing and poor overview maps for a tram and tram network in a city. Not only did we have problems with the perspective, but also all the other tourists.

The GVB app is also a total letdown and only works with the Internet. Unusable without WIFI.

Hence my tip! Take a map with you at the tourist information office when you leave the train station (Centraal Station) diagonally on the left on the other side of the street behind the trams. This is the only one that shows a reasonably clear network (with the numbers of the lines).

Tickets for metro and tram:

The tickets are called OV chip cards and are time cards in the form of check cards and are very practical. You can get them from very nice vendors in the tram, in the VVV offices or at the pink machines.

Tips: Buy bus & train tickets conveniently before your trip

You have to keep this in mind when driving the tram in Amsterdam:

Checking in and out with the OV chip card: You always have to check in and out when getting in and out. All you have to do is hold your card in front of one of the readers when getting in or out. If the signal sounds, it was successful and a green lamp lights up.

So that everyone can get on and off quickly, there is a special "double door" (usually at the back and front by the conductor) for boarding. The exits have flaps so that you can just get out here.

The principle works in the same way with the subway and the bus.

With the metro we wanted to go once. But due to a power outage, we all had to leave the metro - nothing worked. We then reached our destination via detours by tram.

Prices for tickets:

A day ticket (24 hours and valid from the first check-in) costs 7.50 euros. An hourly ticket costs € 2.90 and in the i amsterdam card In addition to many admission tickets for museums, transport by public transport is free.

Checklist city trip to Amsterdam

At least 2 months before:

  • Buy travel guide in Travel blogs research and Spotted by locals and Trip Advisor AppDownload for Amsterdam on your smartphone (you can find my tips and which travel guides I had with me below in the article)
  • accommodation book. Amsterdam is a popular destination for city trips, especially in the summer months. You can find my tips below.

One month before:

  • Buy cheap tickets for the train.Even if I always complain about the DB Bahn, the train (from the south of Germany) is the most comfortable way to travel to Amsterdam.
  • If you want to fly, check out mine Tips on how to book cheap flights.
  • Check out what you want to watch and possibly have ai amsterdam card, theAmsterdam Holland Pass or one Museum cardwhich includes up to 400 Dutch museums.

Two weeks before:

  • Tables in popular Reserve restaurants. The restaurants within the canal belt are all very small and the Dutch like to sit longer when they go out to eat. Without a reservation, a place in one of the smaller (less touristy) restaurants is hard to get.

One week before (or on site):

  • Book tours over the Internet. I often look for special tours from private guides. Preferably with Rent-a-Guide or Get your guide. For example, here I have ours Crime scene tour through the red light district The food tours are also popular. After I was blown away in Rome, I got one from the same provider Food tour in Amsterdam booked.
  • Pack: In any case, a rain jacket should be in your luggage. The weather in Amsterdam can be very varied and windy. You should also pack comfortable shoes and leave everything else at home. Amsterdam is best explored on foot.

At the arrival:

  • Get a map at the tourist information office for the tram / metro
  • Buy a museum card (includes up to 400 Dutch museums).
  • Plan well for museum visits, otherwise you will have to queue for a long time. Possibly book tickets here in advance.

More information about Amsterdam on the Internet:

  • Spotted by Locals Amsterdam: Absolute favorite site with insider tips from locals on various cities. Especially great as an on-site app if you're looking for great addresses for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Insider tips from locals. Costs 3.99 euros and has one or two more valuable tips than any travel guide.
  • holland.com(Dutch tourist information)
  • iamsterdam.com (Official site of the city)

Have you already been to Amsterdam?

What was your highlight? If you have any further tips, I look forward to your comment at the end of this article. If you are currently planning your trip and have any questions, please feel free to leave them here as a comment!

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