How do I clog a kitchen sink

What should you do if your kitchen drain is clogged?

The sink drain in the kitchen is often exposed to heavy loads. It is used several times a day - sometimes to wash your hands, but often to wash pans and pots. Dirty cooking utensils often contain burnt-in food scraps, fat or crumbs that can clog the kitchen drainpipe.

Until the kitchen drain is clogged, more and more pieces will settle in the drain pipe and thus the flow of water increasingly blocked. The water drains more and more slowly in the sink and there are more and more foul-smelling air bubbles. If the kitchen drain is completely clogged, the sink can overflow and damage the kitchen counter. As a preventive measure, the sink drain should therefore be checked regularly.

Clogged kitchen drain? - Causes

There are many reasons for a clogged drainpipe in the kitchen, but it is difficult to identify them first. The most common causes of a clogged sink are:

  • Leftovers or fats
  • hair
  • Limescale deposits

But regardless of the cause of the constipation in the end - it is definitely annoying! Therefore, you should deal intensively with drain cleaning.

Successfully cleaning pre-clogged kitchen drains

Cleaning the kitchen drain pipe can be time-consuming and nerve-wracking. The first thought about a clogged drainpipe is likely to be with most of the drain cleaners. Commercially available drain cleaners usually contain many chemicals, including alkalis, which can damage the drain pipe. Mechanical drain cleaners or home remedies are therefore recommended, which can also be helpful. A proven home remedy is z. B. Soda. You can clear your pipe again by rinsing it thoroughly with hot water.

The kitchen drain is clogged and no drain cleaner helps? In addition to conventional pipe cleaners or household remedies, there are also other aids that can help you in the event of a clogged end pipe in the kitchen. In the event of blockages that get stuck directly in the siphon, for example through leftover food or limescale deposits,

a cleaning spiral will help. This works through a sturdy wire with a spiral at the end - wound on a crank. If the spiral pipe cannot provide a remedy either, you should devote yourself to the siphon of the drain of your sink. This can be removed and then cleaned. If the siphon is too clogged, you should also consider replacing it. In most cases, the siphon can be easily removed. However, proper assembly must also be carried out after cleaning. This brings its pitfalls, so it is only recommended for experienced people. When in doubt, it is always better to get help from a professional. Hannecke GmbH is your specialist for drain, pipe and sewer cleaning and can help you to professionally clean your clogged kitchen drain.

Preventing clogging of the kitchen drain

In order to avoid a clogged drain in the kitchen beforehand, you can consider a few important points without using an environmentally harmful drain cleaner:

Do not pour any grease into the sink!

Fat from deep-frying or frying in the pan is often poured straight down the drain very quickly. But liquid fat hardens after a few meters in the drain pipe in the kitchen and narrows it. Too much fat will clog the pipe over time.

Let hot water run down the drain!

Slight clogging of the sink can be removed with hot water. It is therefore advisable to run hot water for 2-3 minutes once a week.

Use a strainer for the kitchen sink!

The strainer can keep coarser parts such as leftover food or long hair away from the sink drain.

Be careful when cleaning pipes in rented apartments!

Special attention must be paid to tenants when trying to clean the kitchen drain themselves. If the drain pipe is damaged by attempting to clean it, the tenant will be held liable. Such mishaps often happen when using chemical pipe cleaners or a cleaning coil. Therefore, before doing self-experiments in a rented apartment, you should contact your landlord. Landlords are responsible for the quick removal of blockages in the drainpipe in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, it can happen that you still have to bear part or all of the cleaning costs in the event of your own schooling. You can find out more here: Pipe cleaning in rental apartments

Hannecke GmbH helps when the sink is clogged

No matter how persistent the blockage is - our skilled craftsmen can solve it with professional cleaning tools. In most cases it is not necessary to pry open the wall. A cleaning spiral or a high-pressure cleaning device is often sufficient. A professional company like Hannecke GmbH proceeds cautiously and carefully in order to avoid additional damage. We can also give you valuable tips about the condition of your drainage pipes.

Contact us if your kitchen drain is clogged! We will help to solve your problem as quickly as possible and are available for you around the clock in the event of an emergency.