Are the new tattoos from BTS Jungkook permanent

BTS tattoos: what kind of tattoos do the K-pop stars from South Korea have?

Despite international popularity, tattoos are not socially recognized in South Korea. Tattoos are no longer completely forbidden - but they are associated with negative prejudices.

At this point we wonder what it looks like with the idols of the K-pop bands. South Korea's best-known figurehead - the band BTS - are trendsetters par excellence.

But do the guys have tattoos? And if so, why are these not featured on Korean TV shows as well as the Asian versions of the music videos? Here you will find all the answers to these questions!

Do the guys at BTS have tattoos?

Not a single member of BTS supposedly has a real tattoo that has actually been confirmed. Although the guys experiment more often with henna and temporary tattoos, probably none of the superstars got a real tattoo. At least not in places that are often easy to see 🙂

However, Jimin and Jungkook in particular could be real tattoos. These are often well covered or make-up removed, so that the impression is created that it could be a temporary version.

Tattoos at BTS Jimin

from comeback hint to actually a permanent tattoo ,, damn jimin did THAT.

- «iu ft suga (@happinesspjm) January 12, 2019

Jimin showed a tattoo at an appearance in 2014, which could be seen in the area of ​​the ribs. It is a temporary tattoo with the word "Nevermind" on it. At the beginning of 2019, fans viewed the tattoo again. However, it looked different, namely much more real. At the current time, Jimin has neither confirmed nor denied this possibly real tattoo.

Tattoos at BTS V

V from BTS does not have its own tattoos which are 100% verified. But it is known that he is said to be very fond of the fans' tattoos. On Twitter, V often commented on pictures of the tattoos of his own fans. In the music video "ON", however, V can be seen with a neck tattoo.

Tattoos at BTS Suga

Suga is one of the BTS members who would like to have a tattoo in the future. The rapper confirmed this in an interview with Grazia magazine. However, the social stigma attached to people with tattoos in Korea prevents him from doing so. Suga said in the interview that he would like to do charity work in the future. Tattoos could be viewed negatively here.

Tattoos at BTS Jungkook


- Megan G⁷ ♡ 📌✈️ SOUNDCHECK & FLOOR BTS MOTS TOUR (@_derpbts_) October 26, 2019

Jungkook not only frequently experiments with piercings and lots of earrings, but also with tattoos. In September 2019, the BTS member was spotted by the press at Incheon Airport in Seoul. In the area of ​​the knuckles he had the four letters "ARMY". The fans of BTS are called ARMY.

Jungkook recently showed more tattoos around the wrists and arms. In an episode of the show "BTS American Hustle Life" Jungkook told his colleague Suga that he once saw a woman with a tattoo when he was 16 years old. He said to Suga on the show: "I want that too".

As with Jimin, it is currently not known whether the Jungkook tattoos mentioned are real or not. But it is not to be expected that they are real tattoos.

Tattoos at RM

The band leader of BTS, RM, also has no tattoos and does not experiment with temporary versions.

Tattoos at BTS Jin

Like RM, Jin does not have any permanent tattoos.

Tattoos at BTS J-Hope

The rapper J-Hope is the only member of BTS who does not wear piercings. In an interview, J-Hope confirmed that he does not want to have his ears pierced. He also has no tattoos.

Why are the tattoos of BTS covered or covered with make-up in Korea?

The 100% perfectly choreographed music videos, perfectly coordinated movements and the mixing of many styles of music - all of this characterizes modern K-Pop. Tattoos as of 2020 are not part of the South Koreans' classic ideal of beauty. In order to preserve the ideal of beauty, the tattoos of the K-Pop idols are often covered with make-up or covered.

Still, there are idols with tattoos. Tiffany and Taeyeon from Girls ’Generation and Wonho from MONSTA X have been spotted with their tattoos several times.

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  1. Thank you, this entry was really interesting and exciting. I didn't even know that some BTS members might have tattoos. I'm not a 100% ARMY, but I think the information about BTS is really cool. It's always exciting to learn new things about the K-Pop stars ^ - ^ Keep up the good work