How do feminists define femininity

International Women's Day: Feminism abolishes femininity

The soldiers of the British Royal Air Force should no longer be allowed to wear skirts in parades with immediate effect. This is about representative occasions, not combat missions. It's about official uniforms that are explicitly female and that women also like to wear. Because many women like to wear skirts. And look damn good in it. One could overlook this message and simply dismiss it as a quirk of the islanders.

But now March 8th is the annual international women's day. A popular occasion to loudly denounce the injustices that are directed against women. The inevitable Manuela Schwesig will certainly speak to us.

It won't come as a surprise. Something with “more partnership” and so on. Someone is sure to get the gender pay gap out of the box. Wage differences between men and women, the more dramatically thrown up, the better. No women's day without a gender gap. It's a tradition.

Careful, "sweet mouse"!

Now we all know: Compared to many other regions of the world, we in Europe live in the feminist Shire. We have gender officers, an equality law, no means no for us, we can leave our men without being killed by our brothers. And if someone says "cute mouse" to us, we can publicly denounce him for malicious sexism. It's a high level whine.

So it's no wonder that the women's rights activists on duty have now joined forces with new groups of victims in order to bravely work against their own superfluity.

Feminists who respect themselves no longer only stand up for women, but also for gays, lesbians, queers and trans people, migrants, people of color (that used to be blacks) and of course the terrible number of genders, of whom every day more to be discovered.

Diversity is the new “feminine”, and that's where the problem begins. Because it's not female at all. In fact, real femininity is just receding bit by bit on numerous levels.

Skirt or pants?

It almost seems as if at the same pace as the so-called diversity of the sexes is fighting for visibility in society, the same side is working on the invisibility of the normal woman and her natural femininity at the same time.

Like the English who are just taking off their skirts and trousers for women. Supposedly an emancipatory act, but with an unpleasant aftermath in the justification: The women should wear pants because of this, so that transgender soldiers do not feel discriminated against, as the British newspaper "The Sun" reports.