Can boys girls wear one-piece bathing gowns

"Swim naked," says the third, who is still dressed, "you will see that it is so beautiful that you will never want it any other way!" "Is this allowed here?" the first asks back. "Have a look around!" is the answer and a look around shows that textile-free bathing does not attract any attention here. Even the nature conservation warden who is doing his inspection has nothing against it. And in fact, the swimsuit that was painstakingly put on under the dress disappears easily back into the pocket.

Now the beautiful woman lies in front of me on the shore on her blanket like the Venus de Velazquez, only that she is not looking in the mirror, but at the blue water of the lake, its wooded islands and the mountains in the background.

Here chance painted a real work of art in front of my eyes: in the foreground a successful nude installation and in the background the diverse nature of the Alpine foothills. So I save this picture of the harmony of man and nature in the gallery of my memory.

This image soon evaporates - the friend has put her bikini in the right position and they both start swimming. Now I am looking at a purely landscape painting. But even without human decoration, the view over this landscape is a delight. I watch how clouds build up on the edge of the Alps and a breath of wind ripples the water. The meadow on which I lie is interspersed with colorful flowers and smells spicy of mint and wild leek. Colors, scents and the feeling of the light warm wind on the skin ensure enjoyment of life with all the senses.

And against this beautiful background I see the people in graceful pictures having their textile-free bathing fun. I see young and old, people with beautiful bodies and others who cannot claim this for themselves, but who still impress with the ease with which they move in the air and in the sun. And the bikini swimmer from before is now lying in the sun, tanning seamlessly.

I'm going back into the water. The lake is very shallow on this bank and you can only swim a few dozen meters later. If you look around, you can see other bathers wading through the shallows at the edge of the Schíl - just like the young bathing woman in this picture by Anders Zorn, which he painted 100 years ago in a very similar landscape.

Four smaller girls are now splashing in the shallow water, the only clothes they are wearing are red headscarves over their blond hair. "Come to me," the father calls to them, "Mom is going to go swimming now!" It's nice to see how a husband and wife look after the children on an equal footing. I also pick up snippets of conversation from other families - a child asks when she sees some textile bathers: "Why aren't they naked?" To which the father says: "Everyone can do it as they want here." Tolerance is the best strategy for dealing with different opinions!

A teenage girl grabs her lazy father by the hands to pull him up. He defends himself for fun and makes himself very difficult, but then the whole family goes swimming without a cover. Another beautiful picture that I like to remember .......