How is crime in Australia in general?

Crime: Australia: Man breaks into museum and takes selfies with dinosaurs

A young Australian has apparently used the time of the Corona restrictions to plan a very special museum visit. The 25-year-old got into the Australian Museum in Sydney, which is currently closed for renovation work, at the weekend and took several curious selfies there during his tour.

25-year-old makes selfies in dinosaur skulls when a museum is broken into

Among other things, he put his head in the wide-open mouth of a dinosaur skull and put on a cowboy hat. The young burglar posed in front of several exhibits. What he apparently did not suspect: surveillance cameras took the selfie tour, the arrest followed on Sunday evening.

There have already been such amusing selfie crime stories in Germany: For example, a man stole the cell phone of a 67-year-old in Berlin in August 2017. The perpetrator took pictures of himself and distributed them on the Internet. In this way he provided the investigators with an excellent mug shot. The reader of a daily newspaper recognized the man and thus contributed to his conviction.

In Lower Saxony there was a similar selfie case as in Australia

In Lower Saxony, a 20-year-old then had a similar experience in 2013: He liked a stolen suit so much that he wanted to show the whole world how good he looked in it. After uploading photos, the police found out that the suit was stolen. Bitter: There was another criminal case against the man, for which he was arrested a little later.

The Moravian-Austrian narrator Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach (1830–1916) already knew: "Where vanity begins, reason ends."

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