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Translation of "a little boy" in Turkish

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küçük bir çocuk küçük bir çocukken


A little boy, hardly older than you.
A little boywhat a dangerous animal.
Warrick Brown was a little boy when he lost his parents.
Sometimes he acts like a little boy.
And you see how yourself a little boy bends over to tie his shoe.
ABBY: A young man and a little boy.
He is a little boy in a man's body.
A little boy was abducted from 163rd Street yesterday.
A little boy once asked me if I was a bad person.
How a little boy talking doesn't work with women.
A little boy having an asthma attack.
He is a little boythat lives in my mouth.
Beside it holds a little boy Her hand.
A little boy told me he could breathe better this way.
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