White noise is bad for baby

White noise: everything to help your baby fall asleep

Many parents have trouble getting their baby to sleep at the beginning. A sleep aid can be useful to calm a baby and gently lead them to sleep. White noise is a constant sound that you can play for your child to fall asleep.

In this article you will learn why babies have difficulty falling asleep at the beginning, how white noise helps and how you can use this method as a sleep aid. In addition let's clarify the question of whether white noise is effective or whether there is also criticism of the method of falling asleep.

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1. Newborns have to get used to their new surroundings

Newborns need a lot of closeness and security, especially in the first few weeks and months.

When babies are born, their entire environment changes. The little ones also have to get used to the new background noise after the birth. While the rushing of the blood was mainly heard in the womb, newborns are confronted with completely strange noises from one moment to the next.

Resting in the evening is very difficult for some babies because they have to process the impressions of the day. As a result, babies may find it difficult to fall asleep or sleep restlessly overall. This in turn can lead to a child starting to scream loudly in bed in the evening and unable or unwilling to fall asleep.

Due to the most diverse opinions in countless guides are many parents are very confused about what they can do to help their baby sleep better. While some experts believe that a child must learn to fall asleep on their own, other specialists argue that babies need as much closeness and body warmth as possible in the beginning.

So always listen to your stomach and rely on your own intuition to get the problems falling asleep under control. Always tailor the methods to your child's behavior and needs.

tip: In some cases the problems falling asleep can be eliminated with just a few small changes. To do this, pay more attention to when your child is really tired and make sure that there is a regular daily routine.

2. The white noise mimics the sounds in the womb

The white noise reminds babies of the background noise in the womb.

Because babies sometimes sleep very poorly, the parents' sleep is also often neglected. We feel exhausted, are constantly tired and sometimes even lacking motivation. In many cases, parents are perplexed looking for tips to help the child fall asleep better.

To solve the problem of falling asleep, you can fall back on various sleep aids. Parents have had very good experiences with so-called white noise. It refers to a constant noise in which all acoustic frequency ranges are represented equally.

The Noise is comparable to the sound of the sea, machine noise or the sound of a radio that is not tuned to the correct frequency. However, the real white noise can only be generated electronically.

White noise can be divided into several timbres. For example, while pink noise can strengthen memory, purple noise can block tinnitus.

White noise helps babies fall asleep because they already know this sound from the womb. There, children are surrounded by this background noise 24 hours a day from about the 24th week of pregnancy, so that they have gotten used to it and the noise has a calming effect.

103 minutes of white noise in the form of ocean waves, get in this video:

3. White noise to help you fall asleep - you should pay attention to this during the implementation

With most cuddly toys, the noise turns off automatically after 60 minutes.

The white noise is now available in countless different variants. One possibility is Load a corresponding video, app or MP3 file onto the mobile phone. In this way it is possible to play the noise at any place.

Meanwhile, however, there is also Cuddly toys that can play the white noise when necessary. This has the advantage that your baby can hold something in his arms to cuddle at the same time.

Is this If the cuddly toy is also equipped with a sleep sensor, the device usually goes into standby mode after about 60 minutes. However, if the child becomes restless again, the device automatically switches on again for 60 minutes.

So that the white noise can really help babies to sleep quickly and gently, there are a few points to keep in mind when using this method. Set the white noise to a maximum of room volume.

It is best to let the white noise run for about an hour or two. Of course, it is also possible to let the sound run all night. However, in this case you should use the Keep reducing the volume.

Some parents fear that their child will get so used to the noise that they will not be able to fall asleep without it. However, this is by no means the case. The white noise is especially useful in the first few months to calm a child and help them fall asleep. The baby can then fall asleep without assistance.

4. Conclusion: does white noise make sense?

White noise in tinnitus
White noise is now also used successfully in the treatment of tinnitus. The noise stimulates the brain, so that the noises in the ears fade into the background. Most of those affected play the noise on their mobile phones. However, there are also special hearing aids that generate permanent noise.

In a study by Queen Charlotte's Hospital in London, scientists found that 80% of the babies in the study fell asleep within five minutes of hearing white noise. In the control group, only 25% of the babies fell asleep during this period.

With the help of this evaluation, it can be proven that the white noise can actually help babies fall asleep. Many doctors and sleep experts expressly recommend that new parents use the white noise to create an environment similar to that in the womb.

The white noise is by no means harmful to babies. The method can only be criticized if the volume is set too highso that the noise becomes a noise that can damage the ear canals. If the noise is very close to the ear, you should turn the noise down accordingly.

5. Order the sleep aid for babies inexpensively online

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White noise: everything to help your baby fall asleep
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