What is the Su 30SM airplane

Sukhoi Su-30SM "Flanker C"

Zvezda 7314 - 1/72

Idol: Development of the Su-30 began at Suchoi in the mid-1980s. Even before the Su-27 "Flanker" was put into service, further development began. The aim was to create an entire family of aircraft consisting of a long-range interceptor, an air superiority fighter, a tactical fighter-bomber and a multi-role fighter. Suchoi referred to this as series 30. The SM is a modified Su-30MKI for the Russian air force, of which a total of 116 aircraft had been delivered by 2018, 88 of them for the air force and 28 for the navy. They are already flying to Angola and Kazakhstan. Armenia, Angola and Myanmar (SME) have ordered the Su-30. (Wiki)

Kit: The box contains 13 light gray and one transparent key with 385 parts, decals, b / w construction instructions and a colored sheet with paintings. The engravings, details and the clean cast no longer have to shy away from comparison with Far Eastern products. Zvezda now supplies top-class kits! Ejection marks are in harmless places. The engine intakes and engines are sufficient for this scale, the landing gear is superbly detailed. The branches are old acquaintances from previous Su versions as well as new ones for the Su-30.

The fuselage parts (A), the canards, wings and rudders (B, C) as well as some small parts are new. The underside of the wing offers a good surface-fuselage transition. The two vertical stabilizers as well as the two halves of the horizontal stabilizer consist of one piece, i.e. they have sharp rear edges. The slats are glued separately.

Zvezda includes four branches with external loads. These include air-to-air missiles six R-27R, two R-27T, two R-77, four R-73 and two RVV-AE. For the fighter-bomber role there are four air-to-ground missiles Ch-31 (AS-17 Krypton) for anti-ship combat, two CH-27T, two KAB-500KR, two UB-32 and two B-8M along with the associated weapon carriers.

As an encore, there are two pilots, sitting and standing, two ladders and brake blocks. So everything you need for a small diorama.

The multi-part cockpit glazing is crystal clear and free of streaks.

Building instructions / painting: The typical b / w Zvezda instructions lead to the goal in 21, sometimes somewhat confusing, steps. An extra color sheet is included for painting. Color specifications in Zvezda and Tamiya. The cleanly printed decals offer a choice of five options.

  • 31. IAP, WKS Russia, Millerowo 2015. The machine was used in Syria.
  • 43rd Independent Jaboregiment "Sevastopol" of the Black Sea Fleet, Saki / Crimea 2016,
  • 14. IAP, WKS Russia, Kursk autumn 2018,
  • 4. Combat Training Center, Lipetsk.
  • 604th Air Defense Forces Air Base of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Taldy-Kurgan from 2015.

Conclusion: A successful kit with extensive weapons accessories and interesting decoration options. We recommend.

J├╝rgen Willisch, Potsdam (June 2019)