Has the renovation at the Kolkata Planetarium been completed


‘The Gateway to the World’ educational center was created as a key project in an educational offensive of the Hamburg International Building Exhibition in the Wilhelmsburg district. It combines renovations and new buildings for three different schools [Helmut-Schmidt-Gymnasium, Elbinselschule and former Sprachheilschule] with non-school educational institutions: The Elbeinselschule with an integrated environmental center, the regional education and advice center, was created by amalgamating the 'Rebus' facility with the speech therapy school, the building of the Helmut-Schmidt-Gymnasium and the 'Torhaus' into which the non-school facilities move - including adult education center, theater on the river, parents 'school, cafeteria, production kitchen and parents' café. Like a ‘learning street’, the ground floor not only connects the buildings with each other, but also connects the education center as a whole with the public.
On the premises of the Helmut-Schmidt-Gymnasium there are high school, middle school and administration buildings, another sports hall, a converted specialist room building for a science center for secondary schools and a school & business center for professional and training orientation. A striking new building in the middle is the glass energy center. The entire new building is supplied from here. In addition, the building on the upper floor houses a geological workshop similar to a small planetarium.
With new buildings in the passive house standard and a DGNB certification in gold, the gateway to the world is a model for energy-saving and ecological building.