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Genesis (BC): 8 patriarchs Adam, Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph Adam GOD CREATED IN THE BEGINNING (Here is the beginning of time


1 Genesis (BC): 8 patriarchs Adam, Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph Adam GOD CREATED In the beginning (This means the beginning of time. The Gospel of John also begins with the beginning. But it means the time that was before Genesis 1: 1, i.e. the past eternity that has no beginning.) God, Elohim (Hebrew Creator) created (out of nothing) heaven and earth (to His joy ). (Creation is evidence of God's existence, so no one can apologize for not having known God existed (Rom. 1:20). The word created is singular in Hebrew and the word God is in Hebrew written in plural, indicating that the three Godheads, Father, Son and Spirit, created heaven and earth in unity.) The earth became desolate and empty. (The Hebrew word for became can also be translated as war. From the context, it makes sense here to translate as was. This word is also translated into Genesis 21:20: Ishmael became an archer. In Isa 45:18 it says that God did not create the earth as a desert, but habitable. According to Job 38: 4-7 the earth was good in the beginning. Therefore something must have happened that the earth became desolate and empty.) It was darkness on the surface of the deep (death) and the Spirit of God brooded over the surface of the water. (What happened, that the earth became desolate and empty and that darkness reigned? Satan was the cause. He rebelled against God. So God had to judge the earth so that it became desolate, empty and dark. Who was Satan? He was him highest angel in heaven and a king with a very high position. In Dan 3.5 the highest angel has an instrument that was previously reserved for kings only. That is why Satan was a king. Because he had a very high position, he dared The Archangel Michael failed to correct him (Jude 9). Satan was a shining star (Hebrew Lucifer). He bore God's glory. He was the son of the dawn and the anointed cherub who shielded the ark of God (Ezek. 28:14 As a cherub he should have taken the lead in the worship of God (Ezek. 10:20). The cherub corresponds to the 4 living beings who had the lead in the worship in Revelation 4,7. Satan became proud of his beauty and G. lanz looked (hes. 28.17). He rebelled against God because he wanted to be equal to God and ambitiously for an even higher position. A third of the angels followed Satan's rebellion. These are the fallen angels. In Rev. 12: 4, 9 cast to earth together with Satan. At the moment the fallen angels dwell in the air (Eph. 2,2; 6,12). Are Fallen Angels the Same as Demons? No. In Acts. 23: 8-9 mentioned in addition to the fallen angels. They existed on earth before Adam as living beings with a body and a mind, and they joined Satan's rebellion. (More information on this subject can be found in books by G.H. Pember, who studied how demons came into existence.) When God judged the demons and banished them into the depths (death), they lost their bodies. Since then they have been trying to get a body again, i.e. they are trying to penetrate the human body. You can see that in Mt. 8.31. There it is described that 1

2 Genesis (BC): 8 patriarchs Adam, Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph demons dwelt in people. The demons asked Jesus for permission to drive into the pigs. The pigs then rushed into the lake. Before Jesus cast out the demons, He drove across the lake. The demons knew what was in store for them and turned the water of the lake into huge waves. The fallen angels churned the air. So the demons dwell in the water and the fallen angels dwell in the air. With Satan's rebellion, heaven and earth were corrupted. Therefore the heaven and the earth had to be judged immediately before Adam's time (Ezek. 28:18) and the earth became desolate, empty and dark. God has not yet fully executed the judgment because He is waiting for the executors. The executors are the overcomers in Revelation. 12. The overcomers humiliate themselves in contrast to Satan, who was proud and stood up, and wanted to be equal to God. They humble themselves as Jesus did and submit to God the Father. They can humiliate themselves because Jesus lives in them. In the Lord Jesus they overcome Satan. In the first two verses of Genesis there is still more to discover between the lines: Today the demons are constantly trying to drive people into anger, into a love of money, lust or lust for pleasure. Just as darkness reigned over the deep, darkness reigned in us before we were born again. One day God's Spirit began to brood over us, working in our hearts, showing us what sin (Adam), righteousness (Christ) and judgment (over Satan) is (John 16.8). Then we decided to take the Lord Jesus into our hearts and were baptized into the Triune God and into His body. Figuratively speaking, the depths where death and demons dwell were buried in water at baptism. Day 1: God said: Let there be light! And it was light. God saw, it was good. God called light day and darkness night. It was evening and morning: a day. (The light corresponds to the word of God, the Bible. God speaks to us through the Bible and enlightens us inwardly. This is how the light of God comes into our hearts. Before our salvation we only knew night for 24 hours. But since salvation we can distinguish between light and darkness. It does not say it was morning and evening, but vice versa, evening and morning. This is because we all came out of darkness (evening) and went into light (morning). By the way, because we have been born again If we are children of light, we should not mix or marry with people of darkness.) 2nd day: God said: There should be a vault in the water, a separation between the masses of water! And it was like that. God called the vault heaven. (The vault is the atmosphere, the air that surrounds the earth. Spiritually, this air, this heaven, is an image of our human spirit that has been in us since salvation. How did God separate the heavenly from the earthly? By His Word Likewise, through God's speaking we can experience how He separates our human spirit (heavenly) from our soul (earthly) (Hebrews 4:12). What does earthly mean in relation to our soul? The earthly does not have to be dark, but it does is not heavenly either. For example, a huge, modern tie is neither dark nor heavenly, but earthly or worldly. - Why did God say 2 on the 2nd day

3 Genesis (BC): 8 patriarchs Adam, Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph not that it was good? Because the air was and is full of fallen angels and the waters full of demons. We can apply that to ourselves as an image and say: Nothing that comes from us is good. Only that which comes from Christ who dwells in us is good. On the next day, the 3rd day, we see a picture of Christ and therefore God says again that it was good.) 3rd day: God said: The masses of water under the sky should gather in one place and the dry land should come to light. And it was like that. God called the dry land earth and the water masses sea. God saw, it was good. Then God said: Grass, plants and trees should grow on the earth. They are said to bear fruit that contains seeds. And it was like that. God saw, it was good. (On the third day the land appeared. It emerged from the waters. On the third day Christ also rose. Hence the land is an image of Christ. When Christ came into us when we were born again, He began to bring the water of death into us When God's work is finished there will be no more water of death. Revelation 21: 1 says that there will be no more sea, but only land. Christ began not only to drive out the water of death in us, but He began This life now grows in us from the grass to the fruit-bearing tree.) 4th day: God said: Lights should shine in the sky: sun, moon and stars. They should separate day and night and show the years. And it was like that. God saw, it was good. (The light that God created on the first day still had little luminosity and therefore God made stronger lights, i.e. sun, moon and stars. In Joseph's dream the moon was an image of his mother (Genesis 37: 9-11) So the moon refers to the church. The church is called the wife of God in the Bible. Just as the moon reflects the light of the sun, the church reflects Christ. It expresses Christ on earth. Today is the world dark because it rejects God as the light. It is night time. In this dark time the church shines as bright as the moon. Sometimes the church is not a bright full moon, but a new moon. The relationship to the sun is then clouded because something between the two. But the church is still there, just like a candlestick without light. Sometimes you bump into it in the dark, the candlestick. But there are still stars that shine. The stars are an image of them single over winder (e.g. Luther, Zinzendorf, Murray, Penn-Lewis, Simpson, etc.). In Dan. 12: 3 says that those shine like a star who show others the way to the Lord Jesus. When people receive Christ in their hearts, Christ rises in their hearts like the morning star (1.Petr. 1:19; Rev. 22:16). The morning star finally becomes the brightly shining sun in your heart. The overcomers will shine like the sun because they are one with the Lord and reflect His light (Matt. 13:43). The believers are the light of the world (Mt. 5:14; Phil. 2:15). If it is not darkness but light that rules, order will be restored. Darkness always leads to confusion and confusion. When the Lord Jesus comes back and the New Jerusalem comes to earth, there will be no night at all, no more darkness 3

4 Genesis (BC): 8 to give patriarchs Adam, Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph (Rev. 22,5). What else do you think of when you hear the word moon? The 4 seasons are determined by the orbit of the moon and the growth in the field depends on it. Even with us Christians, not every day should be the same. In between there should be growth spurts and a festival to celebrate where we can offer our first fruit. Every table of the Lord or every fellowship we attend is a feast. In community we can share our experience with the Lord Jesus and it is like offering first fruits. There are not only the 4 seasons, but also the turn of the year. Every turn of the year is a new start and represents a major turning point. So Noah returned at the beginning of the year. At the beginning of the year the tabernacle was also built, the temple cleansed, and the captives returned from Babylon. Actually every morning is already a new start.) 5th day: God said: The water should be teeming with living things of all kinds and birds should fly in the sky! So God created great marine animals and all kinds of living things in the water, plus all kinds of winged animals. God saw, it was good. Then God blessed His creatures: Be fruitful, multiply and fill the sea and the sky! (The fish and birds are an image of Christ who dwells in us. He resists in us like a fish every death situation (sea of ​​salt). He does not become salty (dead), but always remains alive. He in us also vibrates like a bird rises above the water of death and abides in the resurrection. Therefore it is good if we abide continually in Christ as the living fish and bird. We can abide in Christ as the branch abides in the vine. Day 6: God said : Herd animals, wild and creeping animals should live on earth! And it was like that. God saw, it was good. (The fish and birds were an image of Christ. The other animals are also an image of Christ. A cow gives milk and feeds others. It doesn't fly away like a bird, but works because there is a lot of work on the earth. Sometimes it is necessary to fight like a lion. So did Judah. ​​What is meant is the fight in prayer against Satan. In the creation story a growth of consciousness can be seen, so from the grass to the fruit-bearing tree, to the fish and bird, to the cow and the lion, and to man. Man is the maturity of life and has the highest consciousness.) Then God said: Let us make man (God called them man. The word Adam means man.) in our image, in our equality. (God is invisible. How can He create man in His image? Christ is the image of God (2 Cor. 4,4). Through Christ we see God (John 1:18). Christ is the only one of the three God who has an image. Therefore God made people in the image of Christ. What do the words in Our image and in Our equality mean? Our soul (inner) is made in His image and our body (outer) according to His likeness consists of love, light, holiness and righteousness. God's equality is the form of God that expresses God's image. The created man was a copy of God's image and equality, but the divine life was not yet in him. Only when man 4th

5 Genesis (BC): 8 patriarchs Adam, Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph receives the divine life at the rebirth, he is inwardly transformed more and more into the image of God. The inner transformation finally leads to the fact that outwardly the body is transfigured. Transfigured means glorified. A glorified body shows that outwardly we have been made like God (Rom. 8:29), that is, we are in His likeness.) They are to rule over fish, birds, land animals, the whole earth and everything that creeps on it! He created them male and female in His image. (Man is a vessel and its content should be Christ (Rom. 9:21). God wants to be expressed through man. Man should express, represent and rule God's image on earth. 5.17 says that man should rule in the divine life and defeat God's enemy. Christ himself is the divine life. Without the divine life, man cannot rule. For example, a chair has no life and therefore no authority to rule The more life, above all resurrection life, is in us, the more we rule in the divine life. The divine life flows from the throne of God (Rev. 22: 1), who is God's authority. Thus flows together with the divine life God's authority within us so that we can rule. Where should we rule? Every area of ​​life is a battlefield. God wants to recapture the earth. He wants His name to be sanctified not only in heaven but also on earth approx. He wants to establish the 1,000-year kingdom on earth, and ultimately He wants to create a new heaven and a new earth (Rev. 21: 1). Hence, He longs for us to rule in Him, in the divine life. Although God could defeat His enemy Satan, He will not demean himself as Creator to do it himself. Just as a king sends out a general to defeat a rebellious general, He wants to send people out to defeat Satan.) Then God blessed them: Be fruitful, (We should bear divine fruit. Whenever we up others with divine words , we will bear divine fruit.) multiply, fill the earth and subdue it! Rule over fish, birds and all animals that live on earth! I give you all seed-bearing plants and fruits for food. I give grass and leaves for food to all land animals, birds and crawling creatures. God looked at everything He had made and it was very good. (Because Adam had the image and lordship of God, because everyone had something to eat and was satisfied, it was very good.) Thus came heaven and earth with all their living beings. On the seventh day, God finished the work and rested from His work. He blessed and sanctified that day. (The first day that man experienced was a day of rest. If we represent God and rule in the divine life, then God has achieved His goal. He can rest, is satisfied and He blesses us. One should remember this formula: Image + Lordship -> God rests, is satisfied and blesses. This formula wants to show: When man expresses God's image and rules in the divine life, God rests and is satisfied so that He blesses man.) (After we have God's purpose In the creation account, God shows us the procedure below, i.e. how He carried out creation.) Jehovah had 5

6 Genesis (BC): 8 patriarchs Adam, Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph restored heaven and earth, but it had not yet rained. (The rain from heaven is an image of the spirit (Joel 2,23; 3,1-2). But before the creation of man there was no rain. This means that the spirit (rain) is not yet with man (Earth) had mingled to give life (plants).) So there were no plants and no man to work the land. (The divine and human cooperation was not yet possible (1.Cor. 3,9), because the spirit (rain) had not yet mingled with the human being (earth). But today it is possible and therefore we should for ours Friends pray day and night.We should work our friends like a field and build them up with divine words until Christ grows out of them as life (plants).) Groundwater rose from the earth and moistened the ground. God planted a garden in Eden (Hebr. Bliss). Eden was to the east. (East is where the sun rises. There is the glory of God.) God formed man out of the dust and set him in the garden. God breathed the breath of life (Hebrew Neshama. The same word is used in Prov. 20:27 for the human spirit. Prov. 20:27: The spirit of man is a lamp of Jehovah. In order for the human spirit to shine, it needs oil. That Oil is an image of God's spirit. To understand how the spirit works, we can compare it to a radio. The radio receives the radio waves when it is tuned correctly. When we are in our spirit, we touch God's spirit.) into his nose, so that the person became a living soul. (As soon as the human spirit and body came together, the soul came into being.) Many trees with fine fruit grew in the Garden of Eden. In the middle there were 2 trees, namely the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. (The tree of life, like the vine in John 15, is an image of Christ. We are always dependent on life. We should be particularly dependent on the life of Christ in us. We should be constantly guided by Him. In contrast to this stands the tree of knowledge. People who nourish themselves from the tree of knowledge want to be independent and make themselves independent of God.) In Eden (an image of the good land) a river welled up, (This river is an image of Christ who died and rose on Mount Zion. Since Christ's death and resurrection, Christ has entered many people as a Spirit. Even today, He flows like a river from person to person to give birth and to revive.) who watered the garden and then himself divided into 4 arms. (Christ as the river reaches people in all four directions.) The four arms were called Pishon (southeast), Gihon (south), Hiddekel (Tigris, northeast) and Euphrates (north). (There is no mention of a river in the west of the good land because the Mediterranean Sea is there.) Pishon flows around the land of Hawaii. (Pishon = free, Hawila is in western Arabia, and Hawila means 'to make them grow'. This current causes living things to grow.) There is good gold (divine nature), bdellium resin (These are vegetable pearls. It was needed in the Garden of Eden.) no animal, redeeming pearls yet, because man had not yet fallen (Greek Bdellium, Hebrew Bedolach, Latin Commiphora mukul; Hindu Guggullu; resin from a balsam tree; Indian myrrh) and onyx stones. (The new 6

7 Genesis (BC): 8 patriarchs Adam, Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph Jerusalem at the end of the Bible is also made up of these 3 materials, i.e. gold, pearls and precious stones.) The Gihon flows around the land of Kush. (Kush is the old Hebrew name for Ethiopia, means black face and stands for our sinful nature (Jer. 13,23). Gihon means roaring water. Here we see the divine river, which flowed around us so strongly that it overflowed us in spite of ours could reincarnate sinful nature and will transform us.) The Hiddekel flows east of Assyria. (Hiddekel is the Hebrew name for Tigris and means as fast as an arrow. This is an aspect of power. Assyria means area or inhabited land. The river always flows where people inhabit the land.) The 4th river is the Euphrates. (Euphrates means sweet, fruitful. This river makes us sweet and fruitful.) Jehovah said to the man who should work the Garden of Eden (We should be responsible and work with God. That means working, digging up, loosening our hard hearts and open the sky.) and should protect (from the enemy): You may eat from all trees in the garden, but not from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. As soon as you eat it, you have to die. (God did not get the second tree out of the way because He wanted man to be able to choose.) Then Jehovah said: It is not good for man to be alone. I want to do something for him that suits him. (It is also not good for God to be alone. He needs the church as his counterpart. The church that corresponds to Him was begotten of Christ, lives through Christ and therefore corresponds to Christ.) Jehovah brought all land animals and birds, that He had formed into man. He wanted to see what he would call her. Adam gave everyone a name. But none of them matched him. Then Jehovah let him fall into a deep sleep. (This is an image of Christ going to his death.) Jehovah took one of his ribs and sealed its place with flesh. He made a woman out of the rib. (The rib is an image of God's life. God's life flowed like water from Christ's side when He was on the cross. The blood that flowed out of Christ's side at the same time as the water denotes salvation. Through the water and the blood we became born again.) He brought woman to man. (The man woke up again, which is an image of Christ's resurrection.) The man exclaimed joyfully: She corresponds to me, for she became me 7

8 Genesis (BC): 8 Patriarchs Adam, Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph taken from! Her name should be woman! Hence, a man leaves his parents, clings to his wife, and becomes one with her. The husband and wife were naked, but they were not ashamed of each other. SATAN VERDARB First fall of man The insidious serpent asked the woman: Did God really say that you must not eat from any tree in the garden? The woman said: God said we can eat all fruit except the fruit from the tree in the middle of the garden. We shouldn't even touch these fruits, otherwise we will die. The snake contradicted: to die? You definitely won't. But God knows that if you eat from it, you will become like God and be able to distinguish between good and bad. (Satan always questions God's Word, but we shouldn't doubt a single word in the Bible. Satan knew that the woman was weaker than the man and so spoke to her. It was not right that she had distanced herself from her husband and talked to the serpent. She should have turned away from evil and hidden behind her husband. But she made herself head and decided without her husband. We should never act independently of our man, Christ, who is in our spirits .) The woman took a closer look at the tree and found the fruits very beautiful. She thought that they would definitely taste very good. (The snake made a wise impression on the woman. Because the woman also wanted to be intelligent, also wanted to be like God, her mind began to think like the snake. The more the snake talked and the more the woman listened to the snake, the more Her mind was convinced. Her feelings also went with her thoughts, because she liked the fruit. So her will finally made the decision to take the fruit. Her soul (mind, feeling, will) was corrupted and her spirit was killed, for Satan's life came into her. Since then, sin has been in the body and the self, which is independent of God, has since been in the soul. Let us assume that the mother warns her child not to touch a bottle of poison Child is disobedient and drinks the poison. Then the disobedience is less bad than the poison in the child's body. Since the fall of man, the poison, that is, sin, has been in man, and the spirit of man is dead. But with the rebirth, the spirit becomesawakened. The more we say: Oh Lord Jesus, I love you, the more alive we become. - The first humans, Adam and Eve, wanted to be like God and became proud. But the second man (2 Cor. 15:45), Christ, submitted to God the Father. By submitting himself to Christ, or by respecting God the Father as head, He conquered God's enemy.) She took a fruit and ate it. Then she gave it to her husband too. He ate too. Both eyes opened. Suddenly they realized that they were naked and wove their hip aprons from fig leaves. (Man tried with his own effort through the fig leaf aprons to cover his sins.) In the evening, when it was getting cooler, they heard God walking through the garden. They were afraid and hid from God among the trees. Jehovah called the 8th

9 Genesis (BC): 8 Patriarchs Adam, Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph People: Where are you? He replied: I heard you walking through the garden and was scared because I was naked. That's why I hid. God asked: who told you you were naked? Did you eat from the forbidden tree? The person exclaimed: The woman you gave me gave me something to eat. Jehovah asked the woman: Why did you do this? The woman exclaimed: The snake seduced me. Then Jehovah said to the serpent: Because you have done this, you shall be more cursed than all herd animals and wild animals. Crawl on your stomach and eat dust all your life! (God looked for Adam and asked questions so that he could confess his sin. But Adam was not honest, and neither was Eve. Everyone pushed the blame on. God did not ask the serpent a question, he judged it immediately. Since then, its sphere of influence has been on earth If we are earthly minded, the serpent will devour us. But if we are in the Spirit it cannot devour us. In the Spirit we can even trample the serpent under foot (Rom. 16:20). The serpent continually becomes God's people attack because she is our enemy forever. She will develop into a dragon, but eventually land in the lake of fire.) Between you and the woman, between your offspring and her offspring, there should be enmity. Their offspring will crush your head and you will bite their heels. (It was Christ who was bitten in the heel of the cross by the serpent. But right there on the cross Christ crushed the serpent's head. On the one hand man fell through the woman (Eve), on the other hand God promised through the woman (Mary), Mary did not make herself head compared to Eve, but trusted God and respected God as her head. Therefore, she was able to bring forth Christ as her offspring. Eve's offspring are not only Christ but also the male child in Revelation 12: 5. Eve in this sense is an image of the universal church that brings forth the male child. The male child consists of the overcomers. He will be raptured to the throne and rule from there. Dwells today Christ in us, reigns in us, overcomes the enemy in us, crushing the serpent's head in us, overcoming by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony, by the word of our testimony To overcome it means preaching the gospel to the serpent and reminding it that it was trampled on the cross by Christ. There on the cross, Christ took away her power (Hebrews 2:14). He said to the woman: I will greatly increase your pains in childbirth. You will long for your husband, but he will rule over you. He said to Adam: Because you listened to your wife and ate from the forbidden tree, the field shall be cursed with thorns and thistles. With sweat you should strive your whole life to eat bread. This is how it should be until you finally come back to earth. (God ordained man to suffer suffering out of love in order to chastise him. A naughty child needs restraint, because otherwise it would bring itself to death. Those who allow themselves to be restrained by their spouse or their children are protected. What? Children are best protection for a young woman so that she is not lazy and not at 9

10 Genesis (BC): 8 patriarchs Adam, Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph dealt with that which has nothing to do with them (1.Tim. 5,13-14). Limit suffering so that we sin less. Sleeping forces us to take breaks and dying brings us to an end. Every bad person is stopped with death.) Adam named his wife Eve (Hebrew alive) because she became the mother of those who live. (Adam believed the good news of God that his wife's offspring would crush the serpent's head. He believed that he and his wife would live, not die. So he named his wife Eve, which means living. If we accept the gospel , we come to life.) Jehovah dressed Adam and his wife in fur coats. (God probably made the fur skirts out of lambskin because this fur is easy to work with. People looked like lambs in fur skirts. God put fur skirts on them to cover their sins and to justify them. Therefore, the fur skirt is the clearest Image of Christ who is the righteousness of God. Gal. 3:27 says: You have put on Christ. When we put on Christ, we put on the righteousness of God. Christ died like a lamb in place of sinners and fulfilled the righteous demands of God Therefore God forgives everyone who believes in Christ.) He said: Now man has become like one of us. He knows good and bad. In no case may he now also eat from the tree of life and live forever. Jehovah sent them out of the Garden of Eden and placed cherubim east of the Garden of Eden. (Cherubim are angelic beings.) They blocked the way to the tree of life with a flaming sword. (If man had eaten from the tree of life, he would have had to live forever in his sinful nature. God blocked the way to the tree of life by the cherubim (God's glory), by the flame (God's holiness), and by the sword ( God's righteousness). The sword stands for killing, but God does not kill without righteousness. On Mount Sinai and in the tabernacle we also see God's glory (cloud, cherubim on the ark), holiness (fire that consumed Nadab and Abihu) and Righteousness (laws). Who can meet and draw near to God's glory, holiness and righteousness? The redeeming death of Christ fulfilled God's demands of glory (the curtain of the temple was torn), holiness (He sanctified us by His blood (Heb. 13, 12)) and righteousness (2.Cor. 5:21). As soon as we put on Christ as our fur coat, we can draw near to God in Christ and enjoy all His riches.) (In the first case used man did not take his spirit and ate from the forbidden tree We can overcome the first fall by believing in Jesus and following God's path of salvation.) Abel The second fall of man Adam slept with his wife Eve. She gave birth to Cain and said: I have had a husband, Jehovah. (Cain means to win, to acquire. Eve said she had received the promised offspring and joyfully called her son Jehovah. But first Jesus was the real gain.) Then she gave birth to his brother Abel, the shepherd 10

11 Genesis (BC): 8 patriarchs Adam, Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph became. (Abel means nothingness. Probably Cain was naughty and did not believe the gospel of his parents. So Eve saw nothing but nothingness out of sheer disappointment. We are nothing because we turn to dust again. But we do wonderful things when we feed Christ's sheep. Everything except the pasture of Christ's sheep is nothing.) Cain, who became a farmer, offered a sacrifice for Jehovah from the produce of his field. Abel also offered a sacrifice to Jehovah, the best of the firstborn lambs of his flock. (Abel believed the gospel he had heard from his parents. The parents had told their children, Cain and Abel, how God had killed lambs and clothed them in fur coats. Figuratively speaking, Abel offered Christ with the sacrifice of lambs. The lambs are yes an image of Christ.) Jehovah accepted Abel's sacrifice. But He did not accept Cain's sacrifice. (Cain only thought of getting something to eat himself, because in his day no one ate meat. In his eyes Abel's work was useless. Cain was insolent and lived through his self, his egoism, in which Satan lives. He wanted Serving God on his own terms, not asking God's wishes, so he invented the first religion. In a sense, Cain's sacrifice came indirectly from Satan because Cain was in himself and thus made himself one with Satan. That offended God. Therefore, God could Not accepting Cain's sacrifice. Even today God only accepts one sacrifice where blood has been shed. Today He only wants one specific sacrifice, namely Jesus himself, who shed His blood for us. We should sacrifice to God in our prayers to Jesus Christ. ) Cain got angry (and jealous). Jehovah asked him: Why are you so angry? What's your scowl? When you have good plans, your gaze should be kind. If you plan to do evil, you will be engulfed by the sin that you should vanquish. Cain didn't listen to God. He invited Abel to look at his field with him and killed him there. (The joyful look of the sincere worshipers of God arouses jealousy in the religious. Jealousy leads to persecution and murder. The Jewish scribes, like Cain, had their idea of ​​how to worship God. They had their religion, did not ask about God's wishes and slew Jesus Christ. The religious Catholic Church also slew many Christians. It slew more Christians than the Roman Empire.) Jehovah said to Cain: Where is Abel, your brother? Cain lied to him: I don't know. Am I his guardian? Jehovah said: What have you done! Do you not hear your brother's blood crying out to Me from the field? You shall be banished from the soil that you have given your brother's blood to drink.It should not bring you any more profit if you cultivate it in the future. You are to roam the earth as a restless vagabond. Then Cain complained to Jehovah (instead of repenting): The punishment is too severe for me. I will not be able to take it. You drive me from the fertile land and put up a wall between you and me. I will roam as a vagabond, and whoever sees me will kill me. Jehovah said: No, whoever kills you will be punished seven times! God made a sign on him to protect Cain so that no one dared slay him. Cain left Jehovah's presence and settled east of Eden, in the land of Nod

12 Genesis (BC): 8 patriarchs Adam, Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph restless). (God was kind to Cain and protected him. But Cain, who first worshiped God, moved away from the presence of God and was nowhere at home. When we are in the presence of God, we are at home anywhere on earth.) Cain slept with his wife and she bore him Enoch (Hebrew initiation). Cain founded a city and named it after his son Enoch. (Cain built a city to protect himself. He was the first architect. The city was as dear to him as his son. That is why he gave it the same name.) Enoch's son was called Irad, his grandson Mehujael, his great-grandson Metushael and his Great-great-grandson Lamech (Hebr. Strong, mighty). Lamech took 2 women. (Lamech broke the principle of marriage and started polygamy because he had 2 wives.) One was called Ada (Hebrew jewelry) and the other was Zilla (Hebrew protection). Ada gave birth to Jabal. He became the progenitor of the cattle breeders. His brother was called Jubal. Jubal became the progenitor of the zither and flute players. Zilla also had a son, Tubal-Kain. Tubal-Cain was the first to forge weapons from iron and ore. (The first culture invented the city (for existence), ranching (for livelihood), music (for entertainment), and weapons (for defense). His sister was named Naama. (Hebrew lovable and attractive. She gave herself up for the lusts of men.) Lamech said to his wives: Ada and Zilla, listen to me! I killed a man because he wounded me and a boy because he hit me. If Cain is avenged 7 times, then Lamech 77 times! (Lamech killed, boasted, and was much more arrogant and impudent than Cain.) Enoch Adam slept with Eve again, and she bore him a son. She called him Set. (Insert Hebrew because God installed him in place of Abel.) Eve said: God gave me an offspring instead of Abel, whom Cain slew. Set's son was called Enosh (Hebrew, fragile, mortal man). It was then that people began to shout out loud and audible to Jehovah's name. (We also like to call out: Oh Lord Jesus! When calling on Christ is breathed in. So He can save us from fear and worry, and give us grace and strength. We call on the Lord loudly and audibly from a pure heart individually and corporately. It is allows a happy noise to be made (2.Tim. 2,22; Ps. 66,1-2). God is happy about that. In the second case, man needed his soul too much. The second case of man we overcome, by 1) worshiping God not according to our own ideas, but according to God's instructions like Abel, 2) by living for God like Abel, 3) by recognizing the nothingness of man and therefore trusting not in ourselves, but in the name of Calling Lord like Enosh.) Enoch was born in the 5th generation after Enosh. When Enoch was 65 years old, he became the father of Metuschelach. (Hebrew: 'when he is dead, it will be sent'. That was a prediction of the flood that would come as soon as Metuschelach died. Metuschelach had to live a long time and therefore needed a lot of patience. We shouldn't ask for the time, when the Lord comes back, but just walk with God. The Lord comes quickly, because 1,000 years are like one day for Him.) 12

13 Genesis (BC): 8 patriarchs Adam, Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph After his birth, Enoch walked with God for 300 years and had other sons and daughters until he was 365 years old was. Enoch had lived with God all the time, and then suddenly he was gone because God had taken him away. (Not God should walk with us, but we with God, that is, we ask about God's wishes and want to please God. Enoch awaited God's judgment day and night and therefore walked with God. How can we escape God's judgment, the death sentence? We overcome death by maturing in the divine life and walking with God (Enoch was the first person to be raptured.) Name Born Died Age For the first time Father before Christ. B.C. Adam 3'942 3 'Set 3'812 2' Enosch 3'707 2 'Kenan 3'617 2' Mahalael 3'547 2 'Jerat 3'482 2' Henoch 3'320 2 'Metuschelach 3'255 2' Lamech 3 '068 2' Noah 2,886 1 'Sem 2,386 1' Arpachschad 2,286 1 'Schelach 2,251 1' Eber 2,221 1 'Peleg 2,187 1' Regu 2,157 1 'Serug 2,125 1 'Nahor 2'095 1' Terach 2'066 1 'Abram 1'996 1' Isaac 1'896 1 'Jacob 1'836 1' Noah Third fall of man Lamech called his son Noah (Hebrew comforter) and said: He will comfort us as we work hard in the fields that Jehovah has cursed. People became more and more numerous and spread across the earth. The sons of God saw how beautiful the daughters of men were and married them. (The sons of God are fallen angels (Job 1: 6) who left their realm in the air, came to earth, put on human bodies and pursued other flesh, man.) They gave birth to Nephilim (Hebrews the fallen, giants.) ). 13th

14 Genesis (BC): 8 patriarchs Adam, Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph The Nephilim became powerful and famous men. (Satan wanted to corrupt man and make a mixture of man and fallen angels. He broke the principle of marriage, which was supposed to protect the purity of the human race. Today, Satan fills people's minds with fornication until they no longer pay attention to their reason , are no longer healthy, but are full of lust and act worse than animals. To limit Satan, God put the fallen angels in chains (Revelation 9:14). 400 years after the flood, the people of Sodom and Gomorrah imitated the fallen angels God judged Sodom and Gomorrah - In the 1st case man did not use his conscience (part of the spirit), in the 2nd case the human being used his soul too much and in the 3rd case the human being misused his Body so that it became flesh, or was under the rule of the flesh (the flesh is the worst enemy of God.) Jehovah said: My spirit should not strive for man forever because he Meat is. In addition, he should only be 120 years old. Jehovah painfully regretted creating man because everything that came out of people's hearts was always evil. He decided: I will extinguish the human being that I have created, including all animals, from the earth. Only Noah pleased Jehovah because he was a righteous and blameless man and walked with God. (Noah got to know God through his parents. His parents told him about Adam (salvation), Abel (offering sacrifices), Enosh (calling on the Lord) and Enoch (walking with God). According to the ages in the Bible, Enosh even lived to Time from Noah and Noah could learn directly from Enosh.) Noah had 3 sons, namely Shem, Ham and Jafet. All people, the whole earth, except Noah's family, were corrupt and violent. (The presence of God, God's grace, strengthened Noah to survive in the depraved world that was full of lusts and addictions. Without God's grace, no addiction can be overcome. The youth need a lot of grace because there are heroin addicts even in elementary school Because our flesh is full of addiction, it is important that we experience God's grace, through grace we become righteous (Rom. 5:17). God said to Noah, I have decided the end of all flesh, for them have filled the earth with violence. Build yourself a 3-story ark. (The 3 floors are an image of the Triune God. The top floor is an image of the Father. We can come to the Father through the Spirit and the Son. Noah was safely on top where it was brightest because of the window. At the bottom, on the lowest floor, were the low, crawling creatures.) Make them out of cypress wood. (Cypress wood is rich in resin that can withstand water. It is an image of the crucified Christ who can withstand any flood of death. Satan cannot attack.) Treat them with bad luck inside and out. (The bad luck is a 14

15 Genesis (BC): 8 patriarchs Adam, Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph image on Christ's blood. Since the blood of Christ has completely covered us since we were born again, we can no longer be damaged by any damnation or judgment (flood). When we see the blood inside the ark, we have peace. When God sees the blood on the outside of the ark, He is satisfied.) Divide it into several rooms. It should have a size of 150x25x15 m. (300x50x30 cubits. The Titanic was somewhat larger, namely 269x56x28 m. We see half the dimensions of the ark in the ark. The ark is an image of God, the second half of which is the church, which is God's testimony. The ark is therefore an image of Christ and the congregation. In the case of the ark, ark and tabernacle we see the numbers 3 (Triune God) and 5 (responsibility) in the cubits. The number 5 (responsibility) is made up of: 4 (creation) + 1 (Creator). The numbers 3 and 5 mean that the Triune God (3) mingles with the human being (4) and that God bears responsibility (5). The numbers 3 and 5 are basic numbers in the construction of God.) Set a window half a meter under the roof and a door in the middle of the long side. (The ark had only one door. But in the New Jerusalem there are 3 gates on one side. Since the Triune is God (3) in Christ (1), the New Jerusalem also has only one door in this sense, namely Christ.) I will let everything living on earth perish with a flood of water. But with you I make the following covenant: Go into the ark with your wife, your sons and their wives. Bring in a male and a female of each animal so that they stay alive with you. Take enough supplies with you and the animals. (While Noah was walking with God, God revealed His secret thoughts to him. The others were so caught up in their lusts, pleasures, love of money, and self-love that they were blind and stunned. They did not notice that the Flood was coming upon them. Noah believed God's word and built the ark, even though he had to endure a lot of ridicule (Heb. 11: 7). Anyone who speaks of the church today experiences a lot of rejection and condemnation. It would be important that the critics would listen to their consciences, because then they would not refuse to speak about the unity of the church. The church is the expression of God and it is God's heart's desire that brothers not mock one another but be in unity as the church of God, just as Noah brought about his own salvation (Phil .2: 12-16) and built up the ark, if we hold fast to Christ and live Him, we also work out our own salvation and build up the church to be saved is an image of baptism (1 Pet. 3.20-21). At baptism we are buried with Christ and we are fifteen

16 Genesis (BC): 8 patriarchs Adam, Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph died for the elements of the world (Col. 2:20), ie the world is crucified and we are crucified for the world.) Noah did everything as God ordered. Then Jehovah said to Noah: Now go into the ark with all your family, for you are the only righteous person in this generation. Take 7 pairs from the clean animals and one pair from the unclean animals. In 7 days I will bring rain to the earth. It will rain day and night for 40 days until all living things that I have made are obliterated from the surface of the earth. Noah entered the ark with his family and animals, and Jehovah closed the door behind him. In the 600th year of Noah's life, on February 17th, the locks of heaven were opened and all springs in the great depths broke open. It rained heavily for 40 days, day and night. (40 is the number of the test) The water rose, lifted the ark from the ground, rose higher and higher, until it was 7 m above the highest mountains and covered everything. Everything that lived on earth died. Only Noah and those who were in the ark survived. The water flooded the earth for 150 days. God thought of Noah and all living things in the ark. He closed the springs in the depths, the locks of heaven and let a wind blow over the earth so that the water withdrew. For 150 days the water decreased more and more. On the ark touched down on the mountains of Ararat. (The Jews have 2 calendars, a civil and a holy calendar. When the Passover was instituted, the 7th month was made the 1st month (Exodus 12: 2). Thus, he became Jesus on the Passover day (January 14th). crucified and risen on the day of Jesus' resurrection the ark landed. That is the first day of the week, the 8th day. 8 people were in the ark, which is an image of Christ. Illustratively, the 8 people landed in Christ, in the new one Life, in resurrection.) The water kept decreasing. The mountain peaks could be seen on. Forty days later, Noah opened the window and let out a raven. (The raven is an unclean bird because it eats dead animals. It is an image of carnal people. Those who love the world feed on totems, on what God has condemned. Ravens do not stay long in the church because of it there is nothing dead to eat and they therefore starve.) The raven flew back and forth, again and again, until the earth was dry. Later, Noah let a pigeon fly to see if the water had seeped away. (Doves eat grains that are full of life. Doves are therefore an image of spiritual people who stay in the church.) The dove could not find a place to rest because there was still water everywhere and returned to Noah. After 7 days he let her fly again. Towards evening the pigeon came back with a freshly torn olive leaf in its beak. Now Noah knew that 16

17 Genesis (BC): 8 patriarchs Adam, Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph the water was drained away. (The fresh olive leaf corresponds to new life in the spirit. If the church is to gain a foothold in a city, 1-2 brothers and sisters should determine whether the water of death is still rising or has seeped away. Only when the land of life appears is it time for the beginning of church life.) 7 days later he let her fly again. But she never returned. On 1.1. the earth was dry. When Noah now removed the roof of the ark and looked out, he saw that there was no more water on the earth. On the day the earth was dry and God said to Noah: Everyone should now leave the ark so that the animals can multiply. The earth is said to be teeming with them. So everyone went out. Noah built an altar for Jehovah and offered some of the clean animals and birds as a burnt offering. This was a satisfying fragrance to Jehovah. (First people built an altar and satisfied God. The altar is an image of the cross of Christ. When we experience Christ through the cross, there will be neither criticism, rebellion, nor death, but blessings, peace, joy and love .) Jehovah swore in his heart: I will never again curse the earth and extinguish everything, because everything that comes from the heart of man is evil from his youth. From now on there will be sowing and harvesting, frost and heat, summer and winter, day and night, as long as the earth exists. (Figuratively speaking, our seed today is the gospel and the harvest consists of the new believers who are brought into church life. We should be cold as frost towards Satan and our hearts should be hot and burning towards God.) God blessed Noah and his sons and said: multiply and fill the earth. All animals should fear you and you should rule over them. You are allowed to eat everything except meat in which there is still life blood. Under no circumstances should your own blood be shed because man is made in the image of God. Who kills a person is to be killed by a person, because I demand an account of the animal and of the person. (God appointed Noah as His representative. He was to exercise God's authority and punish murderers with death. This was the beginning of human government. Adam received from God only dominion over animals, not people. In Adam's time they should Let conscience rule people. But self-government did not work well. So God gave Noah more authority. If we are under God's authority like Noah, that is, ruled by God, we are spiritually exercising authority as well. We can claim His authority to to bind and loosen. This is how we can cause His authority to rule over all our situations. The church is already in the kingdom today (Rev. 1: 9). Beware, the brothers should not exercise their headship by position and say: I am the head, obey me! Only when you live in the spirit are you actually the head. When we live in the spirit, we are in the resurrection life and can in the divine Lives rule like kings.) Now I make a covenant with you, your descendants and all living beings, because I want to assure you that I will never again destroy the earth by a flood. As a sign of this I put my rainbow in the clouds. Whenever the rainbow appears, I will be on 17

18 Genesis (BC): 8 Patriarchs Adam, Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph Think of my promise.(Do not look at your feelings when it suddenly becomes angry, but look away from you at God's covenant (rainbow). If thoughts of anger suddenly appear like dark clouds, then say: Lord, send your rainbow and take away the angry clouds! Christ Jesus is, is free, has a cloudless, bright sky in him and is not under condemnation (Rom. 8: 1). In Christ we learn how we are strengthened in our weakness by His power (2 Cor. 12, There are also two short, pretty songs: Grace certainly strengthens me, because the Bible tells me this (2.Tim. 2,1). Jesus wins, I do not stumble, God's word promises me this (Jud. 24 ). We only stumble when we believe our feelings. But we don't want to believe our feelings, but God's faithful covenant, because we are a covenant people.) Noah began as a farmer and planted vineyards. One day he got drunk on wine and lay bare in his tent. (Noah was successful in the vineyard, and success easily leads to indulgence and carelessness.) Noah's son Ham saw him and told his brothers. His brothers took a coat and went back into the tent so as not to look at him, and covered their father. (We should not expose mistakes made by leaders and criticize them, even if they are wrong, because otherwise we would be touching God's government. What would have happened to God's rule on earth if Noah had given up because of sheer humiliation and never opened his mouth ? Only Noah was there to represent God.) When Noah had slept off his intoxication, he learned of the shameful behavior of his youngest son and said: Cursed be Ham, the progenitor of Canaan! As the lowest slave he should serve his brothers! (The son of Ham was Cush. Cush was the progenitor of the Ethiopians.) But praised be Jehovah, the God of Shem. (Shem became the ancestor of the Jews through whom the Bible was written (except for the Gospel of Luke) and through whom Jesus came to us.) May God spread Jafet (on earth) and let him live in Sem's tents! (Jafet could be a picture of the Europeans who spread everywhere, including America. If we believe what the Jews preach, then we live in Sems tents and come to rest.) After the flood, Noah lived another 350 years. He died in the 950th year of life. The descendants of Jawan settled the coastal lands to the edge of the earth. They all became peoples, each of whom lived in its area and had its own language, classified according to clans. (In every people there is a head who exercises authority. Originally all people were just one people. But they split because of different purposes and different ways of worship. When we love saints because they suit our tastes, we form carnal families This is the beginning of the division. If a local community rejects fellowship with certain Christians, it forms its own little people. Local communities are independent of one another, but from a universal point of view they form the one body of Christ. Illustrative examples are the 26 cantons, that make up Switzerland. The cantons are an image of the local communities and the country is an image of the body of Christ. Unity is a blessing. But it is a curse, 18

19 Genesis (BC): 8 patriarchs Adam, Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph if one is not one with the others. There was a lot of argument about baptism. We should not cling to divisive, theological terms, but rather preserve unity.) Cush was the father of Nimrod (Hebrew rebel, rebel). Nimrod was the first ruler on earth who subjugated other peoples. He was a powerful hunter. That is why one still says of certain people today: He is a mighty hunter before Jehovah, like Nimrod. First he ruled over the cities of Babel, Erech and Akkad, which are in the area of ​​Shinar (Babylonia, Mesopotamia) and then he founded the great city of Nineveh, Rehobot-Ir, Kelach (today Nimrud) and Resen. (Nimrod introduced idolatry. The Catholic Church copied this 19th century

20 Genesis (BC): 8 patriarchs Adam, Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph idols from the Buddhist temple, because Madonna represents Nimrod's mother, who was also Nimrod's wife.) The boar 2 sons were born. One was called Peleg (Hebrew: division) because in his day the earth was divided. The other was called Joktan. Joktan's territory extended from Mesha via Sefar to the mountains in the east (Arabia, south of Israel). Shem, Ham and Jafet are the descendants of all the peoples who spread over the whole earth after the flood. The fourth fall of man At that time, people all still had the same language. As they moved east, they settled on the plain of Babylon and burned bricks from clay. (With the burning of bricks all life in the earth is killed. It is a picture that the first love for God is killed, because the good earth means a good heart (Mt.13,3-8) human culture, the church does not burn the earth (or humanity), but plows it and scatters seeds in it. This is how life grows and brings up precious materials such as gold, silver and precious stones. God's city consists of stones that God made and are full of life. It is not made of bricks made by man.) They said: Come on, let's build a city that has a tower that goes up to the sky! Then our name will be famous and our structure will hold us together so that we are not scattered over the whole earth. (The tower is like a tombstone, which is a symbol for the dead. Abraham did not build a high tower but an altar when he came to the good land. He wanted to give glory to the name of God, not himself. The Babylonians got together and acted like they owned the earth. They said they don't need God and they treated the Creator like air. That was rebellion.) Jehovah came down and looked at what people were building and said, Because they are one people and they all speak the same language, in the future they will succeed in everything (evil) that they come up with. Come! Let Us (Triune God) go down and confuse their language so that no one understands the other! That is why the city was given the name Babel (Hebrew confusion). Because of the confusion, people scattered all over the world. (Because of this rebellion God gave up created man and called a new people into existence with Abraham.) Job (The story of Job is inserted here because his story must have been at the time of Abraham. Job seems to be a nomadic life because of the many animals like Abraham. Also the way in which he offered burnt offerings for his children is reminiscent of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.) Once upon a time there was a man in the land of Uz named Job (Hebrews hated, persecuted). He was just, upright, godly, and avoided evil. He had 7 sons, 3 daughters, 7,000 sheep, 3,000 camels, 500 team of cattle, 500 donkeys and many servants. 20th

21 Inset: Job His sons loved to party and celebrate. Each son in turn invited his siblings to celebrate, eat and drink. Father Job feared that they were sin and made burnt offerings for them. He made as many burnt offerings as he had children. One day Satan came before Jehovah and Jehovah asked him: Where are you from? - I wandered around. - Have you seen my servant Job? No one is as righteous, upright and godly as he is. - Satan said: Is Job so God-fearing for nothing? Have you not blessed, cherished and cherished him? Just touch everything he has. Then we'll see how godly he is and whether he doesn't curse you after all! Jehovah said: I agree. Everything he has is in your hand. But you must not touch his body. The first messenger came to Job and reported: The Sabeans attacked us and stole the cattle and donkeys. I was the only one who escaped to tell you. The 2nd messenger reported: Fire fell from heaven and burned the sheep. I was the only one who escaped to tell you. The 3rd messenger reported: The Chaldeans attacked us and stole the camels. I was the only one who escaped to tell you. The 4th messenger reported: A whirlwind collapsed the house in which your children were trapped. They all died. I was the only one who escaped to tell you. Job tore his robe, had his hair shaved on his head and prayed: The Lord has given and the Lord has taken. The name of the Lord be praised. With all this, Job did not sin. Satan visited Jehovah a second time and Jehovah asked him: Where are you from? - I wandered around. - Have you seen my servant Job? No one is as righteous, upright and godly as he is. And this even though you have persuaded me to allow misfortunes to strike him for no reason. Satan said: skin for skin! Just touch his body once. Then we'll see if he doesn't curse you after all! Jehovah said: I agree. You can touch his body, but you must not take his life! Satan struck Job with wicked sores. Job itched so badly that he used shards of pottery to scratch himself while he sat in the ashes. His wife said to him: Are you still holding on to your perfection? Curse God and Die! Job said to his wife: This is stupid talk. We accept the good from God and should we not accept the bad? With all this, Job did not sin. Job's three friends, Eliphaz, Bildad and Zofar heard of all these misfortunes that had struck Job. They agreed to visit Job together to comfort him. When they came to Job, they no longer recognized him. They tore their robes, put dust on their heads, and cried. 7 days and nights they sat with him on the ground and did not speak a word, because the pain was very great. After 7 days, Job broke the silence and said: Cursed be the day I was born. (Job was a good person, but when he cursed his birth, he was certainly no longer perfect and righteous. With the curse over 21

22 Inset: Job his birth, he actually cursed his mother.) This day is supposed to be darkness, also for God. Why didn't I die when I was born ?! Then I would sleep now and have my peace! (Job preferred darkness to light and death to life. It is hard to believe. Nevertheless, he did not commit suicide because he wanted to maintain his righteousness. Paul had very different experiences compared to Job. Although Paul was often in distress He did not curse his birth and preferred not to die but to live. For him to live was Christ (Phil. 1: 21-25). He wanted to make Christ great. If he suffered for Christ's sake, he rejoiced, for he knew that his outer man had to be consumed every day so that his inner man could be renewed (2 Cor. 4:16). Instead of showing compassion, friend Elifah begins to reprove Job: Job, you have many tired hands strengthened, encouraged and comforted. But now it has hit you and you are upset. Isn't your fear of God and your perfection your hope? Have righteous people ever perished? You must have sinned at some point and now God is chastening you. Do not reject God's chastening so that God may bless you. (Eliphaz's diagnosis of Job's situation was completely wrong. Eliphaz was an unusable doctor.) Job complained: My pain weighs more than all the weight of the sand in the sea. I ask God to destroy me. I can not anymore. I do not have any strength any more. It's all too much. I don't want to live anymore ... And instead of putting out the fire in my heart with water, you are like a dried up brook, without water. You say I sinned. If so, tell me what I sinned in. Friend Bildad said, If your sons sinned, then God let them die because of their sin. But if you ask God for mercy, He will restore your righteousness. Otherwise, consider what the previous generation taught us that God will not let the righteous perish. (Bildad spoke disrespectfully and contemptuously to Job. With his speaking he did not distribute light, but darkness. But because Job was in darkness, this also opened the way for his friends to speak in darkness.) Job said: God is wise and powerful. He moves mountains, makes the sun rise, walks on the sea and made the constellation of the Great Bear. Who can argue with Him? Even if I am right, I cannot answer Him. I would like to know what is hidden in God's heart and why He is chastening me. I have not sinned. Why was I born? If only I had died! Friend Zofar said: Shouldn't this torrent of words be stopped and should this babbler Job be right? Are you mocking and nobody should reprimand you? Understand that God overlooks much of your guilt. Can you fathom the perfection of God? Can a hollow head gain understanding and a donkey stallion be born a human? (By hollow head and donkey stallion he meant Job.) If there is evil with you, remove it. This is the only way it will get light again 22

23 Inset: Job and you will have hope. (Zofar was very angry with Job. No wonder Job criticized his friends for not showing him love.) Job said: You are impossible people. Wisdom will die out with you. I too have brains like you and do not stand behind you. Everyone knows that. Your sayings are made of ashes. Be silent now and I want to talk. (Job boasted that he knew more than his friends. He said he was superior. This shows his superiority complex.) I now want to defend myself before God. Oh god tell me what I've done wrong You watch all my ways, although I am nothing and crumble like rotten wood. Why are you bringing me into a lawsuit with you? Please hide me in Sheol until your anger turns away. Look away from me so I can relax. Eliphaz said: As a wise man, why do you say such useless words. You destroy the fear of God! Your lips are testifying against you. What do you know more that we don't know? What do you understand more than we do? There are old and old among us who are older than your father. Why are you rolling your eyes and snorting at God? Can a person stand clean before God? (Elifas rebukes Job because Job is proud and self-righteous.) I'll tell you again: The good people are fine and the bad people are miserable. Job said: I've heard that so often now. You are troublesome comforters. You ignore your words. What excites you that you answer me like that? If I were you, I would not withhold condolences. I am tired. No act of violence sticks to my hands and my prayer is pure. But my friends mock me. With tears I ask God that he will prove me right to God and to my friends. You are not wise. My days are over I hope nothing more. To the grave I say: You are my father! To the maggot I say: You are my mother! Bildad said: When will you finally set limits to the words of Job? - Why do you think we are cattle and why are we stupid in your eyes? The light of the wicked will go out. (Bildad accuses Job of having acted ungodly and therefore being punished by God with death.) Job said: How long will you plague my soul and crush me with words? You have already insulted me 10 times and you are not ashamed. You hit me hard so that I can only scream: Wrong! He took my honor away from me. (It was right that God had taken away the honor and glory from Job. The honor of Job was his perfection and righteousness.) My confidants detest me, and those I loved have turned against me. Have mercy on me, my friends! Because the hand of God hit me. But I know that my Redeemer lives and after my body is destroyed I will look to God outside of my flesh. Yes i will see him! If you claim that the root of the calamities is to be found in me, fear the sword yourself. (The words my Savior lives are good. But two small words are missing, namely in me. Today the Savior lives in us. Job didn't know that then.) 23

24 Inset: Job Zofar said: The wicked will only rejoice for a moment, for heaven will uncover their guilt and the earth will rise up against them. This is the inheritance that ungodly man will receive from God. Job said: Listen to me at last! That would be a real consolation from you! (Job was not very polite.) Why do the wicked live, grow old, and grow in power? They are happy at the sound of the flute. In happiness they enjoy their days. How do you comfort me now with haze? (Job said that the wicked not only have prosperity but also live happy lives. That is true, but it is on the principle of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, not the principle of the tree of life.) Eliphas said: Should God punish you for your fear of God? Isn't it because of your wickedness and your guilt that you are chastened? You used to seize your brother, you took off the clothes of the naked, did not give the thirsty to drink and the hungry no bread. You sent the widows away empty-handed and smashed the arms of the orphans. (To smash someone's arm is to take away their strength.) That is why there are traps and misfortunes all around you. (Eliphaz wrongly accused Job.) The wicked are consumed by fire. Therefore be reconciled to God and keep peace. Then you will experience good again.God humiliates haughty talk, but He helps the humble. (This is the human logic of Elifas and is based on the principle of the tree of the knowledge of good and bad.) Job said: God knows the way that I am walking. If He would test me, I would come out like gold. My foot held on to his crotch. I have kept his way and have not deviated. I did not give up the commandment of His lips. More than my duty I kept the words of His mouth. He will complete what is meant for me. Why do those who know God not see His righteous judgment? I know that Sheol pulls away all who have sinned. Bildad said: God is in control. No one can be righteous before God. (Bildad was right. Being a Christian is not only difficult, it is impossible. What the New Testament demands of us is too high. But we don't need to fulfill the demands of the New Testament, the Spirit within us fulfills them .) Job said: How did you help me now, since I am without strength? What kind of spirit did you emanate? (Job rebukes Bildad sarcastically, without kind words. The 3 friends had come to comfort Job. But eventually they quarreled with Job. They only knew that they had to be good in order to please God and receive prosperity. Their speaking was according to the tree of the knowledge of good and bad.) Jehovah's power is unlimited! He hangs the earth above nothing. Heaven becomes serene through His breath or spirit. His hand pierced the fleeing serpent. Who can understand the thunder of His power? (Job puts on a show with his knowledge of the unlimited power of God. Job's words here show that he had a superiority complex. It was 24

25 Inset: Job does not need to speak to his friends like that. The conversation between Job and his friends is not what one would expect of friends who care for one another. Neither of them suggested praying and looking to the Lord.) I hold fast to my righteousness and I will not let them go. My heart does not reproach me. What hope does the unscrupulous have? I want to teach you about what God is doing. When you've seen it, why are you chattering so idle stuff? When the sons of the wicked become numerous, it is for the sword. You will perish. You will not be able to eat your fill of bread either, but will starve to death. (It was not necessary for Job to speak such words without light, life, love and kindness. None of his friends needed this instruction because they already knew it. But because of his superiority complex, he instructed his friends in this way.) Silver and gold can you can find it if you look for it for a long time. But where can one find wisdom and insight? Wisdom and insight cannot be compared to gold. A bag full of wisdom is worth more than a bag full of pearls. Only God knows the place where wisdom and insight can be found. He said to people: Wisdom is to fear the Lord and insight is when someone leaves evil. (Certainly Job's friends knew this. Every divine person knows this. It was not necessary for Job to repeat this, but Job said so because he thought highly of himself and felt that he was superior to his friends.) Oh, if it was me but it was the same as in the past few months. I was praised happy. I freed the poor who called for help and helped the orphans who had no helper. I dressed with righteousness and was a father to the poor. I was listened to and quietly awaited my advice. If I had spoken, no one said anything against it. But now they are laughing at me. I have become their mockery song. The pain that gnaws at me does not rest. Didn't I cry over those who had tough days? Didn't my soul sympathize with the poor? Yes, I expected good and bad came. I walk around mourning and cry for help. My skin has turned black and is peeling away from me. My bones are burning from the heat of the fever. I made a covenant with my eyes, because I never looked lustfully at virgins, did not betray anyone, did not let any woman seduce me into adultery, took good care of my servants, helped widows and orphans, valued God more than gold and sheltered strangers . (These were the last words of Job, a self-praise. Job was very successful materially and ethically. He had achieved a high standard of perfection and righteousness. He was proud of that and he was pleased with what he was. Yet God took all that away from him because He wanted Job to see Him and not just know Him by hearsay.) The 3 friends stopped answering Job because Job was righteous in his eyes. Now Elihu got angry because Job saw himself right about God and because the 3 friends hadn't found an answer and had declared Job guilty. (Elihu said he was wise. But being angry with Job and his 3 friends was very foolish. When we are angry, we shouldn't do anything but calm down first so we don't make stupid mistakes.) Elihu said: I am the youngest 25