Why can't we fix immigration?

The tire of the bike is flat, the hair dryer no longer works, the zipper is defective - how can you fix it?

Due to the corona pandemic, there will be no repair café until further notice.

Are you an expert in repairs to everyday objects or an electrician, electronics technician or IT specialist? Do you have the time and the desire to volunteer and help people with their skills?


Many things that are broken or no longer work are simply thrown in the trash. But with a little effort, many items can be repaired and reused.

As part of the "help for self-help" program, you can repair your own defective devices under expert guidance in the repair café. Craftsmen and people with manual skills help here.

The support of the helpers is voluntary and free of charge. However, a donation is requested. Necessary material or spare parts have to be bought after consultation with the helpers.

In the repair café you can also talk to other people over coffee and cake in a nice atmosphere and watch the repairs.

What can be fixed:

  • Small electrical devices (e.g. coffee machine, lamps, toaster, hair dryer)
  • Bicycles (e.g. mending tires, repairing lights, lubricating chains)
  • Clothing (e.g. sewing on a button, sewing a loose hem, closing a hole in children's jeans)
  • Little help around the PC