Very successful people masturbate

We spoke to a guy who hasn't masturbated or had sex for 100 days

On April 5, 2014, Rory Patrick announced to his followers on Twitter that he would not masturbate for 100 days. A hashtag was soon born: # Rory100. Friends and supporters cheered him on and sent him encouraging messages, which were also characterized by total amazement and, of course, confusion. When I heard about this personal challenge, I immediately thought: Could I ever hold out I could somehow for more than three monthsdon't masturbatenot once? No. Nobody can do that. The idea is horrific. Dreadful. What the hell was he thinking?

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- rory (@rorynotroy) 1st of April 2014

Interestingly, more and more men are also choosing to take this step. They call themselves "Nofappers" and "Fapstronauts", which sounds more like people jerking off in weightlessness. This community, mostly made up of men, takes it pretty seriously. According to (yes, it really does exist) the reasons for abstaining are different, but the result is always the same: Supposedly you will become a better person. Some want to get rid of their porn addiction, which then frees up more hard drive space. The movement also claims that your self-control will improve, that you will have more time to spend, and that your mood will generally change for the better.

"Many nofappers report that their lives are now more cheerful, especially their attitudes towards sex and interpersonal relationships," says Nofap's "About" page. The community has grown so large that it already has its own terminology. Most words sound like things a Redditor would mumble to themselves after too much alcohol in their sleep, such as "Blue Petal," the feminine equivalent of "Blue Balls." That all makes sense though, because the movement was launched through a Reddit thread. In the subreddit "Today I Learned" someone posted a statistic claiming that men testosterone levels increase by over 45% after seven days without masturbating. And then the "No Masturbation Challenge" was born.

However, Rory Patrick was unknown to the nofap community when he started his experiment. He did this for himself and instead of short-circuiting with the fapstronauts, he kept his fans regularly updated on his progress via Twitter. On July 13th, his masochistic endeavor finally came to an end. Now I was finally able to talk to him about it and find out if the benefits of not masturbating really existed (without having to try it out myself).

just the 2 sweetest [] s carrying me to the end nbd RT @annabelle_nyst: @rorynotroy solidarity. we love you. # / INXa3nICJi
- rory (@rorynotroy) 13th of July 2014

VICE: I need to know why now, of course. Why did you do this to yourself and why 100 days? One hundred days, man. Why? WHY?
Rory Patrick: I just noticed how masturbating changed my daily routine. Here is an example: I wanted to go to the gym or jog and said to myself: "OK, I'm going to run right now, so I'll just relax before that." After masturbating, I crawled into bed with a bag of chips and turned on the TV instead of actually going for a run. An orgasm was also my all-purpose weapon against stress or pain and that just didn't seem healthy to me. Then when a friend told me about these people who can go 90 days without masturbating, this one came inside Competitive thought came up and I said I could do 100 days, I was just hoping this challenge would kick start me not to cum for a while.

So you made this decision and launched the hashtag on Twitter. What was the support like?
The support was really touching. The Twitter community is so overwhelmingly positive and empowering at times. My buddy Josh and I started taking photos of ourselves in which to greet us The Hunger Games do. People took it over, took the same photos and put the hashtag under it. It showed me that people thought of me, so I wasn't cheating because it seemed to give them joy. I didn't want to destroy it all in one night because the work stressed me out and I had to jerk off because of it. Some people asked me every week if I had given up by then and others also sent me nude pictures to tempt me to masturbate. But in general people stood behind me and hoped I could make it through the 100 days.

How often did you masturbate before the action?
Actually every day. As I said, it was necessary at some point because every time after a stressful situation I felt this need to withdraw to my room and jerk off or have sex. My sleep rhythm was also completely based on my orgasms. At some point, wanking off before going to sleep became a habit. I should probably react differently to life's obstacles than just emptying my balls.

When was it the hardest? Can you remember certain days when you almost gave up? How did you resist temptation?
The first four days were hell and it became apparent how much jerking off helped me every day. Masturbating before bed was also a routine. At the beginning I couldn't change this completely. That's why I was still watching a little porn before falling asleep without touching myself. Sleep was then impossible. I rolled around all night trying somehow to get three hours of sleep at a time. I've tried everything from sleeping pills to eating comas, but falling asleep or staying asleep was still difficult.

In one day the whole challenge almost failed. Some of my friends on Twitter were in town and we drank away our pears — I always feel uncomfortable the next day after such evenings. I still remember that it was on day 86 because I said to myself: “That's okay, you made it through 86 days. Not many people can do that. "I already had my cock in my hand and wanted to get started. After taking a few more deep breaths, however, a buddy wrote me back (I texted several people, but it was in the middle of it the night) and gave me the impetus to get up, take a shower and shake off the craving.

Did that whole no-show rule include sex?
Yes, absolutely no orgasm, so no masturbation and no sex.

How did that affect your mood?
After those first four days everything was pretty good. The time I used to take for jerking off was now for running and exercising. I also felt more eloquent. I work in suicide prevention and I noticed that I was getting on better with people and listening with more focus. I wrote a lot more than before and took time to read. It makes me angry when I think about the fact that instead of doing such activities, I always thought: "Hey, I just have 20 minutes, maybe I should see if there is good porn back." And they are always on Begin.

# rory100 finally
- rory (@rorynotroy) 14th of July 2014

After the 100 days ended, how long did it take you to jerk off again? Did you do anything special to prepare for the joyous event?
The last day was great. This was also where the World Cup final took place, which I watched with a friend. After he left, I worked out and tidied up the apartment. Then I took the time and practically prepared myself for myself by shaving and personal hygiene. I then went on a bike ride to pass the time and met a few friends for a few drinks around midnight. My roommate and one of my closest friends had promised not to be home so I could be as loud as I wanted. I tweeted a few more thanks and when the time came I was naked and really enjoying myself again. It only took a few minutes, but the end was spectacular.

My whole inside was trembling - I've never seen anything like it. Then I ejaculated on my chest with as much force as I did when I was 14 years old. The orgasm was felt in the room for at least 20 minutes. I posted another picture that made me smile and then logged out for a while. I haven't masturbated continuously since day 100, but I did lend a hand every now and then. I have now become more aware of why I need to orgasm. This is important. But I've already missed the whole thing and I'm glad that I'm allowed to go again now.

What are your masturbation plans now? Are you going back to old habits or do you want to change something?
The last few days of the challenge were really nice. The Internet supported me and some even refrained from masturbating out of solidarity during this time. But I'm not going to do totally crazy things to myself right now. I just think of it as a juice regimen. I try to curb myself and keep up the habits of the past 100 days. So when I get stressed or anxious, I don't immediately let my pants down or invite someone to 'watch a movie'. I want to approach these moments with a healthier mindset now. My apartment has never been cleaner and my body has been used for something other than jerking off for the past 100 days. I hope it continues like this.

So would you accept the challenge again?
In any case. To be honest, I'll definitely do it all over again.

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