Why is rock music disappearing these days

Why are there no more world hits !?

it is often difficult for artists to see themselves in an "era".
every decade had its own style, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s ... and somehow you only recognize that when you are out of there?
the broad masses like to live in the past and like to hear the past hits.
In the early days of pop music or rock music whatever, that was perhaps not quite possible because a lot of new things were only just being born ...

hmm however, each of these epochs had its hypestars. the past musical geniuses of the last century are now actually all dead or inactive.

ray charles, hendrix, elvis, james brown, johnny cash, m. jackson, beatles, abba ...

the question of who will take over the legacy of the "leading figure" of our decade is right, as the stars listed were recognized during their lifetime.
I think that is also due to the widespread and "self-maker" mentality. bands are sprouting up, they are commercialized, there are guitars for everyone and lessons are freely available on the internet.
i currently see our communication society through the internet as the "style" of our decade and somehow questionable for me, but i always remember the "generation conflict" myself.

But of course, commercialization hasn't only been around for 20 years. the innovation field of music has been systematically explored since the invention of pop music. with the fusion of jazz and rock, the mix of styles was the last innovation. old structures were changed and they were taken to extremes (grindcore), for example ... but hundreds of years ago people feared the "downfall of the west"
and "classical" composers were also able to produce innovations according to arnold Schönberg.
and he broke with the rules of tonality, after all, the (then) last rule of music at all. It couldn't go any further, could it? and jazz followed ...

I think hip hop or the style of rapping has not yet been integrated into the mix of styles so extremely, imho can do more.
maybe it will. although innovation does not always produce the world hit.

hmm, I don't want to write that much text