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happn - rediscovering who you have met

The dating concept of the happn app promises to be the solution to a dilemma that we all have experienced at least once. How often does it happen that you happen to run into someone who you really like, but you don't dare to speak to them spontaneously? Or you sit with friends in the bar and just can't take your eyes off a certain person - but again don't jump over your shadow to invite them for a drink, for example. happn promises a second chance and would like to give the many (escaped) little everyday flirts and chance encounters a happy ending.

In addition to a short profile description, you can add various photos to your own profile, as is usual with such apps. If desired, you can also link your Instagram account. The app tracks where you are in the background using the location function. If the paths cross somewhere with another person who has also installed the app, or if you happen to be in the same place, you will be shown to each other in the app's timeline. The app also provides information on exactly where and how often you have run into each other.

If both people press the little red heart below the profile picture, you have a so-called "crush" and can now chat with your new flirt. In practice, however, you will not be able to tell all the people you are in In fact, the app usually records all happn users who are in the immediate vicinity of you.

Advantages: Exciting concept; attractive design; helps to get to know new people in one's own environment; no messages from people who have not been marked with a heart.

Disadvantage: Due to the still low number of members in Germany, only useful in large cities; uses a relatively large amount of battery.