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On this page I present you the well-known and serious onesTravel provider where I research my vacation bargains every day. In this way, you can find out more about the respective travel provider before booking a trip and also make comparisons with other providers. I will inform you about the additional costs that can be incurred when booking a trip with the providers as well as the advantages and disadvantages of individual providers. On the whole, the portals do not differ too much, but there are portals that are better suited for booking last-minute trips, for example, and providers where you can find better package tours for early bookers. Just click your way through. You are also welcome to write to me and tell me about your experiences with the respective provider.

Package tours

Package tour operators are literally a dime a dozen. Since it is not easy at all to keep track of which travel company is reputable and customer-friendly and has really good offers for package tours in their repertoire. In my detailed comparison, I took a closer look at the most famous travel providers for you. All of the travel agents and travel agents presented here are reputable and do exactly what you expect: offer package tours. I have been working with some of them personally for years and can recommend them without reservation. You can find an up-to-date overview of the cheapest package tours here.


1-2-FLY is one of TUI AG's most affordable travel brands. The travel company has made a name for itself primarily with early bird offers. He's also one of the leading companies when it comes to Club package tours goes.

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The tourism provider 5vorFlug is a subsidiary of FTI and sells package tours, hotels, flights, rental cars and other products on its website. 5vorFlug acts as both a tour operator and an agent.

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The tour operator alltours belongs to the alltours group of companies and was founded on January 15, 1974 as a travel agency on the Lower Rhine. In addition to a website, the travel company operates more than 200 travel agencies and owns 34 hotels.

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Anex tour

The German tour operator based in Düsseldorf has been on the market since 2017 and specializes exclusively in package tours. Anex Tour is limited to the most popular travel destinations.

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BUCHER REISEN is a travel agent and agent and belongs to the second largest tourism company in Europe, the Thomas Cook Group. Accordingly, there are identical offers on BUCHER REISEN.

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DER.com is a travel provider of DER Touristik, where you can book a wide variety of offers from numerous providers. The internet portal pools the knowledge of over 2,000 travel experts.

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Mountains & sea

Founded in 1978, Berge & Meer is now a popular tour operator for package tours. Berge & Meer Touristik GmbH specializes in group and adventure tours, which the company sells directly.

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The tour operator, headquartered in Frankfurt, is part of the DER Touristik Group and thus one of the largest tour operators in Germany. DERTOUR was founded in 1917 and was one of the first travel companies in the country.

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The online travel agency based in Berlin is part of the Expedia Group from Bellevue in Washington. The company was founded in 1997 and since 1996 travel-hungry travelers have been able to book a wide variety of trips on Expedia.

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HLX is a classic online provider for flat-rate and last-minute trips, where you can find really cheap trips from time to time. On the one hand, own trips are arranged, but also offered by other tour operators.

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The holiday and review portal HolidayCheck is operated by HolidayCheck AG, based in Switzerland. It is the largest opinion portal for travel, hotels and vacations in Germany.

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ITS travel

ITS offers many great package tours with train to flight tickets. That makes the offers particularly attractive. ITS Reisen is a tour operator and is operated by the large tourism group DER Touristik.

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Jahn Reisen

Jahn Reisen belongs to the well-known REWE Group based in Cologne and has made a name for itself as a high-quality tour operator to this day. The tour operator has been on the market since 1979.

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Ltur GmbH was founded as a tour operator in 1987 and specializes primarily in last-minute trips in Europe and the world. In addition to the online platform, there are 140 sales outlets.

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Lastminute.de is one of the pioneers of travel providers on the Internet and is part of the Travelocity Europe group. The travel agent has been providing package and last-minute trips on its website since 1997.

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GALERIA travel

At GALERIA Reisen you get a comprehensive overview including reviews and price comparisons for hotels and package tours. You can choose between early bird bargains and last minute offers.

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Restplatzboerse was founded in 1988 as a platform for last-minute travel. In 2004 the company was finally taken over by Kunoi Austria. Restplatzboerse now has 21 travel agencies throughout Austria.

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April, April, he doesn't know what he wants. The weather in April can be fooled. So why not just get on the next plane and fly towards the sun?

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Everyone knows the red, winking logo that belongs to TUI. And everyone has at least heard of this tour operator, often booked a trip through it. But how good is one of the most traditional travel companies?

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The travel provider Weg.de is clearly one of my favorites among the travel booking portals. Weg.de is operated by Comvel GmbH and offers a variety of different trips, flights, hotels and so on.

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With Ebookers you can book almost anything: accommodation, flights, rental cars, activities and package tours. You will find offers from a total of over 270,000 hotels, 400 airlines and rental car providers.

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FTI is the fourth largest tour operator in Europe and accordingly has a well-established repertoire of travel offers. You have the choice between countless package tours, themed trips and individual trips.

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ADAC travel

At ADAC Reisen you will not only find last minute and package tours. The focus of the travel provider is clearly on camper trips. For this purpose, ADAC Reisen offers a large portfolio of campervans all over the world.

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On onlineweg.de you will find a large selection of different trips that you can book online. Included in the offer 85 tour operatorswhose offers you can compare on the online platform.

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Luxury travel company

Of course, there are also numerous providers in the luxury segment who outdo each other in offering their customers the most unforgettable vacation. Private transfers, airport lounges, fantastic luxury accommodation and all-round catering with numerous extras await you. Usually a service that is always by your side with a helping hand during your trip is also included. Many providers act special extras, who add that certain something to your trip, meet with various tour operators and thus stand out even further with your offer. So if you are looking for uniqueness and offers that are individually tailored to you, you will definitely find what you are looking for with these luxury travel providers!

Secret escapes

Hotels with a high standard, special extras and carefully selected accommodations at great prices: That is Secret Escapes. The time-limited deals are selected by hand and offered at the best conditions.

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WINDROSE is part of the FTI Group and impresses above all with top-class offers. From A to Z you can plan a vacation according to your ideas - you get an all-round package for the most dreamy destinations.

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Design trips

Designreisen specializes in tailor-made offers in the luxury sector. Means: You will not be made ready-made offers, but you ask for your individual destination, type of accommodation, catering and special requests.

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airtours is part of TUI and serves the luxury hotel and special offers segment. Here you will find trips, cruises and luxury hotels or you can have your special wishes fulfilled with the PRIVATE TRAVEL offer.

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One Luxury

In addition to classic dream destinations in the Caribbean, Africa and Asia, the direct agent One Luxury also offers golf trips and detox vacations. Here, too, you ask individually to get the perfect deal.

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Discount stores

Discounters have also discovered the travel market for themselves and are offering hotels, package tours, city trips and event trips on their online platforms. First and foremost, they act as travel agents and cooperate with other well-known tour operators. The advantage of booking a holiday with a discounter is that they negotiate special discounts or travel extras with the tour operator and can therefore not only offer trips more cheaply but also with other attractive services. In principle, however, the selection of offers from discounters is smaller than from conventional travel providers. However, the price comparison is always worthwhile for a bargain!

ALDI travel

Everyone knows them: the discounters ALDI North and ALDI South. Together, the corporations are the most successful in the world. So it's no wonder that ALDI has also been involved in the holiday market since 2007 and offers bargains here too.

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LIDL travel

LIDL Reisen is an offshoot of the supermarket discount store LIDL, where you can find cheap trips to a wide range of travel destinations. In the LIDL offer you will find package tours with flights as well as travel offers with personal arrival.

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Net vacation

Netto Urlaub is also one of the German discounters that offer travel as well as cheap groceries. The company was founded in Regensburg in 1928 and has now established itself as one of the most popular branded discounters.

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REWE travel

Similar to the discounters LIDL, ALDI and Netto, the retail and tourism group REWE Group has now entered the tourism industry with the REWE Reisen brand. The group of companies was founded in 1927.

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Tchibo Travel

Since Tchibo started as a coffee dealer in Germany in 1949, the coffee giant has steadily expanded its range. Today, in addition to coffee beans, clothing, furniture and sports equipment, Tchibo also sells travel, among other things.

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Short trips

Short trips are now one of the most popular forms of travel. Fortunately, Germany and Europe offer plenty of interesting metropolises to be discovered. So it's no wonder that travel providers are also involved in the market and some of them have specifically specialized in short trips. Short trips include classic city trips with and without a flight as well as wellness weekends and event trips such as visits to musicals. The best travel providers on the short trip market include Travador and Travelcircus, for example. Here you get trips in an all-round carefree package.


Travador has been on the market since 2013 and, in my opinion, has now developed into one of the best providers for short breaks and weekend trips. At Travador you will find cheap trips in different categories.

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TravelBird was an online travel agent that went on the market in 2010 and offered a very large selection of trips such as city trips, wellness, cruises and event trips. In 2018 TravelBird finally filed for bankruptcy.

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The company Travelcircus has been offering a wide range of travel offers such as city trips, wellness offers and musical tours exclusively online since 2014. It describes itself as a "booking platform for premium travel experiences".

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The Austrian tour operator specializes in travel in the Alpine region. Reisefux offers a selectionhandpicked hotelswhich are thoroughly tested by the employees in advance for their quality standards.

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search engines

Search engines have become an integral part of the travel market! For me, too, they play an important role in finding the best deals for you. Reason enough to introduce you to my absolute favorites and share a bit of bargain knowledge with you. Search engines help you to compare thousands of websites and prices in a few seconds in order to find the cheapest travel company for you. There are now search engines for flights, hotels and even package tours. I recommend that you always compare prices with a search engine, especially when booking flights or hotels, as you can really save money here.

Airfast tickets

Airfasttickets is a flight search engine. In the last days and months airfasttickets has been advertised on the German market on many channels with advertising campaigns, which is why I am sharing my experience report with you here.

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Bravofly is a flight search engine that offers you the cheapest prices on different airlines. It is operated by Bravofly SA based in Switzerland. The flights can be booked directly with the provider.

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Flugladen.de is a provider that specializes in the sale of flights and is one of the largest online ticket providers in Germany. In addition, hotels, rental cars and package tours are also offered.

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SWOODOO is a search engine that compares different websites with one another. The company started out as a search engine for flights, but now also offers hotels, package tours and rental cars.

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Trivago.de is the comparison portal par excellence when it comes to looking for a cheap hotel. The hotel price comparison is operated by Trivago GmbH, based in Düsseldorf. It is also active in other countries.

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Hometogo was founded in 2014 by the founders of SWOODOO and Casamundo. The search engine specializes in holiday homes and offers you the opportunity to find the right accommodation for you worldwide.

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CHECK24 is definitely one of the all-rounders among the comparison portals. The largest comparison portal in Germany compares coffee machines, insurance and mobile phone tariffs as well as hotels, flights and package tours.

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Wimdu is a free search engine for vacation rentals around the world. It searches a total of more than 600 providers and 16 million holiday homes in over 150 different countries for you with one click.

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At KIWI.com you can get hold of flights. Thanks to the cooperation with almost 700 airlines worldwide, it is possible to combine large airlines and low-cost airlines that normally do not cooperate with each other.

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Skyscanner is a meta search engine that compares flight prices from over 1200 travel companies for you at the same time. In addition to flights, you can also compare hotels, package tours and rental cars.

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Do you prefer to book your flight and hotel separately? You just need accommodation for your next trip? Or are you looking for an apartment or a holiday home? Numerous platforms have now specialized in booking holiday homes, hotels and special accommodations.


Airbnb is probably the most famous platform for vacation rentals. Here you will find private rooms, apartments and houses through to exclusive holiday homes. Airbnb operates in over 190 countries and over 26,000 cities.

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What began as a small start-up in the Netherlands in 1996 has developed into the market leader with over 1.5 million reservations per day. The company offers over five million accommodations on its website.

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On the booking platform you will find hotel bargains for private as well as business travelers. The wide range of the hotel broker includes, for example, wellness hotels, family hotels and aparthotels.

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Apartment directly

When it comes to booking cheap holiday apartments for a trip, FeWo-direkt is a popular contact. The platform has more than a million holiday residences on its website.

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If you are also looking for suitable holiday homes that suit your personal requirements, you can visit the Casamundo online portal with over 700,000 holiday homes.

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The difference between travel agent & tour operator

In principle, the term travel provider includes all companies that offer tourist services such as package tours, hotel or flight bookings. Thus, travel providers can act as travel agents as well as tour operators.

Tour operator

As the name suggests, the tour operator is responsible for organizing the trip. This primarily includes the combination of at least two different travel services in a package tour. For this, tour operators usually buy a contingent of hotel rooms and airlines from third-party providers and thus secure the exclusive sale of the holiday trip. This also gives them leeway in terms of the sales price and can, for example, grant special discounts or increase the margin if demand is particularly high. Meanwhile, however, a large number of large tour operators also have their own hotel chains such as TUI Sensimar or Thomas Cook SENTIDO as well as their own airlines. Well-known examples of tour operators are TUI, Thomas Cook and FTI.

Travel agent

Travel agents act as an interface between a tour operator and the customer. As a rule, travel agents do not offer their own trips. The main focus is on advisory and sales activities. In the case of a vacation booking by the customer, the travel agent forwards this to the tour operator. The classic travel agents include, for example, travel agencies. However, more and more travel agents have also recognized the potential of the World Wide Web and expanded their business to include online platforms. Pure online travel agencies are also involved in the market today. In principle, travel agents can - but do not have to - act as tour operators and offer a combination of their own trips and other offers from other tour operators. Prominent travel agents are, for example, Expedia, BUCHER REISEN and Restplatzboerse.com.

List of travel providers

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