How many internships can a company offer?

Find companies

Some people spend their entire lives working towards making careers in a particular company. Others are a little more open when it comes to choosing a company. An internship is good for both groups - for one to gain a foothold in a dream job, for the other to get to know different professional fields and profiles. Almost all future interns depend on one thing: the job search.

Basically, you can either look for interesting companies and then apply for individual positions there, or you can look for advertised positions and only then find out about the employers. In the following, we would like to present you with useful tips on where and how you can search to find a good internship.

Search for virtually real jobs

For students and interns of today, of course, the Internet is the first port of call when it comes to information of all kinds. On Google you are flooded by job exchanges and job markets. The texts found with the help of search engines will not always help you if you want to get to know a company. On you will not only find authentic reviews from other interns, but you can also get insights into our partner companies (link). What is it really like at Bertelsmann and what do former interns say about Peek & Cloppenburg?

It is often worthwhile to take a look at official company websites. Small companies in particular do not position all job searches on online exchanges. If the right internship is still not there, many companies are also happy to receive speculative applications. With an application like this 'on good luck' you show that you are not only interested in any internship XY, but that you have a personal interest in precisely this company. So that you don't try in vain, it can make sense to call the company of your choice beforehand to find out whether they are currently hiring interns at all.

Make other people's experiences your own

Most companies' job advertisements are very interesting to read. But will what is written there be implemented or will you just end up being the coffee-making intern after all? To avoid such a dilemma, one should rely on friends, acquaintances and relatives. If someone from your circle of acquaintances has already had positive experiences with a certain company or knows an employee, you can confidently apply.

Of course, you don't always have someone on site who knows the dream company from the inside out. That is why you can take a look at the reviews of other interns on and use the details to form your own judgment.

Another alternative to get insider knowledge about companies is to visit your university's career center. The employees are constantly receiving new internship offers from local companies and can certainly tell you about the experiences of other interns. Private universities and technical colleges usually even have regular collaborations with certain companies.

If you want to introduce yourself in person right away, job fairs are a great way to find an internship. Throughout the year, trade fairs are held in large and small cities to bring you closer to the various companies and their vacancies. Pack your résumé (and work samples, depending on your career aspirations) and make a good impression on site. Maybe this way you can convince the recruiter to invite you for an interview and get an internship.

Last but not least: Many get an internship through an internship. Sounds weird? But that's how it is. Large companies often have support programs for former interns. Once you have been accepted into such a program, you have a very good chance of being offered further internships in Germany or even abroad at other company locations.