How do payment processing companies work

Common questions about verifications

What happens if I enter my company address?

If you do not provide a home address, we will likely not be able to automatically verify your identity or the identity of your director and will likely require additional documentation. This will take longer to verify your account.

Can I verify my identity with the same document that I used to verify my address?

We cannot use the same document for two verification tests. For example, if you upload a copy of your driver's license or ID card as proof of your address, we cannot accept the same documents as proof of identity.

I have an official photo ID but it has expired. Can I still use it?

Verification checks using valid documents are a legal requirement. Therefore, you would need to provide us with a document that meets our requirements and is valid.

Why do I have to make the verification payment?

Our verification process meets our regulatory requirements as an FCA-regulated payment processing company, while at the same time ensuring the smoothest possible process for you as a GoCardless merchant. In addition, the process helps improve the security of your GoCardless account and guarantees that we will only pay out your money to an account owned by you, your company or your charity.

With the verification payment of £ 0.01 / € 0.01 we can ensure that the details for the withdrawal bank account match the details you added in GoCardless and that we are sending your withdrawals to the correct account.

I can't make a 1p verification payment - what can I do?

That shouldn't be a problem - we understand that not everyone / every organization uses online banking and that some account types do not allow outbound transfers of this type.

If you are unable to complete the verification payment, please email us at [email protected] to explain why you are unable to make the verification payment and we will seek an alternative verification method.

I cannot make outgoing payments under £ 1.00 / € 1.00 to verify my bank account.

We quote an amount of £ 0.01 / € 0.01 as this is an amount that most account types allow. However, we understand that some banks / account types have a minimum amount for outbound transfers and therefore do not allow this payment.

However, the amount is not the decisive criterion for verifying accounts. We can use the verification payment to verify your account regardless of the amount transferred.

If you don't want to make a payment of this size for verification purposes, please email [email protected] so we can try other ways to verify your account.

Please note that we cannot refund verification payments.

I made the verification payment. Why is my bank account still not verified?

Once you've made your verification payment, it may take up to two banking days for us to verify your withdrawal bank account.

Payments made during business hours on bank business days should appear on your bank statement on the following bank business day (e.g. if you make a 1p transfer on Monday morning, we should see the transfer on Tuesday).

Payments after close of business, on weekends or public holidays only appear two bank business days after the transfer (e.g. if you transfer on Friday evening, the transfer will only appear on the following Tuesday).

Every incoming verification payment report is automatically checked. If your bank account details match what we expect, the status of your bank account verification will automatically update to "verified". If the data is different, a member of our verification team will contact you and help you complete your verification process.