What are important aspects of life

Survey in Germany on important aspects of life, goals and values ​​up to 2020

Published by V. Pawlik on August 5th, 2020
Germans love their friends - according to the results of the Allensbach market and advertising media analysis (AWA) from 2020. For more than 85 percent of the people surveyed, good friends and close relationships with other people were the most important aspect in life and therefore in the Previous years front runner in the survey. Followed by commitment to the family and a happy partnership. About 33 percent considered social advancement to be particularly important in life.

What are the differences?

Social contacts are also of the utmost importance in life for 16 to 26 year olds. A comparison of the sexes makes it clear that the social component is particularly important for women, while success at work or material wealth are relevant for men. It is also essential for a beautiful life to have a lot of fun as well as independence and self-determination in life.

What is the Allensbach market and advertising media analysis?

The Allensbach Market and Advertising Media Analysis (AWA) has been carried out by the Allensbach Institute for Demoscopy since 1959 and, along with VuMA, is one of the most important market media studies in Germany. As part of the survey for the AWA 2020, personal interviews were conducted with more than 23,000 respondents; the results of the survey are representative of the German-speaking resident population aged 14 and over and can therefore be extrapolated to 70.64 million people in Germany. In terms of content, the AWA covers attitudes, consumer habits and media use of the population.