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Who wouldn't want a copy like this at home? Now my husband can do a lot, but he also loves instructions, so I just had to hit it with this title!

The table of contents reads almost like The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy ... The book is divided into 6 categories: Getting away, sports and leisure, love and sex, domestic debacles, at work and in terrain.

We could have used the fire ants last week, there were quite a few in the forest. The advice is all written in a very amusing way and although many can be understood with a twinkle in the eye, there are also useful hints. For example, how to make housework fun, how to prevent snoring or a conversion table for food to beer ...

For Bachelors there is really a lot involved - in the past, such tips were probably passed on from generation to generation in compliance with a special rite ... Girls, didn't you ask yourself in the past why boys can open bras with just one hand even though they don't wear one?!? But also tips for creating an online profile or how to survive extreme bloating can be found in the All-rounder.

Very adventurous situations are also described like this one, how to jump on skis from a 30 meter high cliff, survive a hot dog contest or how to cool drinks in the desert ... I wonder if you have the book to hand then or not remembers what has been read ... but good.

All in all, it's a wonderful gift idea for a bachelorette, the student who moves into their own apartment, but also for husbands and dads who get tips for everyday life in a funny way - or at least something to laugh about! I forgive 4 of 5 favorite reading chairs for the All-rounder!


  • Hardback edition: 512 pages
  • Publishing company:GRÄFE UND UNZER Verlag GmbH
  • Publication date: April 10, 2018
  • Language: German
  • Price: 19,99 €
  • ISBN: 978-3833864032
  • Blurb: The ultimate book for men - the guide for future all-rounders How do you make a 180-degree turn in the car? How do you deal with your girlfriend if you've forgotten her birthday again? How do you survive an avalanche? How do you open a bottle of beer when there is no bottle opener at hand? To solve these and many more typical men's problems, you need skill and specialist knowledge: The tips, tricks and instructions from the men's book “The All-Rounder” will help you anytime, anywhere. “The all-rounder” gives the best answers to the most important questions in a man's life - from everyday tricks and relationship aids to career boosters and extreme situations. Relationship tamers, hobby heroes, hobbyists, life copers and survival specialists will definitely find what they are looking for here!

I thank the publisher Gräfe and Unzer for fulfilling this book wish!

I like it:

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