Is it necessary to praise God?

Praise and praise God

They want to deepen their prayer experiences, share them with others and invite them to (re) discover prayer as a source of strength. Praying and praising God should be as diverse as the people who do it - from the Psalms to the Liturgy of the Hours to the freely formulated conversation with God, it can be soft or loud, spoken, sung, made music or ... But one after the other.

>> What was the initial spark?

For Jutta and Helmut Rövenich, they are Catholic, he is a Free Church member and co-founder of the Düren prayer house, which has joined the prayer power plant, it was two things: a lecture about the prayer house in Augsburg and the experience that prayers work. Together with others, they would have prayed for a seriously ill friend whose situation objectively gave little cause for hope. Contrary to all expectations, she got well. It was clear to her: "We cannot stop, God wants that."

For Michael Datené it was a lecture by Johannes Hartl, the founder of the Augsburg house of prayer. It became clear to him once again: “To be a Christian is not just to be a good person, but to follow God. Prayer is the foundation of everything, the foundation. No matter what the church of the future will look like. ”He came back from the ecumenical“ more ”conference in 2018 with the vision of founding a house of prayer in Eschweiler, with people who, like him, are looking for“ more ”in their faith.


>> Why prayer power plant?

Michael Datené reports that the name came about by itself. The lignite power plant in Weisweiler characterizes the city skyline of Eschweiler, where energy is generated for the entire region. “The prayer power plant will be a place where a much more urgently needed energy will be obtained.” This is where God's power should be “prayed into” the city and the region. This is also reflected in the logo, which combines a crown, a heart and a lightning bolt. The crown shows that God is king, ruler over the world and time. But it also reminds of the battlements of a castle: "God himself is our refuge, our protection, with him we are safe." The heart stands for God's love for people. The lightning symbolizes the turmoil, but also the energy that is supposed to arise through the prayer power plant.


>> What has happened so far?

Corona was not the trigger, but gave the foundation a boost, emphasize the initiators. The shutdown has awakened a feeling for God in many, allowing them to discover the spiritual dimension of life for themselves. A first action was the 24/7 prayer not to let the prayer stop for a week, from Ascension Day to Pentecost. There was a timetable on the Internet in which one could sign in to pray as anyone could and wherever he or she was.

In addition, Michael Datené approached people of different denominations from Eschweiler, told them about the idea of ​​the prayer power plant and asked them if they wanted to become a co-founder. Twelve of them (“a symbolic and appropriate number”) founded the prayer power plant association on the Saturday after Pentecost. Since August, it has offered the opportunity to pray every day of the week at various locations in Eschweiler and Düren-Birkesdorf, sometimes in silent adoration, sometimes meditative or as a candlelit Vespers. Recently there has also been an afternoon every two weeks under the heading “Power Station” with praise, a lecture and prayer time.
In the long term, the “prayer power plant” is looking for its own space. Preferably an apartment, so that God doesn't just symbolically give "an apartment in the midst of the people". Gladly in a neighborhood where very different people live together. Musicians who regularly support them with “modern worship music”, as Michael Datené puts it, would be great. “A prayer movement of the 21st century can look and sound like it.” It is important to him and the board team to address people in a contemporary way in order to find answers to the questions of our time with them.

>> What drives the co-founders?

“I find it exciting to be able to help shape the direction as a co-founder. To see what variants of the prayer there are, ”says Celeste Schoenen. Together with a fellow prayer, she offers a prayer with meditation, fantasy travel and conversation, which is especially aimed at young people like herself.

As an adult, Fabian Capellmann has let himself be company and has also experienced "how beneficial prayer can be, how faith helps you and that it is not aloof". He would like to convey this to others in a pleasant atmosphere. Maria Bohnen, a Protestant Christian, heard about the initiative for the first time at Easter, at a time when Corona was very stressful, as she says. “I was there at the 24/7 prayer and it was joy to feel how prayer gets under your skin and you feel more solid in life through prayer.” - “There are as many forms of prayer as there are people. We should be one in praising God in our lives, ”explains Helmut Rövenich, why it is so important that the power plant is ecumenical. His wife adds: "In prayer, bond, love and benevolence develop."

>> Where and how do you prefer to pray?

“On Saturdays when praying together, in nature. You can pray anywhere. I practice free prayer and I am on the right track ”, explains Maria Bohnen. For Fabian Capellmann, on the other hand, the location is important. “I pray on the couch after getting up and before going to bed. I also like the Liturgy of the Hours, but prefer to do it with others. ”Celeste Schoenen needs the prayer for herself. She pray alone and at the end of the day, but not every evening. "I carry before God what I'm grateful for or where I didn't feel so good that day."

It is very different for Jutta Rövenich, she also likes the Liturgy of the Hours, but sometimes prays songs of praise on the way to work in the car. During the Corona period, she regularly took time to read the Bible. “In the summer I was busy with the Jesus prayer. When you look at the sunrise in nature, your heart cheers by itself, ”says Helmut Rövenich. Another source opens up through the power plant: prayer in community. For Michael Datené as a priest, daily prayer is a part of it, but through the prayer power plant he has found a new way into spirituality for himself and is trying out other ways and forms.

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