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Merryweather denies activities in the port of Los Santos

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By Leslie Gardner - Weazel News

The controversial company Merryweather Security Consulting has denied that it has taken on guard duties in the port of Los Santos. The port, the second largest in the world, has long been considered a weak point in the war on terror, as around a third of all imports and around half of all exports are handled here. After several incidents over the past three years, Don Percival, Merryweather's research boss, has tried to secure a contract. In view of the debate about the outsourcing of sovereign tasks, Merryweather was forced to make this denial until the matter was resolved. Percival's spokesman told us, "Yes, Don has friends in the government, yes, Don sometimes invites those friends on expensive vacations, and yes, Don seeks lucrative government contracts. We see no conflict of interest there. If you can't trust a xenophobic psychopath with a private army, who can? He's the perfect American, so why should he want to harm the country he loves? "