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Vegetarians, vegans, flexitarians, pescetarians: they all limit their diet to certain foods. But while the vegetarian diet is common, many know little what to do with the term pescetarians. We can help.

Diet with fish: pescetarians

Pescetarian supporters refrain from eating meat from animals of the same temperature, i.e. beef, pork, sheep and poultry. Fish - Latin "piscis", hence the name - and seafood, on the other hand, are on the menu. Pescetarians otherwise follow the guidelines of a vegetarian diet and usually eat animal products such as milk, eggs and honey. This sets them apart from vegans, who avoid all animal products. There are different reasons why pescetarians also eat fish in addition to plant-based foods. Some are concerned with animal welfare, which they do not see in factory farming, while others want to use the nutritional benefits that fish consumption brings with it. The marine animals provide the body with easily usable protein and, above all, valuable omega-3 fatty acids. According to studies, these can have anti-inflammatory effects and protect against cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. As a result, pescetarians should live longer and healthier, which is why a number of scientists have come across this food as the best form of nutrition.

What do pescetarians eat?

If you want to eat a pescetarian diet, you can orient yourself on the vegetarian food pyramid and add fish and seafood to it. Vegetables and fruits form the basis, followed by cereals and potatoes, then fish, dairy products and eggs. At the top of the pyramid are snacks, sweets, and alcohol. An important question for pescetarians is which fish is best to eat. When it comes to a high content of omega-3 fatty acids, fatty sea fish are preferable. Otherwise, some followers of this form of nutrition make sure that the fish comes from wild catches and not from farms. They also use fish that is as unprocessed as possible and not ready-made products such as fish fingers and gourmet fillets.

Ideas and tips for pescetarian recipes

If you've got a taste for it and want to try the diet as a pescetarian, a recipe like our fish and vegetable gratin is a good starting point. The salmon fillet is accompanied by fresh broccoli, mushrooms and peppers, which are cooked in the oven in a spicy milk and cream cheese sauce. If you are looking for a snack or a dish that you can take away or offer on a buffet, we recommend our fish cakes. They can also be enjoyed cold or as patties on a burger. If you don't have time, there is an easy way to prepare vegetables and fish: Simply wrap everything together with herbs and lemon juice in baking paper and after around 20 minutes in the oven, a delicious meal for pescetarians will be on the table.

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