Which secret do you keep? Answer anonymously

If you need to report incriminating information about a third party to HR, should you do so anonymously?

There are times when anonymized reporting is not possible or the best course of action.

Whenever you report problems with financial figures or criminal activity, do so in a way that it is documented that you are reporting the problem. This is to protect yourself. There have been several instances where the person who reported them was blamed as the person responsible for the wrong numbers. If you can document this, once you find the problem you reported, you can protect yourself from being held responsible for the crimes of others. During the investigation, it is possible that you had knowledge of the crime. Whoever brings it up can protect you, although I would hire a lawyer right away to make sure.

If there are victims of the crime, it is your responsibility to them to stand as a witness for them. This may or may not be a legal obligation, but it is a moral responsibility.

The consequences of such allegations are grave and should not be taken lightly. However, when you do, it is more in your best interests to do so in a way that protects you when things go sideways. When it comes to criminal activity, this is almost always the case.